7 Basic Tools For Woodturning

Cutting board is one of the most significant household items that is usually used to cut different type of vegetables and meat. It comes in different sizes, and of different material like wood and fiber. It has squared shape posture that’s also one of the advanced ways to cutting different things.

The cutting board woodworking projects are attracted to consumers to use them. So, in this article, I would like to describe some most significant cutting board woodworking projects.

1) Spindle Gouges

A spindle gouge is often called as a shallow fluted gouge. This is the tool of choice if you are planning to create details such as coves and beads, and may also be used in shaping spindle work without creating too much hassle.

2) Skew Chisel

This tool is typically used in planning wood. It presents a great, even finish even without any sanding needed. It can also be used in creating extremely fine details, and in doing other woodturning tasks. While using this tool may seem scary and difficult, it is a useful one to include in your woodturning kit.

3) Parting Tool

As suggested by its name, this tool is used in parting wood. Rather than working in between centers, it is recommended to use this tool in parting most way, finishing the task with a saw. As a tip, make sure that you turn off the lathe before you use the saw.

4) Bowl Gouge

A bowl gouge is also referred to as a deep fluted gouge. It is equipped with a channel that runs down the gouge, and it is much deeper compared to a spindle gouge. This may be used for spindling work, primarily because it is easy to hold, and it is ideal for shaping bowls, both the dish and the outer shape.

5) Swept Back Grind Bowl Gouge

This tool is quite similar to the bowl gouge, though you can expect a different grid. This gives a U-shape grind, allowing its wings to become exposed as the cutting edges. As such, this tool is very versatile, giving way to cutting a wide variety of output.

6) Scraper

Scrapers used in woodturning come in various profiles and are used in the same way as cabinet scrapers. They can come in handy for various tasks, even those that are not just focusing on woodturning.

7) Spindle Roughing Gouge

A spindle roughing gouge is a huge tool which shifts most weight to the output of the project. Despite the fact that it can give a decent output to work, it has the tendency to be mostly used to create a rough shape. It is ideal for getting a square blank, turning it round.

Do you agree that the tools listed above should be included in your basic woodturning kit? I believe so, knowing that there is a need to be familiar with these tools to achieve the best woodworking outcome.

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  • June 23, 2017
  • DIY
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