Can Electricity Travel Through Wood

Can Electricity Travel Through Wood?

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Wood is a very good insulator. It is also a conductor but not that good. However, high-voltage power or electricity has no problem when moving through the wood.

Can electricity travel through wood? It is important to answer this question because almost any workplace or venue uses electricity. Being aware of the facts about conduction and electricity is crucial to your safety. Let’s find out more about the facts of wood and electricity!

Understanding Wood and Electricity

It is a myth to believe that wood does not conduct power or electricity. In fact, wood is non-conductive but water conducts electricity. If the wood is wet or damp, it still poses a risk. The wood can be transformed into a very good conductor at low voltage.

You have to be careful if you are using wooden ladders when dealing with power lines. Many people typically think that electricity cannot travel through the wood. In contrary, turning the voltage high enough can force electric current and flow or travel through the wood.

How to Prevent Wood Electrical Shock

If you are working with wood pieces and using power tools or other electrical devices, be sure to wear appropriate safety gears such as special anti-electrical gloves and tools. Learn how power or electricity works and know your limits. Dry wood surfaces before working with them. Avoid water sources near your work area because spills may go unnoticed. Never ever mix electricity and water.

Install GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. Installing these will prevent electrical shock than just using typical electrical sockets and outlets. It will also prevent fire incidents. Keep children or pets away from your work area because they love playing with water and may also introduce water to the workplace.


Wood is not considered a good conductor, but if it gets wet or damp, it poses a safety risk. We hope you enjoyed reading this helpful article. You can share this information with your family and friends to make them aware of this new learning, and post a comment below.


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