Can Flex Seal Be Used On Wood

Can Flex Seal Be Used On Wood?


Flex Seal Products specializes in manufacturing and selling adhesive bonding products. They offer a wide range of product line in the United States. This company is owned by Alan and Phil Swift.

However, many people are asking this question, “Can Flex Seal be used on wood?”. We will answer this most common question about Flex Seal today.

What Do You need to Know About Sealers?

Flex Seal products are usually used on every surface such as metal, tile, concrete, fabric, masonry, plastic, aluminum, drywall, porcelain, vinyl, and even wood. There are a lot of creative and practical ways to use Flex Seal.

A sealer refers to a mix of oils and resins but less viscous as compared to varnish. A sealer penetrates into the wood to provide nourishment and protection from the inside.

How to Apply Flex Seal?

Three coats of wood sealer should be applied to wooden surfaces because the first coat will penetrate into the wood. On the second coat, it bonds with the first layer to seal it, and the third coat gives the wood warmth, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant qualities.

You can apply sealer to any timber area, exteriorly or interiorly. UV stabilizers are also included to exterior sealers for protection against sunlight. Some sealers also have fungus and mold inhibitors. Before using any sealer to wood, check the label to ensure that the sealer meets with all neighborhood climate situations.

Generally, you need to wait for the very first coat to completely dry before you apply the second coat. If the first coat is tacky, it will just spoil and you’ll have to sand everything down and start all over.

Tips and Tricks When Applying a Flex Seal

Don’t wipe the paintbrush on the inside of the sealer tin because this will provide air bubbles and it may spoil your project’s finish. Apply the sealer with the grain of the wood and also function absent from the edge for a smoother finish.

Just apply enough. Not too little or too much. In no way apply to a lot or too little. You can practice on a scrap wooden piece to get used to it prior before you start on the actual project. Do not touch the wet surface area if bugs or dirt spoiled it because it will just get worse. Just wait until the coat is dry. Later on, you can use a high-quality steel wool or a 240-grit sandpaper to sand away blemishes evenly.


Remember that if there is much movement at a wood joint, the Flex Seal may not work. But yes, Flex Seal can be used on any wood project. It makes a nice coating for any outdoor furniture by waterproofing, coating, and protecting it. It also helps prevent wood rot. We hope you enjoyed reading, so like and share this post and comment below.


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