How To Decorate Around Wood Paneling

Wood paneling can make or break the entire interior of a room. However, if you know how to decorate around wood paneling, you can add a one-of-a-kind appeal which will certainly amaze your guests and help you enjoy the aesthetics of your home.

And while there are limitless options on choosing a wonderful decoration style to accentuate the beauty of wood paneling, we’re focusing on our team’s top choice for the month – a multifunctional ladder decor.

Did we manage to grab your attention? Keep reading and we bet our easy-peasy tutorial will inspire you to get down to work asap!

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

  • A wooden ladder (or several wooden ladders of different size – optional)
  • String Lamps (optional)
  • Acrylic paint (optional)
  • Gel stain (optional)
  • Polyurethane (optional)

A Quick Pro Tip

If you get bored with the wooden ladder decoration, you can easily repurpose it at any time. It makes an excellent space-saving alternative for hanging clothes in the bedroom (especially the outfits you have put on just once and then start wondering where to place these away from the clean clothes in the closet but also away from the laundry basket).

If you want a thrifty version of the wooden ladder decoration, you can also make the ladder yourself.

Step By Step Instructions: Decorating Around Wood Paneling

Step 1 – Clean and prep the ladder

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If you are using an old ladder you want to make sure you clean the surface well. In the case the ladder needs refreshment due to aging, you may need to sand it carefully with sandpaper and repaint it.

Acrylic paint can work fantastic and you can choose any color which matches your taste and makes the ladder stand out. On the other hand, you can also stick to a more rustic, classic looks and opt for gel stain instead.

Polyurethane will help to protect the wood surface and add a shiny touch.

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Step 2 – Decorate and place the wood ladder

You can decorate the wood ladder by placing string lamps.

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Think out-of-the-box and you can’t go wrong! You can also decorate the ladder by hanging dried fruit or any ornaments of your choice. Depending on the type of ladder you choose, you can add live plants, too.

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Hang the ladder or simply let it lead towards the walls if you wish to avoid installing it permanently.

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  • August 26, 2019
  • DIY