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How To Design And Build A Modern Coffee Table | DIY Project

How To Design And Build A Modern Coffee Table
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The coffee table is a decorative piece in the homes it is, really helpful to support your sofa, it may be of wood or metal, in every design it looks perfect and increases the beauty of the room. You can keep your magazines, glasses, medicines along with the coffee on the table. It looks charming when somebody comes to your home and you serve coffee on the coffee table instead of his/her hands, your guests also feel pleasure. This became the essential part of the house, everyone should have one.

If you do not have a coffee table and you need it, then, I am going to give you complete step by step instructions that how you can make a coffee table. It is very simple to make, just have a look.

For this, you need to have an intermediate level of knowledge about operating woodcutter, miter saw, and hand saw.

Items Needed for this Project

Here is the list of materials and tools you will need to complete this DIY woodworking project.

Total 9 pieces of wood are needed:

  • 2 of them must be 40” long
  • 1 must be 24”
  • 2 must be 15 inches
  • 2 must be less than 37”
  • 1 must be 12”
  • last 1 should be 9”
  • Just keep these all measurements in your mind before starting.

Tools Required:

  • Measurement scale
  • Wood Cutter
  • Wood File
  • Angle measurement device
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint
  • Hole-making tool
  • 1 large piece of fine glass to keep on the table
  • Gloves for paint

Step 1: Make A Design

Firstly you have to make a design in your mind.

Think for an hour that which design of coffee table you like most?

You have seen many decorative tables in the market; there are many types either you like tables with the shelf orsimply without a shelf, It should have drawn or not.

Let you start with the simple one

Pro Tips

  • Use a sharp pencil to make a good design on the paper.

Step 2: Make Dimensions

As you are going to make a simple table so it’s really simple and easy to assign a direction to it.

An easy and simple dimension is clear in the above picture you are watching. It looks pretty enough. Take an idea and make your own with the pencil.

Pro Tips

  • Use measurement scale while giving the dimensions.
  • Be sure about the dimensions.
  • Application On The Wood: Now you should apply this to the wood. For making a coffee table, keep in the mind that what you have made along with the dimensions on the paper.

Step 3: Prepare The Wood For The Process

Sometimes, it happens, you do not get the suitable pieces of wood you wished for, for this purpose, you have to prepare wood to make a coffee table by yourselves.

No matter, which type of wood you get. You can make it suitable for your aim. The wood piece should not be very large, but if it is, mark the dimensions ofthe piece like:

3- Cut the portion of wood you have marked through a sharp woodcutter.

After cutting the piece of wood, just file its ends through the filing device. Now your wood is prepared to become a coffee table.

Pro Tips

  • Use woodcutter carefully
  • While cutting your wood should not move to and from
  • For your safety, wear glasses.

Step 4: Make Small Pieces From The Large Piece Of Wood

The piece you have got above is necessary because you will have to make small several pieces having various lengths and diameter.

Each piece will be unique in itself. Use the cutter carefully. And cut the large piece into smaller pieces in the needed length.

They are quite simple, but there will be a lot of marking before the preparation of the table.

These smaller pieces you are cutting are useful in shaping the table from the front side. The smaller cut pieces should be of different sizes. Like:

Pro Tips

  • Again be careful while cutting.
  • Pieces should not be very large nor very small.

Step 5: Slits on the Vertical Pieces

Here you have to make slits in the both pieces of the wood that will stand vertically on the table.

These slits are essential because the presence of the shelf that you have designed in your model on the paper above.

For this purpose, you have to measure the piece of the shelf that shouldfixinto the vertical portion like:

After measuring the width and perfect dimension you have to cut the piece through the cutter.

Pro Tips

  • Be sure about the dimensions of the part you are cutting.
  • Length and width should be perfect, you are marking.
  • Keep your hands away while cutting.

Step 6: Measure Angles

In this project, almost every piece is based over 15 degrees so the piece is either less than 15 degrees or greater than 15 degrees as compared to 90 degrees.

There are two different angles of the pieces have to be fixed that is, one-half going to be 105 degrees and the other half going to be 75 degrees.

Pro Tips

  • Mark accurate angle.
  • Use an angle measurement device with the care, the angle should not be large or small.

Step 7: Cut The Pieces By Measuring Accurate Angles

Adjust them roughly either they fix or not.

Keep in mind, if the pieces areabout 75 degrees, then each would get the cut of 37.5 degrees and if the pieces are 105 degrees then each would get the cut of 52.5 degrees.

Mark the angles you have measured on either side of the smaller wood pieces accurately. And by the help of woodcutter cut them.

Cut the side you have measured, and Make yourself sure the angle you are going to cut the wood is perfectly 37.5 and 52.5 degrees

Adjust them roughly either they fix or not.

Pro Tips

  • Attach screw thoroughly till the end.

Step 8: Work With The Long Wooden Pieces For Making Width Of The Coffee Table

For making the width, length wooden pieces are required. They should not cut straightly, but little askew.

Cut the piece.

After cutting all of the pieces just let them be filed by the wooden file and after that, just give them wider ends by cutting 45 degrees.

Pro Tips

  • The line should be askew.
  • Cut carefully with the cutter.
  • Make ends wider.

Step 9: Filling Of The Vertical Slits Of The Table

Earlier you have made slits in the vertical wooden pieces; this is the time to fill them with the small pieces you have made as well. Now make another slit in smaller pieces.

Firstly, you have to measure the right depth and the width that how it willbe fixedin long portion.

Then mark the area and cut it as shown above. Now it is able to be joined with the vertical section of the table.

Hence, here the upper portion, you have completed.

The same thing you have to do for the bottom part as well. By doing so, the whole structure will be ready.

Pro Tips

  • You should be accurate while making dimensions.
  • Carefully cut the slit in the piece.
  • Make sure that the pieces are fixed into each other or not.

Step 10: Measurements of the Shelf

Vertical pieces are at a 15-degree angle, so be sure about the measurements of the shelf you have designed.

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Pro Tips

  • Shelf is of the rectangular structure cut the piece which is perfectly in the shape.

Step 11: Fix Every Piece With The Wood-Glue

Join every piece of the wood with each other, make a hole inside the each wooden portion with the hole making the machine.

Entrap small pieces of wood inside the central one.

The central portion and is responsible to join both of the ends together. So, it should be made perfect and should not be skipped when you keep it on the floor.

Put glue in the holes of the longer portions of the table and fix them.

Pro Tips

  • Make a perfect hole in each piece.
  • Do not use too much glue
  • Join them with the care, that structure remains safe.

Step 12: Apply Pressure

After applying glue, you cannot make yourself sure either it is done or not. So, apply pressure by keeping a piece of wood in between lower portion.

Here, one thing you have to keep in mind that you are applying good pressure by keeping a vertical wooden piece on the lower side.

After that, the slits you have made earlier in the top and bottom portions of the trapezoid, join them with glue and then also apply pressure. .

In the last, apply glue to the vertical portion of the trapezoid. This should be done simultaneously with the horizontal portion; it may be the hardest part of the process.

Join the vertical portion with your almost completed coffee table.

One side you have completed. In the same manner, join the other side as well. By doing that your most difficult part is completed. By joining both ends and applied pressure your table will look like:

You can clearly see the shelf in the bottom; here you can keep small things like your book having almost 300 pages, your glasses or else other it does not matter.

After fixing the entire portion here is a need to clean and file the table. Do this as well nicely.

Pro Tips

  • Be careful in applying pressure.
  • The applied pressure should not be too much or too less, apply gently
  • Again, do not use too much glue.
  • Work with intense care, the structure should not be harmed.
  • Clean your table nicely.

Step 13: Paint Gently

This is the final touch, you have to paint your simple but perfect coffee table.

You can use any color you like most for it, wear your gloves and start painting gently in all parts of the table.

After paint, leave it for a day so paint gets dry first.

When it is done, place your coffee table wherever you want to. Put the glass piece on the top of the table, it would look perfect.

You can now present the coffee to your guest on the table you have made.

Pro Tips

  • Apply paint having better color, should not look awkward.
  • Wear gloves and mask before painting.
  • Pain with the smooth hands.
  • In this picture, you can see how beautiful it is looking. As I said earlier, ‘Simple is always Heart-touching’.

Youtube Video

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if yes, then please visit the site and let us informed by your comments. If you feel any difficulty, we are here to guide you better, ask questions to us.

Helpful Tips:

Here are some safety measures for you that you have to keep in your mind before and during the entire process.

Use woodcutter carefully, be sure either you can use or not,

Wear goggles, if you feel the need.

Keep your hands safe during the process.

Do not put heavy objects on the glass table you have made.

Even do not put heavy objects on the shelf of the coffee table.

Use glue perfectly and make sure your hands are also safe from this.

Use hole making machine perfectly it should not more to and fro while using.

This is very simple to make the coffee table if you have all of the materials and tools and if are willing to make this table, then, you have to read the instructions carefully and have to follow the steps and you should also keep the safety measures in your mind. After done, it will look great and you can use it as the decorative piece or for your basic need.

Additional Sources For How To Make A Coffee Table:

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The method which is mentioned above, is for making the simple coffee table, if you want stylish one you can search websites mentioned here.







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