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Are you thinking to buy a modern credenza? Great! It’s always good to have a modern and stylish credenza at your home. But wait! Are you going to buy it from the market? Really? How would you be sure that you are going to find the same design you are looking for? Do you think it’s easy to tell and make shopkeeper understand what exactly you are looking for? No, it’s not that easy. Why don’t you make on your own self?

​Making one is way easier than to roam around the market and find one. Yes, it requires your effort but there are many types of credenzas present in the market with different designs, and it’s very hard to find one of your choices. Along with this, you have to consider other things as well like you room size, design, color and shape of the credenza.

Why don’t you try making one by yourself? Yes, you can make one by yourself as it’s very easy. All you have to do is to follow this step by step demonstration of designing and building a modern credenza. Once you will be done following the steps you will be done making one modern credenza.

For this, you need to have a professional level of knowledge about operating woodcutter, abrasive jigs, table saw, and hand saw.

Building a modern credenza is not difficult now! As we are here with the detailed step by step tutorial.

Let’s get started!

Items Needed for this Project

Here is the list of materials and tools you will need to complete this DIY woodworking project.

  • Lumber of different sizes
  • Miter saw
  • Table saw and Hand saw
  • Carcass cutter
  • Abrasive saw
  • Hand router machine
  • Tapering jig
  • Metal scale
  • Drill with driver bits
  • Round fleet pads
  • Abrasive discs
  • Carpenter's square
  • Electronic Drill Machine
  • Wooden glue
  • Wood cutter
  • Inch Tape
  • Pencil or pen for marking
  • Hammer
  • Polish and few rugs

You can easily find the above-mentioned material from your nearest hardware store. As the material is very generic in nature and also you can search online as well for good rates and can buy it from there. The only thing you have to make sure is the quality of the hardware products you are buying. If the quality of the products would be good so that credenza would last long.

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting the Lumber

Take a big square boxed lumber piece and cut it to the marked points.

Make small rectangular pieces for further usage.

Now balance the sides of those rectangular pieces and make sure that all four sides are balanced.

Before cutting Make sure that you set the blade to 37.5 degrees. Now cut few pieces of lumber by making the half piece cut by positioning them vertically.

Before cutting the lumber make sure that blade of a cutter is 15-degree bend so that it will give a proper look to lumber after getting cut.

Work on the other half of the lumber by setting the lumber piece on the table, like this:

Pro Tips

  • Change the angle of the miter saw as per the requirement.
  • Using a sharp blade miter saw, gives you clean cutting
  • Before cutting hold the lumber with a firm grip.
  • Measure well before cutting any timber
  • In order to measure the length, Use scale meter.Install the blade on a hacksaw so the teeth face forward
  • Use safety gloves while cutting on the timber
  • Use pencil or pen for marking.

Step 2: Cutting Bottom Pieces and Gluing Them

Now we have bottom pieces with us, which are actually more than tables handle so in order to solve this cut the bottom pieces in half to make them fix.

After cutting the pieces into half make its sides clear and cut them as per the required measurement and glue them together.

Now cut the lumber and make holes in it with the help of hand router machine for a couple of drawers.

Now cut few lumber pieces to make back paddle of the credenza.

Cut the lumber to make under pulling shelf while the blade is at 15 degrees.

Now use the glue to join the two corners of the lumber with each other.

Now join the corner sides of the lumber like this:

Make sure that they both are intact well with each other.

Meanwhile, the other pieces are drying, Glue the vertical partitions of the credenza and make sure that you don’t leave any side without glue.

Pro Tips

  • While cutting the edges use a wooden piece to support the cutting of the lumber.
  • Trim the lumber well and don’t leave any lag behind
  • If you are using tape measure make sure that the marks you made should be clear and exactly on the spot.
  • Be careful with the angles before trimming the lumber for the legs
  • Keeping the safety of the hands on priority, use wooden helping hammer for cutting the small wedges rather than doing it with the hands
  • Use glue properly so that all the pieces got attached to each other properly.

Step 3: Assembling and Fixing the Cases

Assemble the cases and fix them properly while using a hammer.

Now fix the case inside the box and make sure it is get fixed properly and is perfectly aligned.

Glue the partitions in the bottom and make sure that they are perfectly placed and are at 90-degree angle.

After making sure clamped everything down so that it can’t move.

Take few scrap wooden pieces and fix them on the bottom of table, As It will prevent partition to lean one way or the other.

Make sure these are only visible from the underside and will not affect the beauty of the credenza.

To make the face frame in the base measure and cut the lumber so that u can fix it properly.

Cut the lumber from the marked points by using miter saw

Now ripped it as per the measurement, like this:

Now plane the upper side of the lumber by using alligator shear machine, like this:

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To give the shape to lumber make angle of table saw crosscut sled

Now glue it and move forward.

Measure the lumber then Cut it and glue it and move on the next one and repeat.

Repeat the same thing few more times until it all gets done.

Measure and cut the extra pieces if it’s not fitting.

Make sure you do it on all the sides of the board.

Eventually, you would have the table with all four sides covered, like this:

Use glue in the mid-section and fix the piece of lumber there as well.

Pro Tips

  • Trim the lumber well and don’t leave any lag behind
  • Use small teeth blade to achieve a much smoother result.
  • Use angle scale to measure the angle of the drawer.
  • Fix the lumber pieces well so that it cannot go outside of the frame.
  • Use miter saw to cut the extra parts of the frame
  • Hold tightly the hand cutter before cutting any wood.In order to check, try fixing the parts of frame before you would fix it permanently.

Step 4: Start Working on Base of Credenza

Now we will start working on Base which would be comprise of four legs and two cross braces. All the piece would join together with half laps.

Start it by cutting out the four legs, make sure that the angle of the blade is at 15 degrees and you cut the lumber in a bit of tilt angle.

Mark the lumber in order to cut it for the bottom of the legs.

Cut the lumber on the marked lines with the help of tapering jig.

Give finishing to the lumber by cutting the side by straight line jig.

Now make the shape of the cross braces by cutting out the lumber and leaving the at the 15 degree angle on their ends.

Cut the six pieces so that you get the lumber for the cross braces.

Start fixing them with each other keep angle in mind, So that your frame start coming in some shape.

Cut the lumber using miter gauge so that it would not have any flaw in it.

And leave half lap uncut so that it will get fixed properly in future.

Pro Tips

  • Use miter saw properly to cut the half lap and repeat the same on the other sides as well.
  • Use the hand router machine carefully to ensure safety.
  • Try to cut some extra lumber so that in the case of the wrong cut you can utilize that lumber instead of the previous one.
  • Try to cut extra wedges so that u will not have to put extra effort of cutting it again
  • Before filling the glue in the holes for testing purposes try to fix it to see the flaws.
  • Fill the glue in the holes of the lumber and then fix all the sides of the frame.
  • After fixing the side of the frame, let the glue dry.
  • While cutting the long lumber, try to cut it with a miter saw or table saw as it will give you best finishes as well.
  • Use clamp for perfect straight measurement and support it with any wooden block for correct marking and cutting.

Step 5: Making Cross Brace, Cutting and Fixing

Now start working on half laps of the cross brace and cut the lumber with the help of miter saw and table saw and line up the marks you made with a pencil earlier and start cutting it.

Try to clamp them so that lumber doesn’t move and gives you a flawless cutting and repeat the cuts on the all four sides.

Cut the lumber for the half lap to join the two braces together.

Make sure that you have marked it well because the angle is very important before cutting the lumber.

After marking and cutting, it will look like this:

In order to check try fixing it inside the other leg. If there is any flaw left do fix it.

If all is good, fix it inside each other and after fixing it will look like this.

Now install the inside hooks of the draws and make sure that they are well fixed with the lumber from inside.

Pro Tips

  • Don’t forget to smoothen all the sides of Credenza.
  • For measuring and cutting use pencil and metal scale for proper alignment.
  • Try to measure twice before cutting so that the chances of error became less.
  • Make sure that the base of all four legs of are equal and none of the leg is trembling or is unbalanced.
  • In order to fix the hooks of drawers, mark it from inside keeping in mind the outer side of it and make sure that hooks will look balanced while seeing them from outside.

Step 6: Making Cross Brace, Cutting and Fixing

Now get the dust out of the lumber and frames and use an electric duster to remove the dust from it.

Make sure that you will work all the side of the legs and the upper portion of the credenza.

Use a hand sander to smoothen the every nook and corner of the frame, like this:

Start applying the polish on the base of the credenza and make sure that you are not left with any blank space.

Make sure that you apply such polish that will enhance the beautiful look of the credenza.

Pro Tips

  • Use high-quality polish for long lasting effect.
  • To ensure your safety, Wear gloves and mask before using polish on the Credenza.
  • Hold the timber firmly while cutting.Use a drafting square for more accuracy
  • Smoothen the sides of legs and overall frame of the Credenza and make sure there isn’t any side left.
  • Rub the sides of the frame and top side with the machine duster it will give good finished look.
  • Rub the sides of the legs of the frame with hand sander as well in order to make it smoother.
  • Let the polish of Modern Credenza dry before using it.


Here is the link to the source YouTube video that inspired and helped us to write this wonderful step by step tutorial for Designing and building a modern credenza.

  • April 23, 2017
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