How To Make Scrap Wood Bandsaw Boxes | DIY Project

How To Make Scrap Wood Bandsaw Boxes
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Have you ever made the band saw boxes using a band saw machine? If not, in this article you would find amazing techniques of making band saw boxes. I am sharing a tutorial in which the making of the band saw boxes is described. These boxes really seem great and they are made up of the scrap wood. The benefit of them is that you do not need any special or new material for their making. You can keep these boxes in your lounge and they would look decent. The fine finishing and out class designs make them unique. You can keep your important items inside this box.

So, be ready to prepare your own band saw the box and start taking benefit of the scrap material. You can do it very easily and it does not need any extra effort. However, you need to get some training on woodworking if you are new to woodworking. First, you should take the start from the smaller projects and then proceed with the bigger projects. Initially, you would face some difficulties, but you would learn with the passage of time. Do not lose courage and start making your own woodworking projects.

For this, you need to have an intermediate level of knowledge about operating woodcutter, miter saw, and hand saw.

Items Needed for this Project

Here is the list of materials and tools you will need to complete this DIY woodworking project.

Material Required

Have a look at the material and tools that are required in making the band saw boxes. You can find them easily from a nearby hardware store. While getting the machines you should be careful that machines should not be second hand or low quality.

  • Table saw
  • Wooden pieces of different lengths
  • Wood Planer
  • Wood Glue
  • Smoothing machine
  • Band saw machine
  • Clamps
  • Rotators wood planer

Tools Required

  • A small knife
  • Chisel
  • Pencil
  • Measuring scale
  • Round shape, scale
  • Hand tool for smoothing wood

Scrap Wood Bandsaw Box 1

Step 1: Making the Scrap Wood Sheets

At first, make the wood sticks plane of the table saw machine.

Attach the different wooden pieces with each other with the help of wood glue and clamp them together.

Similarly, make 4 sheets of scrap wood pieces and clamp them together.

Pro Tips

  • Carefully use the table saw machine.
  • Carefully attach the wooden pieces and do not apply so much glue.
  • Do not forget to clamp the wooden pieces together.

Step 2: Smoothing and Joining the Sheets

Then smooth the scrap wood sheets by passing through the wood planer.

Apply glue on 4 sheets and join them together.

Pro Tips

  • Carefully use the wood planer machine.
  • Do not apply too much glue on wood pieces.
  • Check the wooden sheets after you use the wood planer.

Step 3: Making the Inner Box

With the pencil and scale draw a square shape box on the scrap wood box and make the curves on the corners.

Cut the box with the band saw machine in a rotatory motion.

The inner box would come out. Smooth it with the smoothing rotator machine from inside.

Make a cut on one side and apply glue on that portion and then clamp it.

Apply glue on one side of the box and stick it with another wood scrap sheet with glue and clamp them together.

Pro Tips

  • While using the band saw machine, carefully cut the box in rotator motion.
  • Do not forget to clamp the wooden pieces.
  • The drawing should be accurate.
  • Do not apply too much glue.

Step 4: Making the Drawer

Take the inner box and with the band saw machine, cut a strip of it on the front side.

Then in a rotatory motion to cut it into the shape of the inner portion of a drawer with a band saw machine.

Apply glue on the open side and join it with the strip that is already cut. Then clamp them to give strength.

Finally, attach it to the box to make a complete band saw box.

Pro Tips

  • Carefully use the band saw machine, as it needs care while using.
  • While making the drawer, cut the piece accurately.

Scrap Wood Bandsaw Box 2

Step 1: Making Frame

Take 9 wooden scrap sheets. Cut one of the sheets with the table saw to make grooves in it.

Join the 6 wooden scrap sheets and then with a table saw cut one wooden scarp sheet on both ends.

Attach this wooden piece with the rest of the wooden scrap sheet.

Then attach the wooden pieces with the rest of the scrap sheet with clamps.

Then take the inner piece of wood out.

The frame of the wooden box is ready.

Repeat the same process with the other 6 wooden scrap sheets.

Pro Tips

  • Carefully use the table saw machine.
  • While attaching the wooden pieces, always remember to clamp them otherwise they would not catch strength.

Step 2: Making the Space for Drawers

Apply glue on the two cut pieces of the box and join them together.

This would make a shape for the drawers.

Clamp them up.

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Then on the wood planer plane it.

Attach another wood scrap sheet at the back of that box with the help of glue.

Pro Tips

  • While applying the glue it should not be too much that it comes out.
  • Remember to clamp the wooden pieces.
  • Plane the wood on the wood planer carefully.

Step 3: Making Drawers

Take the inner pieces of wood and make them plain with a table saw and cut the upper portion of the handle.

Then make small spaces of the drawers inside by making grooves with a table saw.

Apply glue on the drawers and attach them together. At the front attach the handle to the drawer with glue and clamp it.

Drawers are ready to fix in the band saw box.

Pro Tips

  • Use the table saw carefully.
  • While making the small pieces you should be very careful as the size and lengths of the empty boxes should be accurate.
  • Do not apply too much glue.
  • While making the grooves, just be careful as they need special care.
  • Your hand should be away from the table saw while using it as it is dangerous.

Step 4: Finishing

With a pencil and a circular shape, scale draws a round shape at the bottom of the box.

With the bandsaw machine cut it and smooth it with the help of a smoothing hand tool.

Make a curve shape on the handle of the drawer and smooth it with the rotator saw machine.

Band saw box is complete, it is now ready to use.

Pro Tips

  • Remember to smooth the handle and while using the hand tool you should be very careful as you are new to woodworking.
  • While making the curve shape, you should be perfect in drawing and cutting as well.
  • Keep it away from your kids.
  • Do not mark lines on it.
  • Do not use a marker on it.
  • Always mend it immediately if broken.
  • You can polish it if you need after 6 months.
  • By following the same pattern and method you can make other boxes with great designs.

Youtube Video

Here is the link to the tutorial that is mentioned below, this inspired me and compelled me to write about this video. This is a very informative video and a step by step procedure in the making of a band saw boxes is mentioned in this video. This video is created and uploaded by Krtwood. I have enjoyed this video as he did a great job and I hope you would also enjoy this tutorial. So, just have a look at this video.

Helpful Tips:

These band saw boxes are for the common people and you can save your money by making these boxes in your home. Many of the ideas you can get from the internet. These band saw boxes are versatile and they need some guidance, so it is essential to be trained first and then move forward to this project. However, the good thing about this project is that it includes the scrap material and that is of no use. You make that scrap useful and recycle it for making new projects. This is really a good idea. If you have a workshop and you are fed up with your scrap material, you can make it useful. So, Scarp wood band saw boxes are not very expensive to make. Rather, if you purchase the band saw boxes from the market, it would be very difficult for you to afford these boxes. They seem as high quality, but require no extra effort. However, it needs special care while using the machines and especially when you are making the cuts and curves on the drawers.

If you are a beginner and you are taking training on woodworking, then just complete your training and then come to this project.

Do not put any wet object on the band saw box.

Do not allow kids to sit in this box.

Do not put it in direct sunlight.

Do not put sticky objects on the box.

If it is broken, mend it immediately.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you have enjoyed it, just let us know by your comments and reviews. If you need any guidance, you are free to ask from us. We are here to help you out. Making bandsaw boxes is not a very difficult task, you can easily manage it. You can carry this box from one place to another. The band saw boxes are very popular with their unique designs and outstanding making. You can make them your study table and you can have some important material in the drawers and use them as side tables. Your guests would admire you if you would keep the box in the lounge. In the study room, you need drawers where you can keep your important items easily.

These band saw boxes would solve your problem as well as they look so classy. If you really liked this video, share it on the social sites too. I hope your friends and family members would also enjoy and would get great help from this tutorial.

Additional Resources

I am sharing some of the additional resources. They are just for your help. These resources include some websites on which there are pictures of the other band saw boxes. You can buy from there. There are some videos too in these resources. Just have a look at these resources and get the necessary guidance.​

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