How to Use a Drill Press For Woodworking

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Aside from cutting wooden pieces, drilling the wood is one of the tasks that any woodworker must always keep in mind. It’s because drilling holes from a wood can lead towards marvelous combinations such as attaching other hardware to provide either functionality or design to the hardware that’s going to be a furniture soon. That’s why every woodworker must always keep in mind that a drill press must always be present in their arsenal as they work on the furniture that they intend to craft.

The drill press, also known as a pedestal drill, is a known attachment that’s often installed together with a radial arm saw in order to provide versatility when crafting a woodwork. It’s also known to be efficient as it can accurately provide a woodworker a more accurate hole over the wooden material that they are crafting to furniture. Also, these drills can be attached with other equipment in order to drill differently such as creating square holes over the wood. In this article, you’re going to learn the different steps on how to properly use the drill press whenever you need it for your woodwork.

A List of Requirements

You will need certain requirements in order to successfully operate the drill press. Take note that it’s not just materials that you will be needing in this lesson as you may need certain factors that will provide you success in your woodwork. Here are the following:

  • Safety Equipment - you will be needing some safety equipment just like how you do some woodwork. Remember that it’s always important to wear these in order to avoid trouble, even if this is just a small thing to consider. You may need eye protectors such as glasses or goggles, a protective suit, some gloves and a mask as your safety equipment.
  • Radial Arm Saw - This is the equipment that you will be needing in order to get your drill press created. The drill press is known to be of the many equipment that you can attach to the radial arm saw in order to fully make the task more versatile and efficient.
  • Drill - there are different ways for you to easily purchase this equipment. You will never be able to get the job done without this.
  • A Wide Space - You might need a very wide space in order to fully accomplish the task. Any woodworker requires this factor.
  • Wood Piece - You will also need a wooden hardware in order to create the furniture that you need to create. However, you need to find a good quality wood, and be sure to keep it properly and never get it wet to avoid damage.

The Steps For a Good Drill

Now that you know what are the different requirements that you will need in order to start operating your drill press, make sure that you follow these lessons as well:

1: Learn The Machine’s Components

First of all, you need to install the drill first before you proceed. You also need to specify what type of drill press you’re going to install as there are various types of the equipment. There are some that can be used for drilling round holes, while others are for making square holes instead. You should properly read the manual of your radial arm saw when it comes to the proper means of installing your drill so then it can be attached properly.

Optional: Installing Different Bits


You can go ahead and use different types of drilling bits if you wish to do different styles for the holes that you’re going to place on your hardware. There are some that are useful for making larger holes, and some are for different types of shapes. Be sure to do your research on the matter as there are a lot to choose from, and most of them will surely be interesting for you. There are also some that might be better to use for other materials aside from wood.

3: Cut a Circle


You must first cut a circle using a circle cutter, and make sure that you clamp It on the table along with the wood. The clamp ensures that the work won’t get messed up once you operate the drill as the device vibrates highly. Once everything is set up, you can now create a circle cut by drilling through the wood. However, be sure to set the drill at a slow speed so then the cutter will just stay in place.

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4: Attaching Sanding Gear


If you’re going to make irregular shapes straightened, or if you wish to make rough edges smooth, make sure that you apply some sanding attachment to the drill. It’s like a set of sandpapers that are placed in a hardware like a fan, and can be connected to the drill. Just attach it to the drill, and start operating it at high speed in order to make any edge smoother.

Optional: When Cutting Metal

(The video also contains tips on how to sharpen the drill for this purpose) Metallic materials can also be drilled using the high-powered drill press. All you need to do is to set the drill at a lower speed. Metal is dense, causing the area to spark and burn once you drill at very high speeds. To make a preventive measure for the sake of safety, you also need to drop the metal with some cutting oil in order to drill the material properly.

6: Concentric Drilling Tips


In order to perform this, whenever you need a hole that’s suited for attaching any size of wood for different types of furniture, you need to make an upright first. Make an upright by attaching two wooden piece together, and by drilling some holes on the upright area that’s needed to be attached with some screws or other hardware. Afterwards, attach a hole saw on the drill, and create a larger hole on an area where you need to attach a larger piece of round wood. You can also use a square saw for square holes if you wish to. Follow this tip when creating stylish furniture such as chairs and tables.

7: Doweling

Doweling is one of those complicated tasks that need you to practice the previous steps before you use this technique. This is meant for strengthening joints on your furniture. First of all, you need to use doweling jig on your drill to do so. When doweling the joint, you need to align two boards, and make two dowels for each. Make sure to align the holes so then the hardware that you’re going to attach will never go diagonal once it’s fitted into the two wooden materials that you doweled.

8: Installing Dowels

When all of the holes are successfully drilled, be sure to remove the jig and the doweling centers from the first boards. Place a small glue into each hole after you fit the materials, and you will be able to successfully create a tougher furniture than the others. However, you need to master this technique even more as it’s a more complicated task to accomplish.

Note that these are the less complicated techniques that you need to consider whenever you plan on using a drilling press to create some nice ornaments and furniture made out of wood. Take note that drilling is also good for creating metal crafts if you wish to go further towards a higher level of crafting. However, you need to consider a lot of patience and skill as this requires accurate work, or else everything will get ruined even if you made a good cut using a radial arm saw.

We do hope that you enjoyed a lot from this lesson that we provided to you. These are not just steps, but also tips that you always need to consider whenever you plan on using a drill press for your woodwork. If you want to learn more about this technique, be sure to leave us a comment so then we can work on more ways to help you master the art of drilling. So always remember that practice is perfect, and learning is much better to consider when you practice. We do hope that you make your hobby even more productive than ever, and we also want you to make a much better furniture. You can even leave a photo of your furniture to us so then we would know how much you’ve learned.


  • October 23, 2017
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