How to Use a Sabre Saw

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Do It Yourself or DIYs, we all agree is one of the most practical things we could ever do to save money but at the same time get things done the way we want it done. However, do we really get it done perfectly without being able to read and educate ourselves on the details on how to properly execute every step and how to properly operate the materials needed for the job? Yes, we all want to make our home better and yes, we want to try and do things on our own, but a little help before you do something is important and won’t hurt.

Using a sabre saw is not as simple as anyone could have imagined with all of the mechanical parts working with power and brute force. One wrong move and one wrong decision using a heavy-duty tool can end up with something we do not want to happen. Knowing How to Use a Sabre Saw is also knowing how to make use of it efficiently and safely overall. The sabre saw is going to be your friend as long as you make use of it wisely and this tutorial will help you know precautions and possibilities.

All You Need For This Tutorial

You need to have your own sabre saw to practice with or work with. Always remember, you need to be comfortable with your own tool. If you are still planning to buy, make sure that your sabre saw is the sabre saw that will work like it is already a part of your body. It is comfortable and it is nice and steady for the job. Moreover, you need to find one that hits the spot for others as well and they pretty much had a reputation in the workplace such as:

  • The Bosch CRS180K that is comfortable and can be efficient because of its wireless functioning. It is said to give you a powerful and fast sawing power to keep you and your precious time intact and well managed. Designed for heavy-duty work
  • The Chicago Electric 68852, unlike the others, it is light weight. However, if you are planning to work for heavy duty objectives, you might want to look for another one that has more power and has more things it can accomplish. If it is the comfortability you are looking for, Chicago Electric’s 68852 can do the job.
  • The Craftsman CRS1000 is also wireless using a battery to function. It has high powered capabilities to cut swiftly to save time and for efficiency. However, if you are looking for something that has better vibration isolation, it is best to look for something else.
  • The DeWalt DCS380 can be the most versatile yet. It can cut through different angles or different positions. The powerful cutting performance also lasts long.
  • The Hitachi CR18DSL is powerful and can have the same quality performance as the DeWalt but cuts a little bit slower.

Getting one that is comfort and performance based makes you ready to learn deeper to working with it well.

Step #1: Get Familiar With The Sabre Saw

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You need to know all of the functions of the sabre saw before you purchase one. Knowing what best situations to use the saw will also help you be guided with choosing the features of the one you will purchase in the near future depending on the nature of work you want to use it for. Along with that, knowing what buttons are for what function will guide you to work with it faster. The best way to get in familiar with your sabre saw is by opening the box and look for the owner’s manual. Sit down, have coffee, and read the manual thoroughly.

Using the manual, you will be able to know the parts and the operation of the tool. The basic information you’ll need is how to make it stable as the motor grinds through the material in a back and forth motion.

Step #2: Always Be Cautious

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The sabre saw can be very dangerous when operated the wrong way. However, there is a way to lessen the risk and prevent work injuries or fatalities even if the work hasn’t even started yet.

  1. Make sure that your working space or your working area is clean and doesn’t have dangerous debris lying around waiting for you to make a wrong move.
  2. Make sure that your saw is in good working condition before you start. Make sure that the blade is well attached to your main frame.
  3. Be aware of electrical hazards. This is very much important when it comes to using sabre saws with chords. Make sure to follow the basics of electronics such as keeping yourself away from wet surfaces to prevent electrocution. Sometimes, a little drop of water to a working electronic device can fry the device or lead to it to explode.

Step #3: Using The Tool

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Now that you already know the basics, the operating mechanism of the sabre saw and the safety precautions, you are ready to work with it. In using the tool, you need to feel comfortable holding it first before anything else. After that, you will need to have a firm stance before you begin and before you power up the tool.

The next part is very important, you need to make sure that you are not forcing the whole tool into cutting the material, it might lead to disaster endangering not only you but the people around you. If you force the tool to cut a sheet of metal for example, and you push it to the limit, the result can either make your tool explode or your blade to break into pieces and fly in high velocity that might endanger somebody. It is also important to use it as preferred.

Step #4: Maintenance

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The maintenance of your sabre saw is very important to ensure maximum efficiency and maximum safety. No matter how good or expensive your saw is, it will still, one way or the other depreciate in its value and its effectivity. However, you can slow down that depreciation despite overworking it by maintaining it regularly.

Cleaning the exterior and the interior is very important to prevent clogs or jams in the tool that could cause permanent damage or endanger the owner’s health. Before you start the maintenance, you need to make sure that the tool is not turned on or that the tool is safely turned off. Another note you need to remember is, always keep your body parts away from the blade of the saw to avoid cuts and lost fingers. Make sure to check all working parts of the saw and make sure to put it back firmly and surely.

Step #5: Problems Arise?

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If problems start showing up and you are having a hard time trying to operate the tool, do not insist on using it anymore. That small problem you are facing can cause you a bigger problem you can’t afford. As a friendly reminder, it is still best to be safe than to be sorry. There is a solution for that kind of problem and it is as easy as taking it to the support center or the repair shops and let the people who are experts fix your sabre saw.

It is a really good idea to do things yourself but it is best to let others fix your sabre saw rather than you injuring yourself trying to fix anold one. You may know a lot of things about the sabre saw now but, the in-depth parts of it needs to be taken care of by the experts.

Step #6: Always Remember To Clean Up After Every Project (Keep Organized)

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Even if you haven’t finished with your project yet, it is always important to organize all of your tools and your power tools in place. Keep children away from your working space to avoid accidents. It is to avoid confusion and it helps you become more productive for the next day of working again. You also need to make sure that before you leave, everything is atable and everything is in place. It is to make sure that everything will not cause any trouble when you are around.


Everyone wants to make sure things are done in the house but it is important to work efficiently with your power tools in the house. However, the most important part for all of the steps is all about safety. All of the hard work will not be worth your fingers or will not be worth any of the lives inside the house or around the workplace. The safety precautions are very much important in the process.

I hope you learned a lot from the tutorial and rest assured that if you followed every single detail, you will have a successful and cut or injury free project accomplishment. If you have some comments feel free to express them as well.


  • October 17, 2017
  • DIY