What Colors Go Well With Dark Wood

What Colors Go Well With Dark Wood?


There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing the right paint color for any room.

One of the things that you need to look at is the purpose of the room, the amount of light that the room is receiving as well as the style that the room will have.

Dark wood trim and furniture only add to the challenge that you will have when selecting the right paint color. You need to look at the type and color of the wood that will be used.

This will help you determine the underlying tones. This will let you choose the paint shade that will harmonize all of these factors.

Getting to know the different colors


There is a good reason why most interior designers chose this color. The white color is the one that is a versatile neutral color. If you have dark wood, this color can help lighten and brighten it. If the room that you have has highly varnished wood detailing and furniture then a low sheen white should be used.

The high sheen white will give an unpleasant shine on the wood. Pure whites are the ones that can create that dramatic contrasts with dark wood. The dark wood will also glow once you will choose the flatter shades of white.

If the dark wood that you have has reddish or yellowish undertones then choosing a creamy white with a yellowish base will do wonders. Maple colored wood can be complemented with a pinkish white.


The gray paint makes everything look calm and elegant especially when combined with dark wood. This bland looking color will blend well with dark wood. This will help in creating low contrasts and a serene effect.

If the wood that you are using are apple and cheery then the gray color can help enhance it. This will as bring out the burgundy color that the wood has. The deep tone of the mahogany can be accepted once you will use a bluish-gray color in it. The walnut can also be enhanced once you will be opting for a greenish gray.

Using a maple dove gray will go virtually well with any kind of dark wood. This should be done by you once you can’t decide on a particular shade of gray.


You can have an overly glaring visual impact once you will use bright yellow on dark wood. You also have to remember that the other shades of yellow also clash with dark wood. What works well with dark wood are the yellows with a dusty shade.

It is the ash gray or brownish gray that can mesh well with dark woods. You can opt for these dark yellows for extremely dark woods that you have. If you have a black stained walnut then a flat buff ochre will look terrific on it.

Dark Reds

If you want to have that Victorian feels then a dark red in dark wood is what you should opt to have. If you have a walnut, maple, ebony and mahogany wood then using a red wine will work well. This will help in producing that rich effect. For slightly light hue woods then cranberry and blood red tone will work well on them.


A cherry wood will work well with a cool green color. A shin ebony trim will be able to show this glow once you will choose to use a mint green color. With a walnut trim though then a gray inflected sage will help make it look breezy.


If you want a color that can complement well with dark wood then the blue paint color is one of them. You need to avoid using this color though in the kitchen. But with any other rooms then the blue color will give you that tranquil background. This can be used in any other rooms, bedrooms, and even the bathroom. An old walnut will look amazing with a navy hue.


You are able to get that chic looking interior if you will choose to use the purple hues. Some people might think of it as a color that is hard to work with especially with dark wood. But many designers have changed the mindset. Warm-toned wood will look like luscious eggplant once you will use this color. Pale lavender, on the other hand, will make the dark wood pop.


Dark wood is a classic element in every house. It will be able to give your house that classic feels. Choosing the right color for any dark wood trimmings, furnishings, and furniture will make it look more elegant and amazing.

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