What Grit Sandpaper To Remove Paint From Wood

What Grit Sandpaper to Remove Paint from Wood?


If you need to remove any paint from any surface then you also need to use the right materials to get the job done. One of the materials that you need to use is the sandpaper. Its material has varying grits on it.

Getting the sandpaper with the right grit will help you get the job done efficiently. If you need to work on wood then choosing the right grit is more important.

Choosing the wrong grit can score and ruin the wood. It will also damage the underlying surface while sending the paint away.

The amount of paint that you want to remove from the word surface will be the basis for the coarseness of the sandpaper that you should be using. If the job at hand only involves a thin layer of paint then sanding it all together and into making the grits is a thing that you can do.

You can also have a choice to use a liquid paint remover to get the job done. You need to remember that the grit usually is associated with the roughness and the strength of the sandpaper. You need to remember though that as the grades get higher, the motor and gentler the sandpaper will be.

What are the different grits for different jobs?

Coarse Sandpaper

This type of sandpaper is usually graded at around P40 to P80. These are the sandpapers that are considered to be coarse. Once you will opt for these types then you will be able to remove thick layers of paint. These are also the ones that are used with a power sander. This is great if you have a thick coating of paint on the surface that you are working on.

If the paint also has a primer then this sandpaper is perfect for that. Using a coarse sandpaper is always better than sung a paint stripper. The reason is that the previous can make the job more recent. You don’t have to worry about any mess and will also require less taping.

If you are planning to remove paint from your doorframe then a coarse sandpaper is what you need to use. You need to remember though that when using a coarse sandpaper to be extra careful. This can seriously damage the surface and create score marks, especially in softer materials.

Medium Coarse Sandpaper

A grade between P80 and P180 on the grit level will fall under a medium coarse sandpaper. This type of sandpaper also offers a good level of paint removal. This grade is less likely to cause any damage to the material that you are working on. If you have a surface with the intricate design then it is better to use a medium coarse sandpaper to get better results.

Medium Sandpaper

Once you will choose to use a medium sandpaper then it can have a grit level of around P180 and P500. This sandpaper will not be as effective in removing the majority of paint on the surface of the material.

This sandpaper though is great once you have already removed the majority of the paint on the surface. The medium sandpaper is the one that will be reducing any paint from the surface. This will help in sanding away the fine layers of paint that have remained.

If the paint on the surface is also chipping away then its sandpaper is also perfect for it.


Removing paint from wood can be easy once you know what you are doing. Knowing the right techniques as well as the right materials will help you get the job done. The right grit sandpaper will ensure that you will get the job done. Not only that but choosing the right grit sandpaper will also preserve the material that you are working on and prevent any damage to it.

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