What Is Manufactured Wood

What is Manufactured Wood?


Have you ever wondered why some home and office furniture are cheaper than others? You might be drawn to cheaper, natural-looking wooden furniture but the truth is, you must never judge the book by its cover.

The most important part of buying furniture is to check the furniture’s components. The material that makes furniture tells about how durable, versatile and lovely it is.

Manufactured wood explained

Furniture made using manufactured wood has become very popular in the home furnishings business because it is cheaper but not really durable. Manufactured wood is simply wood that has been subjected to different treatments to improve its characteristics. There are many types of manufactured wood.

Types of manufactured wood

Particleboard or chipboard

Particleboard or chipboard is one of the most common kinds of manufactured wood. This is composed of sawdust and made by bonding these with a special resin. Particleboard is less dense and cheaper compared to other fiberboards.

This kind of manufactured wood is mostly used in low-end furniture because of its low-cost manufacturing. Usually, furniture makers sandwich particleboard with a lovely veneer surface to improve its strength and durability.


Fiberboards are composed of wood chips, heated and then dried and bonded together using a synthetic resin adhesive. Fiberboard is denser and therefore less prone to chipping and breaking. MFD or medium density fiberboards are manufactured using this technique.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

MDF is the most popular type of manufactured wood or fiberboard because it is very durable because it is strong and dense. This is also cheaper, therefore, it is used to construct flat furniture like dining tables, office tables, desks and study tables.

Plywood or Laminated Board

Plywood is another manufactured wood and is very strong thanks to how it was made. Contrary to the belief that plywood is simply a single piece of wood, it is actually made by sandwiching multiple layers of wood veneers to create a smooth, strong and solid board. This is used in constructing floors because it is resistant to warping and is very durable.


Veneer is another manufactured wood that is a very thin piece of natural wood shaved from a tree. This piece is bonded with MDF, chipboard or plywood. Usually, the veneer is used in surfaces because natural wood is very resistant to stains and is waterproof. Veneer is actually preferred by manufacturers because this creates a lovely wood finish.

Why use manufactured wood?

1) Manufactured wood may be easily modified

MDF may be easily modified according to your needs. You can use manufactured wood to make all kinds of furniture like tables, cabinets, seats, and shelves. In fact, more and more furniture owners use manufactured wood because this is cheaper compared to solid or hardwood.

2) Manufactured wood is very durable

When manufactured wood is carefully processed and reinforced, you will have a durable furniture piece that can last for a long time.

3) Manufactured wood guarantees return-on-investment (ROI)

Furniture pieces made from well-processed and reinforced wood may have a better return on investment compared to non-processed wood. You can find well-made manufactured wood which could look and feel like very expensive solid wood furniture.

4) Manufactured wood is recyclable

Manufactured wood is good for the environment because the pieces of wood used to make these come from wooden pieces that have been recycled. Instead of buying pure natural wood or solid furniture which are from felled trees, using manufactured wood ensures that you are supporting Mother Nature by recycling.

5) Manufactured wood is easy to maintain replace and maintain

Another good quality of the manufactured wood is that this is easy to clean or requires minimal maintenance. If you are using manufactured wood with veneer pieces then all you need to do is to wipe and clean it. And since these furniture pieces are very cheap you can easily purchase a replacement at any time. You will be able to find furniture made from manufactured wood in most furniture warehouses and department stores.


Manufactured wood is any kind of wood that has been treated or reinforced. Although this type of furniture is not as strong as natural wood, this can make good furniture which is non-weight bearing.

Manufactured wood is also durable and easy to maintain as long as these are treated well. Using manufactured wood is also a good way to support nature by recycling or reusing.

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