Why Does My Dog Eat Wood

Why Does My Dog Eat Wood?


Dogs do a lot of crazy stuff. They spin around to catch their tails and love to dig around. Another thing that dogs love is that they love to eat almost anything, especially wood. Dogs love to gnaw on wood, all kinds of wood.

A dog could even be worse than a rat when it comes to eating wood because they can do significant damage if the behavior is not stopped.

Why do dogs eat wood?

Dogs chew on wood because they like chewing on things. This is why you see dogs constantly playing with toys and also why to chew toys, bones, and treats are very popular among dogs.

Chewing is definitely natural for dogs even old dogs but the problem with wood is that it’s not good for your dog. While it is very common for dogs to chew sticks and wood as they play outdoors, you may want to ease up on wood because your dog may be at risk.

Is wood bad for my dog?

Dogs usually gnaw and bite on wood until he is able to eat small to big chunks. The small pieces can cause splinters in his mouth and on his esophagus causing pain, bleeding, and damage. Meanwhile, large pieces of can cause even greater problems like perforated intestines or stomach lining and obstruction of the large intestine.

When the large pieces of wood cause obstruction, the only way to save your dog is by surgery. And since there is no way to know if your dog is already in trouble, it might be too late to take him to the vet for help. Therefore, the best way is to prevent your dog from chewing wood.

Keeping dogs away from wood

The key to stopping your dog from eating wood, as with anything you don’t want them to eat, is to keep it away from them. But this is easier said than done especially if you and your dog live in a wooden home or a home with wood furniture. It would also be very difficult to keep your dog from wood if you live near a forest or wooded area.

You can start by going out in your yard or anywhere your dog stays or allowed to roam and pick up all the sticks, logs, and pieces of wood you can find. If you have a wood pile, cover this and prevent your dog from going into the pile. You can tie down a large tarp to cover the pile of wood.

A chew toy can save your dog from eating wood

Another effective way to keep your dog from chewing on wood is to give him something else to chew and bite. Try different chew toys until you finally find the one that your dog will love. Leave chew toys in the yard and some inside your house to encourage your dog to chew on the toy instead of wood. In time they will get used to playing and chewing their toys and not wood.

If all else fails

If your dog just can’t leave wood alone then you may want to use a chemical on wood to deter dogs away. You can use sprays that keep away dogs or you may use a strong scent like shampoo, dish soap or lemon. Just spray these on the part that your dog usually chews on.

If you’re present, use negative reinforcement call out your dog’s name and say no. Make a loud noise or shake a can filled with coins above their head when you catch your dog going to the wood pile. Give negative reinforcement and it’s a guarantee that your dog will leave the woodpile alone.


Dogs naturally love to chew and may eat anything just for play. There are many things that even the most accomplished dog trainers don’t understand about dogs and eating wood may be one of them. But no matter why your dog eats wood, wood is bad for his health. So do all you can to prevent your dog from eating wood. There are many ways to do this, you just have to find the one that will work for your dog.

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