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01 how to build wooden bathroom rack

Having a good house is definitely important. Keeping your house up-to-date is again one of the most important tasks that we all should look into. Similarly, the furniture in your house plays an important role. Buying the latest furniture is a good option but making the same furniture home could be a great idea. Conversely, it could be even more exciting if the furniture could be self-made.

Likewise the furniture, even the bathroom is an important space in your house. So decorate the bathroom with some good furniture and that too, made by yourself as it can be the most exciting experience.

Bathroom rack could be one of the very interesting parts, so are you willing to own an elegant rack for your bathroom?

Buying it could be a solution but what if I told you, you have better alternatives! Yes, you’re thinking absolutely right! Why not build a wooden rack at home after getting all the essentials. It will be super easy and less hectic. Most importantly it will be a customized product so you do not have to worry about going to several shops and seeking through the best of your choices. If you think about buying one, then again, you will have to buy according to your budget. I don’t think that would be a good idea since you will be left with fewer choices available.

Therefore, I’m going to provide you with a step-by-step tutorial that will help you build a cool wooden rack for your personal use in your bathroom. For this project, you need to have some basic experience of using the woodworking tools like a wood cutter and screwdriver.

01b how to build wooden bathroom rack

Along the way, the tutorial explains every single step involved in building a rack in the easiest way. So are you ready to create your own rack as shown in the picture? Let’s get started!!

Materials Required

You will need following materials for this project:

  • Woodcutter
  • Wood pieces
  • Centre point finder with a screw in it
  • Drill with a broad point piece in it-6mm thick
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil for marking
  • Glue
  • Inch tape
  • Steel set square
  • Adjustable base onto the router

You will easily be able to find the above items in any local store or buy them online for better price offers. Make sure that you buy only the best quality materials if you want to build a strong rack. Purchase from a trusted seller.


Once you have arranged the above items then follow the steps below to produce a beautiful Bathroom Rack.

Step 1: Selection and measuring of wood

First, you need to choose the right lumber for this woodworking project. The author here selects Cedar as it is a good outdoor wood and holds up really well. You can choose any other you like.

step 1 selection and measuring of wood

Pro Tips

  • Make sure that the measurements are perfect, you can consult an expert for this purpose if you want.
  • Selection of good wood is mandated. Timber is usually preferred because of the large amount of water that might follow the rack

Step 2: Lining of wood

After selecting you must align the wood accordingly. We’ll use a straight edge to make sure all of them are aligned together.

step 2 lining of wood

Once you are done, use straight line machine to vertically cut the selected wood into three pieces. Below is the picture for your better understanding.

step 2b lining of wood

Pro Tips

  • Before cutting your wood, make sure that the measurements are perfect and mark the measurements with a sharp pencil.
  • Wear goggles and gloves for safety.

Step 3: Finishing and cutting

For a perfect bathroom rack, do proper finishing of the wood.

step 3 finishing and cutting

After proper finishing, properly measure the wood for perfect mid-point. Next, start cutting of wood using woodcutter as shown in the picture below. Continue the step till the wood is cut from all the four sides into two equal pieces.

step 3b finishing and cutting

Pro Tips

  • Do not cut or handle cutting machinery if you are feeling tired or under influence of any drugs or alcohol to avoid physical harm.
  • Check your tools and machinery before the cutting procedure.

Step 4: Cutting of wood into thin pieces

The fourth step is to cut the wood into fine thin pieces using the cutting machine. Then pick these thin pieces and cut it again into many smaller pieces.

step 4 cutting of wood into thin pieces
step 4b cutting of wood into thin pieces

Step 4: Building of Sidewalls

Take two more pieces of wood for making side walls of the rack. Properly measure the wood using a measuring tape for the length you want and then cut accordingly.

step 4 building of sidewalls

Next, take a scale and a nice pencil and mark the lines for drilling the holes in the wood.

step 4b building of sidewalls

In the next part, use the center point and go to the bottom of the wood each time just to make sure you get the accurate drill holes and this isn’t very hard to do.

Now do the same thing on whole pieces of wood wherever you drew the lines.

Make sure you tried to drill in as straight as possible.

step 4c building of sidewalls

The side panels will look like this after drilling.

step 4d building of sidewalls

Pro Tips

  • While drilling holds the wood firmly, this would make it easier to drill through it.
  • Carry out a test run after every tool change.

Step 5: Cut small piece of wood

After drilling the whole piece of wood now cut a small portion of wood from both sides of the side panels.

step 5 cut small piece of wood

After the above process, drill one hole on the remaining portion. This will help in a proper joining of the woods.

step 5b cut small piece of wood

Pro Tips

  • Use the drill machine carefully.
  • Be as accurate as you can be with the point at which you drill so that the wood can join properly.

Step 6: Cut the facing panels

The facing panels of the rack would be assembled just like a picture frame and then will be a part of the dimensional lumber that is in the woods that can be appealing to these panels in order to complete the rack. The continued process would depend on the part that would face the rack and the style you want.

step 6 cut the facing panels

Pro Tips

  • Here you have the liberty to be as creative as you can be with the facing rack.
  • Take your time while making the facing rack until you get the desired result.

Step 7: Join the side panels to the bottom

After the panels are cut, then it is important to align and glue the base panels so that the face is flush with the back edge towards the panel and the other one is 3” back from the end.

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step 7 join the side panels to the bottom

After a complete get over of the product it is important to then screw through the rack base into the edges of the panels. The best way to hold the rack is the pilot holes so that the rack is strong enough to be moving.

Pro Tips

  • Make sure you assemble the racks accurately and glue them perfectly because it has to be strong enough to be moving.
  • Make sure you screw the rack base into the edges of the panel tightly enough to provide better support to the panel.

Step 8: Join the sides to the bottom

It is important to check on all the edges so that the bottom structure is secured. It is also important to make sure that all the edges are flush. This step is to be followed clearly every time because flushing the edges means that you are well checking on the edges to continue the later part of the bathroom rack.

This process can be much easier with the help of Clamps and angle measuring tools because otherwise, the process would get lengthier and much difficult.

step 8 join the sides to the bottom

Pro Tips

  • It is important to check all the edges to secure the bottom of the structure.
  • Use measuring tools for easiness.

Step 9: Securing the top brace panels

After all the step being carefully followed, it is vital to brace the rack towards the wall so that it is secured and not very easy to move. The brace panel is also one of the important steps to be added in as the counter loop is placed.

step 9 securing the top brace panels

Pro Tips

  • Make sure the rack is properly braced to the wall.
  • Use the safety precautions while drilling.

Step 10: Nail on a back panel

It is very important to secure the rack as this rack would be though moving from the bottom but it is important to secure so that it can’t be moved while touching it during any other process. The nail would keep it safe and secure at the same time. A 1/2" plywood would be enough to have a good security system.

step 10 nail on a back panel

Pro Tips

  • Nail the rack properly so that it is not movable while other processes.
  • Use a nail gun for this process as it will make things a lot easier.

Step 11: Reinforce the joints

Reinforcing all the joints is the next step. This will help the screws and joints join firmly and the shelves could be a way to get the rack in use.

step 11 reinforce the joints

Pro Tips

  • Check the screws and bolts used and make sure that they are secured.
  • Test the rack before installing the shelves.

Step 12: Install the shelves

It is essential to install the shelves very carefully so that the rack is stable and gets in use with the personal.

step 12 install the shelves

Pro Tips

  • Make sure that the rack is stable.
  • Install the shelves with great accuracy and care.

Step 13: Add the facing panels

step 13 add the facing panels

Facing panels could be added after installing the shelves. The facing panels are added so that the pieces could be joint together according to your skill level.

step 13b add the facing panels

Pro Tips

  • Make sure that the facing panel joins the two pieces together perfectly and stabilizes them.
  • You may need an expert’s help for this depending upon your skill level.

Step 14: Place the racks

step 14 place the racks

Place the racks on their location. Screw through the back panel and into the wall studs to secure the rack. The upper part of the rack may require more support than the lower part if you plan to put heavy items such as dishes in the cabinet.

step 14b place the racks

Pro Tips

  • Place the racks at their locations and make sure the racks are properly screwed into the wall studs.
  • The bottom rack needs more support as it would be bearing the weight so make sure it is secured.

Step 15: Installing

Installing is the last step in order to finalize the complete bathroom rack process.

step 15 installing

Pro Tips

  • Place the rack at a suitable spot so it is easily accessible.
  • Secure the racks properly.

Traditionally, when we talk about bathroom cabinetry, it was limited to small cabinets only, but this is changing now.

In small bathrooms today, the owners are especially putting in space in order to have bathroom racks so that it can be easy for them to occupy the space with their personals in a better way.

It is very important to look at the décor of the bathroom in this angle as well not only because to make it look beautiful but also for the owner to know that bathroom is an important part of the house and the area should be used very intelligently.

Having a bathroom rack cannot only make things easier by arranging personal setup but also making it look a very organized bathroom at the same time.

Therefore, getting yourself to a self-made bathroom rack could be one of the most exciting plans anyone could look for. You can now make your own self-made rack by following above 15 simple steps and make your bathroom look luxurious and that too of your own choice.

But just remember to start with this process there are many things to keep in mind. The very important thing is the location of the bathroom rack. It is vital to understand that the rack if yet not decided where to keep should at least by wheeled at the bottom so that there should be no hassle in moving it from one place to another. To start with it is very important to have an idea of simple woodworking tools in order to make things work easier when working with this category of tools.

Individuals who are doing this for the first time, it is essential to have a complete safe hand with the tools as these could even be harmful if not used properly or safely.

Here is the link to the source YouTube video that helped and inspired us to write this remarkable step by step tutorials for building a Bath rack.

This video was uploaded on August 1st, 2016.

Hope you definitely like this premium guide of “Building Bath Rack “. Share your experience in the comments below. Share this article with your friends and families on social sites. I personally enjoyed very much and so will you, for sure.

This Bath rack will add beauty to your bathroom and change the ambiance. Your friends and family will definitely love to make it and use it. It’s not even too costly so guys what are you waiting for? Just go for it and start producing your own Bath Rack!

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