How To Make A Wooden Bed | DIY Project

Making a wooden bed diy
Making a wooden bed diy

Why do we need a bed? This is the basic need of everyone. You do not feel comfortable without a comfortable bed. When you go shopping and you are in search of a comfortable bed, then you have to pay more for getting a wooden bed. On the other hand, you can make your own bed in your workshop and it would be cheaper as well. You can change and make amendments in that bed, according to your demand.

We always are in search of a fashionable and cozy bed on which we can get a good and sound sleep. It’s a fact that without a comfortable bed you cannot have a sound sleep. Besides, the bed you choose from the market should be a durable one. But if you make it by yourself it would definitely be the most durable one. It is not a very difficult task to make a wooden bed. You have to use some tools and woodworking machines to make your project successful. On the whole, it is very interesting to have a wooden bed of your own, which is according to your requirements. Your kids would definitely enjoy having it. So, do not wait so much and get started.

You will need the following material.​

Tools Required

  • Chalk
  • Fixing Frame
  • Hand Saw
  • Chisel
  • Nails
  • Small iron plates
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Measuring Tape

Material Required

  • 1 wooden piece 
    • 6 ½ ft length
    • 4 ft width
  • 2 Lumbers 4 ft length
  • Small round shape pieces 4 ft length
  • Wooden block
    • 4 ft width
    • 4 ft length
  • 5 Planks 6 ½ ft length
  • Polishing machine
  • Wood Glue
  • Smoothing machine
  • Table Saw
  • Wood Cutting machine
  • Band Saw machine
  • Drilling machine

You can easily get the material and the tools from a nearby hardware shop. You can also have a search for the material to get it easily. I am very much sure that you would be succeeded in getting all the material. Besides, it is also important to have the material which is the most reliable one and first graded. In case you cannot find it in the stores, then you can do online order for it. All the material should be of high quality to get the outstanding results. The shopkeeper must also be a known person.

Now let’s come to the step by step instructions in making the wooden bed. I am sure you would enjoy making of the bed.

Step by Step Instructions

Part 1: Preparing the Planks of Wood

1) Take 5 planks and with the help of chalk draw lines to make them straight. With the help of wood cutter make them plane and in the shape of the same size.

​2) Then cut the planks into four separate pieces and smooth them in a smoothing machine.

Part 1 preparing the planks of wood

Pro Tips

  • The lines you draw should be straight.
  • Carefully use the woodcutter as there is a danger to cut the fingers.
  • After smoothing the planks, check the planks that if they have got fine or not.

Part 2: Preparing Frame

1) Mark on the planks for making the triangle shapes.

2) Apply the wood glue on the pieces and join them again. You can see the shape of the triangle.

3) Make marks on the wood planks to cut them in the band saw machine.

4) Cut the square shape and rectangle shape marks on the band saw machine. With the help of chisel fine the edges of the cutting.

5) Make grooves on the wood planks with the help of table saw.

6) With the help of rotatory saw machine makes the grooves in between the planks on the upper side.

7) Pass the planks from a wood polishing machine to give them a very fine look.

8) Then fix the planks to each other with a hammer and hit the planks to get them fix properly. Tight the planks with a fixing frame. Insert iron strips in the holes and cut them with the hand saw. The frame of the bed is ready.​

Part 2 preparing frame
Part 2b preparing frame
Part 2c preparing frame

Pro Tips

  • While using the table saw, you should be very careful as it is an electrical instrument and you can hurt.
  • Apply the wood glue firmly all over the planks so that the planks can be attached together easily.
  • Be sure that while using the bandsaw machine you cut the planks where there are marks.
  • Be careful while using the band saw machine and never take out the plank in between while using the machine.
  • While making the grooves, be sure that you cut the wood pieces up to a certain limit.
  • While using the rotator machine just be careful as the grooves should be very smooth and fine.
  • Measure the nail gaps while making holes in the lumbers with the help of drilling machine.
  • Make the fine edges and be very cautious while making them.
  • Use the gloves while doing every step.
  • With the measuring scale measure the holes of the squares before fixing the planks.
  • Use a a wooden piece while separating the wooden strips in two halves.
  • Just be careful while using the hand saw and keep your other hand away from it.
  • While tightening the frame, keep the frame on the wooden stool.
  • While cutting the iron strips the handsaw should be very sharp andhigh quality.

Part 3: Fixing the Inside Lumbers of the Bed

1) With the help of table saw cut the pieces of the same length.

2) Then keep the wooden lumbers inside the frame of the bed.

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3) Put another four lumbers on the lumbers inside.

4) Make holes with the drilling machine and insert nails in the lumbers to give them strength.​

Part 3 fixing the inside lumbers of the bed

Pro Tips

  • You should keep in mind that the lumbers should be of the same length.
  • Always use the clamps while using the drill machine and making the holes in the lumbers.
  • Be very careful while fixing the nails inside the lumbers.
  • When you fix the lumbers inside the frame, just be sure that they are fixed properly.
Part 3b fixing the inside lumbers of the bed

Part 4: Preparing the Legs

1) Take four wooden pieces which have given the shape of small legs already.

2) Take two lumbers and make holes inside them. Fix the wooden legs inside these lumbers with the help of glue.

3) Then attach the lumbers with the frame of the bed.​

Part 4 preparing the legs

Pro Tips

  • Fix the legs firmly with the wooden lumber.
  • Remember to be cautious while using the hammer.
  • Prepare the legs already and make sure they are of the same size.
  • You can make designs on the legs.

Part 5: Preparing the Back of the Bed

1) Cut a wooden block with the help of table saw and smooth the edges with the help of smoothing machine. Also plane the surface of the wooden block with the help of wood planer.

2) Attach a lumber with the wooden block with glue. It should be attached to the upper side of the wooden block.

3) Then attach that wooden block with nails to the bed. It would become in a shape of the back of the bed.

4) At the end, you can polish the bed .

5) While polishing the bed always use a cloth.

6) Make sure it should be polished from all the sides.​

Part 5 preparing the back of the bed

Pro Tips

  • Use polish after when the bed is completed to give a fine look to it.
  • Do not put the wet objects on the wooden surface of the bed.
  • Do not allow children to jump on the bed.
  • Clean the bed regularly to maintain its worth.
  • Do not place the bed near the fireplace.
  • Use good quality bleach or dishwasher to remove the stains from it.
  • Do not put sticky things on the bed otherwise the wood can be damaged.
  • Repair the bed immediately if it gets damaged.
  • Do not place heavy objects on it.
  • It is a single bed for one person only, if you want to make a double bed, follow the same method.
  • Do not use gloves while using chisel, hammer, nails and measuring tape.
  • Do not put a lot of objects under the bed.
  • While fixing the nails, just be careful and keep your hand away from the nails.
  • Do not keep the bed outside in direct sunlight.
  • Do not keep it in the rain for long hours.

Youtube Video

This is a very outstanding video that provides guidance on the making of wooden bed. This is a step by step procedure and inspired me to write about how to make a bed. I am grateful to the Ishitani Team who supported the video and uploaded it for the viewers. Just have look at the link on YouTube and you would get the idea to make a wooden bed. This is a good idea to follow the video and then start making it.

Helpful Tips

  • If you are new to woodworking, start making the smaller objects first.
  • Do not hesitate or take it as a very difficult and impossible task , it is an easy task just you have to be trained.
  • Practice pays a lot, so do the practice of making a bed.
  • Do not lose heart by your mistakes at the start and follow the tutorial carefully.
  • Purchase the material from a trustworthy shopkeeper.
  • Avoid buying things from a wholesaler as there is no guarantee of the quality of the material in the wholesale market.
  • If you are hesitant in making the bed at the start, just visit the workshop of your friend or neighbor and observe the making of wooden bed.
  • Always take precautions while using the machines.
  • While using the nails and hammer always be careful as you can hurt.
  • It is advisable to take training from a woodworker first and then start making a bed.

This wooden bed is just for the use of common people, you can have it in your home for your own use. It is made because you cannot bear the costly beds in the market. If you just buy some machines and tools you can have your own bed at home at a very cheap price. I have enjoyed this video and this forced me to write on this tutorial. Share your experience with us if you have enjoyed the tutorial. You can share it on the social sites and with your neighbors as well. Tell us about your experience if you make any wooden bed in the workshop. I am sure you would find it easy to make such a wooden bed for your room. It is a great idea if you are thinking about your kids.

I have mentioned some links here for your help. Take help from these links. Share your reviews and comments with us, we are waiting for them. You are always free to ask any question if you want guidance. I am very much sure that you have got a very clear idea of making a wooden bed through this tutorial. If not, there are other videos for your help.

Additional Resources

I am mentioning some of the additional resources for your help. These resources would definitely help you out in making the wooden bed. So, just take a start and do not hesitate in making the wooden projects. I am very much sure that you would gather courage for making the bed. Have a look at the additional resources; by using these links you can buy the best quality products and also can look at more examples of the wooden bed.

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