Is Woodworking an Activity For All?

Are you interested in woodworking but still uncertain if this hobby is for you? It’s natural to feel this way after a failed project, a broken tool or an error that has cost you a lot of time and effort. And do you know that all woodworking experts, professionals and masters have gone through the same thing as they tried to perfect their craft? Woodworking is for anyone and everyone who loves wood and working with wood.

Woodworking is one of the earliest trades and pastimes which have gradually evolved over the years. But although there are new processes and updated woodworking tools, the basic principles of woodworking are basically the same. And perfecting woodworking does not take overnight. You need to practice and practice often.

Answer to the Question

Woodworking is for everyone. It is an activity for everyone and will be a good activity to indulge in no matter how old you are, where you are from and what you do as long as you have the following qualities:

Patience and perseverance

Woodworking is for people who is patient and will do anything to finish a project. It could take a long time to be able to master the art of woodworking and with patience and perseverance you can learn all about this activity from start to finish. You need patience to understand the different types of wood used, to learn about each kind of tool or equipment used in woodworking and the different techniques used to perfect each project. Patience will go a long long way while perseverance can get you through any project.

The willingness to learn

Even professional woodworkers take time to learn new techniques and strategies to be able to perfect their craft. Woodworking is basically an age-old hobby and pastime but if you plan to create modern woodworking pieces and projects then you must keep with the times. Take time to learn all about old and new techniques and you will surely go far with woodworking.

A creative mind

Woodworking is for you if you have a keen, creative mind. Creativity in woodworking is all about capturing in your mind what the project at hand is, how it functions, how it moves (if it does move!) and how a person uses the finished project. There are millions of projects that you can master and all it takes is a creative and skillful mind.

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Have a good judgement

Woodworking is a precise activity with accurate measurements needed for every piece, every section and every little part. But aside from a precise grip on the dimensions of a project you must also have good judgment on how the finished piece would look like and how a person would use the piece. Good judgement is also practiced in the choice of wood and other materials and the type of tool or power tool/machine to use given that a mistake will cost time, money and effort. If you plan to take up woodworking be sure to have a solid grasp of the characteristics of every wooden piece and how each tool or machine functions.

Have a keen sense of the latest innovations

Woodworking is for you if you have that sense and knowledge of the latest innovations in wood. You crave more knowledge; new skills and new information that will help you perfect your skill. Just a few of the latest innovations that woodworkers currently enjoy are new power tool features, new paint, stains and varnish products, new wood products, new equipment and more. And if you plan to take your woodworking skills to a whole new level, you should have that hunger for more updated information.

Have a deep love for wood

Every dedicated woodworker has that deep love for wood. It goes without saying that you must live, eat and think wood so you can really understand what it takes to be a woodworker. Do you know that some eccentric woodworkers even talk to wood? Sounds weird right but it’s true! And surely you would ask “You love wood yet you use wood for projects?” There are a lot of dedicated woodworkers use only recycled wood, reclaimed wood or wood from cut trees. Some use driftwood while others wood that were from destroyed homes. All-in-all, if you really want a woodworker, you must learn how to use wood wisely. Your reward? Fine projects that will surely give you years of satisfaction!

How to bring out that woodworking spirit in you?

You might think that you want to learn woodworking however you are still not sure that this is the thing for you. What you can do is to take time to understand what you feel about woodworking before you embark on different projects. Try these tips to awaken that woodworking spirit in you:

  • Visit hobby shops and check on different projects.
  • Visit tool shops and make a bee line on the woodworking tool section.
  • Visit woodworking hobby sites and read different reviews and opinions of fellow woodworkers
  • Become a member of clubs or groups that are about woodworking.
  • Get to know woodworking gurus and professionals and take tips on different techniques.
  • Visit furniture outlets, antique shops and home appliance centers to check out the latest wood furniture designs.
  • If you feel that overwhelming love for wood and the urge to create wooden projects on your own then woodworking is indeed for you.


Woodworking is certainly an activity for all. However, you must possess patience, perseverance, creativity, good judgement and a deep love for the hobby to be able to appreciate it. If you are unsure of woodworking is for you then immersing yourself in activities that let you bring out that love for wood and woodworking may be done.

  • May 24, 2017
  • DIY