Paint Colors For Dark-Colored Woods

Paint Colors That Compliment With Dark-Colored Woods


Applying paint to wooden surfaces aims to create a smooth protective layer that improves the aesthetic appeal of the wood structure. Several paint colors achieve a pleasing appearance to the wooden projects, especially when one applies the correct color combination.

However, there are some instances that this goal still needs to be achieved. For instance, applying a paint color that does not match dark wood creates an unpleasant result to the total appearance of the wood project. To avoid this issue, this article intends to discuss the paint colors that go well with dark wood.

Color Matters

Color really matters in many aspects of life. It applies to the clothes that people wear, and it even has an effect on the mood of the person. In short, color creates meaning, whether it will be pleasing or not, in terms of aesthetic appearance. 

In terms of wood, color also affects it similarly, especially in wood finishing. It means that the natural color of the wood will affect the final color of the stained wood surface. For this reason, some colors are suitable for specific wood colors, like dark wood.

Colors that Compliment with Dark Woods

Dark wood challenges you in selecting the right paint color. Fortunately, here’s a comprehensive guide that will assist you in selecting the right colors that go well with dark woods. 


The white color is a versatile neutral color. If you have dark wood, this color can help lighten and brighten it. If your room has highly varnished wood detailing and furniture, then a low-sheen white should be used. In contrast, the high sheen white will only create an unpleasant shine on the wood. 

Furthermore, pure whites can create dramatic contrasts with dark wood. The dark wood will also glow once you choose the flatter shades of white. 

If the dark wood has reddish or yellowish undertones, then choosing a creamy white with a yellowish base will do. Maple-colored wood can be complemented with a pinkish white.


The gray paint makes everything look calm and elegant, especially when combined with dark wood. This bland-looking color will blend well with dark wood. This will help in creating low contrasts and a serene effect. 

If the wood you use is apple and cherry, then the gray color can help enhance it. This will bring out the burgundy color that the wood has. The deep tone of the mahogany can be accepted once you will use a bluish-gray color in it. The walnut can also be enhanced once you opt for a greenish gray.


You can have an overly glaring visual impact once you use bright yellow on dark wood. It would help if you also remembered that the other shades of yellow clash with dark wood. What works well with dark wood are the yellows with a dusty shade.

The ash gray or brownish gray can mesh well with dark wood. You can opt for these dark yellows for your extremely dark woods. A flat buff ochre will look terrific if you have black-stained walnut.

Dark Reds

Opt for a dark red in dark wood if you want that Victorian feel. Using a red wine will work well if you have walnut, maple, ebony, and mahogany wood. This will help in producing that rich effect. Cranberry and blood red tones will work well for slightly light hue woods.


Cherry wood will work well with a cool green color. A shin ebony trim will be able to show this glow once you choose to use a mint green color. With a walnut trim, a gray-inflected sage will help make it look breezy.


If you want a color that can complement well with dark wood, then blue paint is one of them. However, using this color in the kitchen is not advisable. 

The blue color will give you that tranquil background. It can be used in any other room, bedroom, or bathroom. For instance, an old walnut will look amazing with a navy hue.


You can get that chic-looking interior if you use the purple hues. Some people might think of it as a color that is hard to work with, especially with dark wood. But many designers have changed their mindset. Warm-toned wood will look like luscious eggplant once you use this color. Pale lavender, on the other hand, will make dark wood pop.

Top Dark Wood Species

Below are the top dark wood species to consider for your upcoming project. Apply what you have learned from the points above to make the combination of your wood colors stand out.

Sapele Wood

Sapele wood belongs to the hardwood family that is a fantastic choice when looking for dark-colored wood varieties. Its heartwood ranges in color from golden to dark reddish brown, and as it ages, it can turn dark bronze.

Due to its ease of availability and marginally lower cost, many consider it a substitute for mahogany. Additionally, Sapele is frequently offered in wide planks that measure 20 inches or more in width.

Teak Wood

The golden brown hue of teak wood catches the attention of most woodworkers. Dark wood furniture and cupboards give the room a noble air and instantly improve it. But did you know that teak can also be found in a richer, darker shade?

It is interesting how it occurs. For instance, freshly cut teak has a dark, uneven color. The wood then develops a light golden brown or a rich golden brown hue. But as it matures, it reverts to a deeper, greyer, or silverier hue.

Cherry Wood

What if you’re looking for anything simpler that suits your job involving dark wood flooring? Consider cherry wood this time.

The cherry wood is a medium to light reddish brown tone that eventually turns a rich reddish brown as it ages. Additionally, cherry wood stain works just as well to highlight the grain as a thick sealer.


Depending on the species, mahogany has different hues, from dark red to reddish brown. This wood type is photosensitive and ages darkly. As a result, objects made of deep brown mahogany gradually become nearly black.

So if you’re searching for an extra-dark wood that is more reasonably priced, this is the best option. However, be aware that mahogany becomes lighter after prolonged exposure to sunshine.


Dark-colored wood is a classic element in every house. It will be able to give your house that classic feel. Choosing the right color for any dark wood trimmings, furnishings, and furniture will make it look more elegant and amazing.