16 Gifts You Can Give A Woodworker

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Doesn’t have any idea what to give to your woodworker dad, husband or friend? Will it be too obvious to give them tools or any of their equipment? The answer is yes and no. Yes, it is expected, but with the many woodworking tools, they can never guess. After all, it is something that you know for sure they will definitely love and appreciate. So now that you have that covered, where you do you start? What exactly will you choose? You are in for a treat as you landed on this article because we are about to show you the 16 gifts you can give a woodworker during Christmas, birthday, holiday, whichever occasion, it wouldn’t matter at all.

1. Clamp in Up

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Like how women think they can never have too many clothes, woodworkers on the other hand can never have enough clamps! This may be true considering the different kinds of clamps are just about too many to count. There are pip clamps, G-clamp, hand-screw clamp, bench clamp, and the rest goes on.

2. Not for Rough Love Sandpaper

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Since consumable, why not give your woodworker friend, husband or brother a stack of these sandpapers? After all, this is something they are using every project or job as it completes the process. It is essential in providing the smooth and even finish.

3. Measuring Tools for an Immeasurable Gift

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While we only know of the ruler and measuring tape, you might be surprised with the number of different measuring tools used in woodworking. You can pick one and make an awesome gift out of it. Though there might be a huge chance they might already have it in their tool box, it is always good to have some spare, anyway.

4. Treasured Chisel Set

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Whether they will use it to cut or carve wood when making some projects like making furniture or fixtures, a set of different sizes of chisel may come very useful and handy.

5. SAW You Through

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What is woodworking without cutting some woods? And what better way to do that smoothly and easily than using premium saw blades? Options may be overwhelming with many sizes, brands and models available. At least learn beforehand on the type he is using.

6. Buy Them A Handsaw

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With the many kinds of automatic and power tool saw available now, you may think the life of a classic hand saw has come to an end. It still has its uses, though, and yes, many still used it. Any woodworkers still have it in their storage, but most likely already old and overused. Hence, it might be a good idea to replace it with something new.

7. Or Some Stack, or Even A Piece of Lumber

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They will definitely be excited when they open your gift and see stack or even one piece of wood in it. It doesn’t have to be a huge cut, even, as regardless, woodworkers will surely be able to create something wonderful and amazing with any piece.

8. Say It With Nippers

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Small but functional, you can never go wrong with nippers as a nice and awesome gift for any woodworker. They can use it when cutting and removing nails and staples from wood easily. It is this kind of small items that may not be a priority or sometimes may be forgotten to buy.

9. Master Woodworker’s Leather Apron

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Aprons are not only for masterchefs, as obviously master woodworkers use it too to keep them tidy and clean when working. It can be messy at times, with all the saw dusts, paints, stains and other stuffs used. It is equipped with several pockets too, for the small tools you need, saving you the time to constantly reach for it from the toolbox.

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10. Seal it With A Wood Glue

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Spare them the time and effort in buying this another consumable material that is also vital in most of their work. A few bottle of supply can already go a long way and will be used for a lot of projects.

11. Versatile and Powerful Jig saw

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No woodworker will not like receiving a jig saw for Christmas, birthday or whatever occasion that might be, for sure. This power tool is amazing in making straight or curve cuts in different kinds of materials not just wood. Thus, it can be pretty handy and versatile.

12. The Eyes That Matter

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Aside from thinking of the tools to buy, why not consider buying protective gears as well? Because their safety is our prime and utmost concern, this woodworkers’ protective eyewear is definitely a useful and essential gift option.

13. Mark your Love with a Knife

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Though we usually use pencil to mark and draw measured lines, many woodworkers prefer to use a knife for marking because it is thinner and visible, hence easier to make the accurate cuts. Some use it merely for preference, as pencil works fine too. That being said, it is a useful piece of tool that is an essential addition to their tool arsenal.

14. First and Only Aid Kit

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Woodworking is no simple job. With the various kinds of sharp tools that woodworkers are dealing with, taking safety precaution is needed. Having the first aid kit is therefore very important but sometimes not taken very seriously, as it is easier to just rely on the ones at home. But wouldn’t it be nice to have your own too?

15. Woodworking Metal Detector

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Because it is better to be safe than sorry and that we look after for their safety and protection, a dust mask is a smart and useful gift to give to your friends, or any family member who are into woodworking. It will protect them from dust and debris when working.


What do you think of all these awesome gift ideas you can give to any woodworker you know? While it seems obvious that they will be thrilled to receive any kind of tools, equipment, or anything at all that can be used in their work and project, it can be a big risk giving them things that they might already have. But one thing is certain, they will appreciate all the same as for them any tool is different and special, and yes, they can never have too many of it. And after all, there are just about hundreds of different kinds and models available and are introduced in the market constantly.

I want to know your thoughts as well? For you, what cool gift will you give to a woodworker? You can share what you think in the comment below. And don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed reading it.