118 Adirondack Chair DIY Plans

71) Green Adirondack Chair

This chair looks like it’s from a nursery school classroom because of its simple design and forest green color. This seat has five planks for its backrest while the armrests are very narrow, not the typical Adirondack style.

The seat is slanted at the back so steeply, therefore, your feet are too far from the ground. The plans to make this Adirondack are no doubt very easy. Even if you are new to woodworking, you will surely be able to follow.

And of course, accessorizing your seat and sitting area is the key to total relaxation. Just like in the photo, add pillows, cushions, and blankets to make your chair and area relaxing. Place this on your patio, backyard or garden area and you got a lovely spot to relax and commune with nature. 


72) Colorful Patio Makeover

This is a splash of color in an otherwise dull, hospital white patio. The Adirondack chairs featured here come in different styles and colors but still, these are made from one design. This could be a sitting area, an area to relax or a place to host a party.

The plans to make these seats are very easy to make, just be sure to have all the materials ready especially your lumber and power tools. Use weatherproofing paint or stain to cover your wooden chairs, about two coats if you are applying a wood stain.  

This will not just protect your wood from the sun and rain but will also bring out the natural beauty of wood. However, if you plan to paint your Adirondack chairs then you may do so.


73) White Adirondack Chair

This lovely white Adirondack chair is full of possibilities. First of all, the chair has a classic design with the backrest made of five long planks that extend far above your head. The armrests are long and narrow while the seat gently slides to the back.

The front part of the seat is taller from the ground to help you relax better as you sit outdoors. The plans to make this Adirondack chair are easy to do and in fact, won’t take you an entire day to make. The wood used here is treated lumber but you may improvise by using wooden planks and other scraps of wood if you have some.

But before recycling wood and wood pallets, make sure that these are strong and can support your weight especially if you are making the backrest or seat of the chair. Finish off by painting your chair any color or just by staining the wood and displaying its natural form.


74) Reclaimed Lumber Adirondack Chair Plan

This Adirondack is made using reclaimed wood. Obviously, the wood used for the backrest and seat is different from the armrest and legs. The Adirondack back is slightly curved while the seat is curved as well. It slightly slants at the back too so it lifts your legs inches off the ground.

The armrest is large but not too wide. The legs look strong despite being made from reclaimed wood. The plans to make this reclaimed Adirondack are simple and can be used even by someone new to woodworking.

Make this your next weekend woodworking project or your upcoming outdoor renovation project soon.


75) First Build – Redwood Adirondack Chairs

This pair of Adirondack chairs proves that even if it’s your first time to make this kind of project, you can persevere. These chairs were made by an amateur but still, these look clean and professionally made. The seats are large, wide and looked very relaxing to sit on.

The backs were made by large planks of redwood, evenly spaced to allow air to circulate. The seats are also made of the same material and were made with a slightly slanted design. The armrests are large and wide which are perfect for holding a glass or a bottle as per the photo.

The plans to make this project are simple and can be done even by anyone with very little woodworking skills. Give this project a chance.


76) Adirondack Chairs Made from Pallets

The awesome DIY project again made by an amateur. These chairs were made from recycled wooden pallets. The chairs look amazing and classy because of its black color. The backrests are huge, curved and evenly-spaced. The seat is large, wide and can even hold two people.

The armrests are slightly long and narrow but it does not matter at all because these were saved by the builder’s incredible eye for accessorizing. Choose brightly-colored pillows with large patterns, lovely blooms, potted plants and area rugs to complete your outdoor retreat.

And depending on where you are going to place these chairs, use lighting, aerial plants, and other hanging accessories to make the place lovely, cozy and relaxing. The plans for these Adirondack chairs are easy to make and can be done even with someone new to woodworking.


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77) Simple Adirondack Chair Plan

This is a very huge chair made from discarded wood pallets. Instead of ending up in the dumpster, these wooden wonders were sanded, cut and assembled to make this interesting and cozy project. As per the photo, the builder has not painted the chair yet or applied wood stain.

The back is huge with large wooden planks to keep your back comfortable. The seat has a steep back so be very careful. The armrests are both large, wide and can accommodate a glass or a bottle of beer. If you are interested in painting this chair then you must use waterproof paint but if you wish to keep this as it is, use a wood stain to keep rain and extreme heat off your wooden chair.

This is an easy build and the plans to make this chair are very easy to follow with a complete materials list and step by step guide.


78) Adirondack Chairs of Ana

Get the plans for this cozy Adirondack chair here quick. This design features a chair with a large rounded back that will rise higher than your head when you sit. The armrests are large and strong, you can even place a glass, some snacks, a book or anything you need outdoors.

The seat is not too low and not too high so it would be easier to snuggle up and just relax. The builder chose to accessorize this cozy chair with a small bright pillow in contrast to its dull brown color. This seat could be a staple in your patio or your backyard because it’s a guarantee everyone would like to sit and try it out.

And of course, making this chair is easy when you have all your materials ready and your tools ready as well. 


79) Red and Tall Adirondack Chairs

Was the inventor of the Adirondack chair really tall to have constructed such tall backrests for his chair? This Adirondack chair style has a very tall back which will surely rise above your head. The back is made with five long planks of wood which make excellent supports not just for your back but also your neck, shoulders, and head.

The seat falls steeply from the back which lifts your legs up high. The armrests are narrow but not too long, unlike other Adirondack designs. Painted bright red, this chair stands out on any yard or garden. The plans for this extra-large chair are easy to follow so you will surely appreciate this even if this is your first time to make a chair from scratch.


80) Home Depot Adirondack Chairs

Materials from home depot were used to make these chairs and this is why these chairs look charming. This set of chairs share one plan and as you can see, these look easy to make and won’t take a lot of your time to complete. Treated lumber was used to make these chairs.

Hardware like bolts nails and screws were also purchased from the store. You can tell that extra care was used to weatherproof these chairs. The natural stain was used to protect the wood from rain, sun, wind, and snow.

Considering the size of these chairs, these will surely be kept outdoors so weatherproofing is a must. The plans to make these Home Depot Adirondack chairs are easy to follow and perfect even for novice woodworkers.


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