Outdoor Day Bed Design With Wooden Pallets

99 Pallet Bed DIY Plans

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  2. 1) Layered Pallet Frame Bed with White Tile Background
  3. 2) Wooden Headboard and Bed Frame
  4. 3) Narrow Pallet Bed
  5. 4) White Pallets as Bedboard
  6. 5) A Boho –Chic Atmosphere Integrating a Pallet Bed Frame and Greenery
  7. 6) Attic Bedroom Made of Wooden Pallets Furniture
  8. 7) Pallet Bed Frame
  9. 8) Pastel Turquoise Pallet Bed Frame
  10. 9) Minimal Bedroom Design In Neutral Tones
  11. 10) The Perfect Bed Frame Design for an Airy Large Modern Bedroom
  12. 11) Scandinavian Infused Bedroom Design with a Pallet Bed Frame
  13. 12) Bright Neon Green Pallet Bed Adorned on Gold and Green Wallpaper
  14. 13) Pallet Bed Bed Frame Shoe Storage
  15. 14) Cozy Low Pallet Bed Frame Minimalist Design
  16. 15) Industrial Loft Pallet Bed Design
  17. 16) Pallet Bed and Side Table for Laptop
  18. 17) Cheap Pallet Bed Frame Design for Day Bed
  19. 18) Scandinavian Infused White Bedroom Design
  20. 19) Neutral Simple Pallet Bed Frame
  21. 20) Small Bedroom with a Simple Pallet Bed
  22. 21) Pallet Bed with Storage Space for Shoes
  23. 22) Dark Colored Pallet Bed Frame
  24. 23) Crib Pallet Bed Frame
  25. 24) Upcycled Bed Frame
  26. 25) Pallet Bed Frame For Kids Room
  27. 26) Day Bed Pallet Bed Frame Design
  28. 27) High Pallet Bed with Lights
  29. 28) Recycled Pallets as Bed Frame and Book Case
  30. 29) Very Feminine Bedroom
  31. 30) Cozy Pallet Dog Bed
  32. 31) Creative Pallet Bed Frame Design
  33. 32) Double Pallet Frame Beds
  34. 33) Small and Narrow Pallet Bed on Wheels
  35. 34) Pallet Bed Swing
  36. 35) Simple Pallet and Rope Swing Bed
  37. 36) Pallet Sofa Bed Frame
  38. 37) Warm Colors Bedroom With Pallet Bed Frame
  39. 38) Cozy Pallet Bed Frame and Bed Boards
  40. 39) Cozy Pallet Day Bed Design
  41. 40) Fun Wooden Pallet Headboard
  42. 41) Outdoor Day Bed Design with Wooden Pallets
  43. 42) Modern Nonconformist Pallet Bed Design
  44. 43) Mondrian Pallet Bed Frame Design
  45. 44) Colorful Pallet Bed Frame for Kids Bed
  46. 45) Pallet Bed Headboard and Bookshelf
  47. 46) Shabby Chic Bed Frame
  48. 47) Pallet Bed Frame in a Small Attic Bedroom
  49. 48) Simple Pallet Bed Frame
  50. 49) Dark Hued Bed Frame
  51. 50) Attic Loft Bed with Wooden Pallet Bed Frame
  52. 51) Modern Pallet Bed
  53. 52) Pallet Bed with Natural Hues
  54. 53) Scandinavian Vibe Bedroom
  55. 54) Suspended Pallet Bed Frame
  56. 55) Double Deck Bed Frame Made from Wooden Pallets
  57. 56) Minimal, Elegant and Simple Pallet Bed
  58. 57) Tree House Pallet Bed Inspiration
  59. 58) Mattress, Pallet Bed Frame, and Plain Room
  60. 59) Day Bed Frame for Two
  61. 60) Pallet Bed Frame 2
  62. 61) DIY Pallet Bed Frame Before and After
  63. 62) DIY Pallet Bed Ideas
  64. 63) Day Bed with Pallet Bed Frame
  65. 64) Another Day Bed with Pallet Bed Frame
  66. 65) Pallet Bed Frame in Cozy Room
  67. 66) DIY Pallet Bed on High Bed
  68. 67) Pallet Furniture Bed Frame
  69. 68) Tall Pallet Bed Frame
  70. 69) Romantic Pallet Bed Arrangement
  71. 70) Kid’s Bed Frame Design 2
  72. 71) King Sized Bed and King Sized Pallet Frame
  73. 72) Scandinavian Inspiration for Bed Frame and Bed
  74. 73) Contemporary Bed Frame Design
  75. 74) Wooden Pallet Bed on Wheels
  76. 75) Luminous Bedroom Pallet Bed Frame Design
  77. 76) Wooden Pallet Bed Design with Legs
  78. 77) Boosting Storage Space with Pallet Bed Frame
  79. 78) Fluffy Design with Wood Pallet Bed
  80. 79) Simple Pallet Bed Frame 2
  81. 80) Industrial Design Pallet Bed Frame
  82. 81) Rustic Pallet Bed Frame Design
  83. 82) Pallet Bed Frame with Modular Crate Storage Space
  84. 83) Simple Scandinavian Design for Pallet Bed
  85. 84) Bedroom Design With Wall Art and Pallet Bed
  86. 85) Simple But Sophisticated Design
  87. 86) Small Bedroom Pallet Bed Frame
  88. 87) Wooden Furniture and Pallet Bed Frame Designs
  89. 88) Shabby Chic Cool Pallet Bed Frame Design
  90. 89) Simple Blue and White Room Pallet Bed Frame Design
  91. 90) Inexpensive Cozy Pallet Bed Frame Design
  92. 91) Lovely Shimmering Pallet Bed Frame
  93. 92) Easy DIY Pallet Bed Frame
  94. 93) How Much Space can a Pallet Bed Frame Hold?
  95. 94) Cool Pallet Bed Frame Design
  96. 95) Manly Pallet Bed Frame Design
  97. 96) Pallet Bed Swing 2
  98. 97) Simple Pallet Bed Design Plan
  99. 98) An All-White Plan Bedroom Pallet Bed Design
  100. 99) Industrial Bedroom Décor with Wood Pallet Bed Frame
  101. Conclusion

51) Modern Pallet Bed

This is a pallet bed design that looks very chic. The large, oversized bed has been elevated from the floor using a single layer of pallet frames. The large frames were simply laid out on the floor side by side and the bed laid out.

A small headboard was also constructed out of the same wood pallets. This is a design with a lot of potentials. You can make the pallet bed frame higher but make sure to use strong wood pallets and reinforce these with braces to be able to handle this large sized bed.

The pallet bed frame is very comfortable as you can see. The bed has extra-large pillows with oversized blankets and comforters. The bed is smaller than the pallet bed frame which gives you a small area where you can sit and read.

Improving this design is easy. You can elevate the bed with more pallet wood or you can build pallet furniture like stools, tables, and chairs if you have more wooden pallets to use. 

Modern Pallet Bed


52) Pallet Bed with Natural Hues

This pallet bed design is a nature-inspired pallet frame paradise. This has an elevated area where your mattress is placed. This is not your usual pallet bed frame design because this is like a large furniture installation that occupies a large section of your room.

The bed frame, headboard, and small side table were entirely made from wooden pallets. The mattress is small and thin but has become quite comfortable because of the elevated wood frame. The headboard functions as a plant holder too.

You can also use this section to hold books, a lamp, and some picture frames if indoor plants are not your thing.

How to make this a total nature-inspired pallet room? You may add shelves instead of just ledges where potted plants can sit. You can elevate the bed by adding more pallet boards as well.

Pallet Bed With Natural Hues


53) Scandinavian Vibe Bedroom

Why are we so in love with Scandinavian designs? Most designers from this region use neutral colors on their furniture designs as well as their accessories. It is also because most Scandinavian designs use wood pallets to make different furniture and accent pieces.

In this Scandinavian-inspired bedroom, the bed is the focal point. The thin, single-sized mattress sits on a wooden pallet bed frame with casters for legs. The bed has a luxurious design with a gray, white and black color scheme.

The bed has become more comfortable, inviting and stylish with an elevated pallet wood frame. A pallet wood stool stands near the bed and this accent the overall Scandinavian look as well.

Creating the same cool look is possible in just a few hours. You can improve this design by elevating the frame and by adding a pallet wood headboard. You can paint it according to the color scheme or just leave the wood bearing its natural color.

Scandinavian Vibe Bedroom

54) Suspended Pallet Bed Frame

The hanging pallet bed has made this room warmer and a lot interesting. As you can see, this is a very large, cathedral-like bedroom that needs a little warmth and life. The bed is suspended in a pallet frame. This queen size bed is large and strong but it is suspended using strong rope strung on each corner of the frame bed.

This is classy and chic but at the same time very intricate to make. If you wish to use this design, make sure to test the strength of your wooden pallets first. It should hold the weight of the bed and your weight as well.

You must use the best and the strongest rope. Consider the strength of the beam that you will be hanging your bed from. Again, this should hold the weight of an occupied bed.

Suspended Pallet Bed Frame


55) Double Deck Bed Frame Made from Wooden Pallets

This is a very interesting and fun design. This is a double deck bed design that lets your kids sleep and play inside cabin-like beds. The sleeping area is comfortable with matching linens, pillow covers and sheer curtain covers for some privacy.

The bunk bed frame here is more than just a pallet bed frame. It also doubles as a bookshelf or simply shelves where kids can place their toys.

The entire structure sits on one corner of the room and is from the ceiling to the floor. Great care has been used to design this amazing kid sleeping and playing area but no doubt that this can be built even by someone with basic woodworking experience.

And because this is a kids’ bedroom furniture, always check for the strength of each and every pallet. Consider safe ladders and side rails for the top bunk. Kids can play and hurt themselves on the upper bunk so no roughhousing in this pallet bunk bed!      

Double Deck Bed Frame Made From Wooden Pallets

56) Minimal, Elegant and Simple Pallet Bed

Why is this room so perfect when there is just the bed and a dog in it? It’s because the bed is nestled on top of a perfect pallet bed frame. The bed is just a small flat mattress, with no life at all. When placed on top of the bed frame, the room became inviting and had more color.

The bed sits on top of two pallet wood frame levels and this elevates the bed several inches off the floor. The bed also has a headboard which is also made from pallet wood.

You can improve this design by stacking more pallet frames to elevate the bed even further and the add pallet furniture pieces in this lovely white room.

Minimal Elegant And Simple Pallet Bed

57) Tree House Pallet Bed Inspiration

This is another inspiring elevated bed frame made from wooden pallets. This design was meant for a small space like a dormitory or a condominium unit. The sleeping area or the bed was constructed out of wood pallets. The mattress sits inside this enclosure and is accessed by a short ladder which is also made from wooden pallets.

There’s a lot of colors here in there while the mattress is covered by a dark blue-green cover however, the pallet wood frame remains in a natural tone.

This is no doubt a daring design but functional as well. It leaves a lot of floor space to do other stuff instead of just letting the bed get all the space. There are a lot of ways to improve this design. You can make this overhead sleeping section larger to make it more comfortable. You may also use pallet wood to create pallet wood furniture like chairs and tables or shelves to maximize space.

Tree House Pallet Bed Inspiration

58) Mattress, Pallet Bed Frame, and Plain Room

This is a simple room design that looks clean and neat. The mattress is barely a mattress but looks like a very thin sheet but the wood pallet bed frame has made it a more comfortable place to sleep and relax in.

This frame is huge and meant for a large mattress. It was made from 12 wood pallets stacked together to make a two-level bed frame. This large wood pallet frame has made the room more comfortable and perfect for total relaxation.

This may be improved by adding more wooden pallets to elevate the bed height and by adding a pallet bed board. With complete materials and tools, you can have these ready in just a day.

Mattress Pallet Bed Frame And Plain Room


59) Day Bed Frame for Two

This is a day bed that looks very fresh and inviting. This is another Scandinavian-inspired design that uses the simple black, white and flesh color scheme. This sofa bed was once two oversized cushions that were just lying on the floor but the builder used two wood pallet sections to be its frame.

These two pallet sections were connected and casters were placed at the bottom of the frame. These casters let you move the sofa bed to anywhere you wish to place it.

And aside from carrying the weight of the two large cushions, the pallet wood frame also doubles as a storage system for magazines and books. This is a very smart design from simple pallet frames.

Day Bed Frame For Two


60) Pallet Bed Frame 2

This plan shows you how a basic pallet bed is made. Take note that this is not a pallet bed frame ONLY but a plan to make an actual pallet bed. The bed has been made from several pallet wood frames with each frame connected with strong nails or bolts.

The frame is elevated from the ground with installed legs on each corner of the frame. Because of this design, the bed frame is not just sturdy but it elevates the mattress a foot and several inches off the floor; a height that is very comfortable. You can further improve this design by adding more pallet wood frames to increase the height of the bed frame.

There’s no bed board in this design and this is an upgrade that you can consider. Aside from a bed board, you may add wooden pallet furniture pieces in this room as well.

Pallet Bed Frame 2
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