99 Pallet Bed DIY Plans

81) Rustic Pallet Bed Frame Design

This bedroom looks like it came out of a movie set because everything seems to be perfect. The furniture, the lighting, and the accessories, all make a rustic bedroom effect. The highlight of this rustic room is the large bed which was placed on top of two levels of pallet frames.

The bed itself looks very luxurious, large and very inviting and when placed on top of the bed frame the bed becomes even more awesome than what it was before. The room is filled with interesting trinkets, knick-knacks and more.

The designer also made use of lighting to highlight the back wall as well as the head of the bed. Is there anything that can improve this pallet bed frame design?


82) Pallet Bed Frame with Modular Crate Storage Space

This is a fantastic pallet bed frame that doubles as a large storage furniture. You can tell that it was made to hold not just the mattress but also a lot of stuff that you need. Just look at the large crates that line up under the bed. These can hold clothes, shoes, books, school supplies, makeup and more.

The bed was raised several inches from the ground and this allows the use of the bottom of the bed for storage. The crates make a good storage system because these are large and can be used for pretty much anything. But if you don’t have crates, you may also use baskets, boxes or plastic containers instead.

And this design may be improved by making the bed frame larger to accommodate a larger mattress. You may also construct a taller bed frame to make your storage larger.


83) Simple Scandinavian Design for Pallet Bed

This is a pallet bed frame that was made for a very large mattress. The mattress used in this design is an extra-large king-size mattress that needs at least nine wood pallet frames to hold it in place.

The bed has large pillows, a soft and luxurious comforter blanket and a very large bed board made from wood. You may also notice that the bed frame was also used for storage. Books and other reading material were placed in the slots in between the pallets. Aside from these, you may also use this to keep other items like shoes and clothing accessories.

If there would be a way to improve this design is that the bed frame should be made higher by stacking up more wood pallets. More pallets will give you more storage space as well.

84) Bedroom Design With Wall Art and Pallet Bed

The pallet bed in this design is made of only one layer of wood pallet frame, therefore, this was able to elevate the bed just a few inches from the floor. The mattress is large and can accommodate two people. It has a luxurious feel because of the pallet frame plus the low lighting that was used to accent the back of the room.

You can see that the designer’s plan to give the room a warm and appealing aura has worked. The low lights cast a shadow on the bare walls while the wood pallet frame begins to sparkle.

Overall, this is a very easy design and was made of just six pallet frames. Building this design can be accomplished in less than an hour and does not require excellent woodworking skills at all.

85) Simple But Sophisticated Design

Use this as an inspiration to make a bed frame for a small bed for two. The mattress appeared tiny but when placed on top of a two-level pallet frame, the bed looked larger and more comfortable.

The mattress is flat but by using large pillows and thick blankets, you will be able to make the mattress better. The wooden pallets here are stacked side by side to create a frame for the bed and most likely these were connected and reinforced to hold at least two people at a time.

This simple yet inspiring design may be improved by making the mattress larger and the bed frame larger as well, to work with a larger mattress. With more pallets, a  headboard may be constructed. You may also build more pallet furniture to make the bedroom more inviting and relaxing.


86) Small Bedroom Pallet Bed Frame

This is another pallet bed frame design that makes use of light. The frames in this design were stacked together to hold a single sized bed. In between the pallets are small flickering LED lights that create soft glow especially during nighttime. This lovely design is certainly something that can create a dramatic feel.

Instead of LED lights, you may also use lamp light or fluorescent light. You can further enhance this design by adding a headboard and decorating this with lights as well.

If you have a larger bed, adding more pallets is a must, and don’t forget, make sure that the wooden panels that you will use are strong and are free from imperfections. Use safe lighting and bulbs when you want to install lights in pallet frames just like this design.  

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87) Wooden Furniture and Pallet Bed Frame Designs

This looks like an unoccupied room because there are no décor yet but this gives us a chance to check out the lovely wood pallet frame. The mattress here sits on top of a large frame that doubles as a nightstand, bed board and a small area to sit on. It uses more than ten pallet frames with each frame strong enough for a large bed.

The design uses two layers of pallet wood to mount the bed. Large wooden pallets and lumber were used as parts of a headboard while smaller pieces of wood were used to make storage units on the wall.

Obviously, the design for this room has been expertly planned. The builder has also made sure to use only strong and quality pallets to make his designs. This design may look elaborate but actually, you can work on this even when you are new to woodworking. As long as you follow plans and you use quality materials, you will be able to easily complete this project.


88) Shabby Chic Cool Pallet Bed Frame Design

This pallet bed looks more like a day bed because the mattress is kind of narrow. But despite the size, the mattress fits well on this spacious and easy to build pallet bed frame. This bed frame uses two large pallet frames which were installed with casters.

But instead of using pallet wood for the headboard, the builder decided to use old doors for this design. This design is very chic because of the colorful mismatched pillows and a large quilted blanket on the bed.

Ways to improve this chic design? You can make the pallet frame higher by stacking two pallet frame layers and by updating the mattress to a bigger size. Overall, this design could inspire you to make a better and more comfortable day bed frames. 


89) Simple Blue and White Room Pallet Bed Frame Design

What to say about this lovely blue and white room? The bed looks very comfortable from this angle because it was set on top of two layers of pallet frames. The pallets were stacked side by side with no paint or varnish. The natural color and design make the wood surface stand out.

Still, other elements in the room make the bed stand out. The colorful pillow, the warm and inviting blanket and the twin modular side tables all frame the bed to make it look inviting and comfortable. This design may be enhanced by constructing a headboard or more pallet furniture like a small stool or a table.             


90) Inexpensive Cozy Pallet Bed Frame Design

What do you use if you don’t have much money to renovate your bedroom? Try wooden pallets! Wood pallets can be purchased anywhere and are among the most inexpensive materials for projects and furniture. There are also manufacturing companies that just throw pallets away which is a good find if you happen to chance on one in a dumpster.

For this project, you will need several pallet frames to construct the double layer bed frame and the headboard. This cheap pallet frame project has shimmering lights for a dramatic effect but instead of buying new lights, you can use your tree lights while it’s still months till Christmas time.

All-in-all, building a lovely and comfortable room doesn’t have to cost too much. You just have to be creative and ingenious at the same time. 

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