70 Pallet Fence DIY Plans

31) Pallets Picket Fence

This is a white picket fence with a gate. This seals off an area in the backyard or a patio where you can sit, relax and have some family bonding time. You can see that the fence is not too high. You can easily climb up. This is basically a perimeter fence that designates the area.

This is a very easy project that won’t take you too long to build. The design is very simple while the white color does not just cover the fence but it protects it from the sun and rain as well.


32) Pallets Claustra

This is a high pallet fence that has a gate made using the same design and materials. The pallets make a good fence and are a good planter and plant holder as well. The fence provides a screen to keep prying eyes out but if you want to completely block intruders, you can install the pallets without any spaces in between them.

This pallet fence was painted dark blue to protect it from the scorching heat and rain. This is a very easy project that you can build quickly; just in time for a festive barbecue or backyard party.


33) How to Build a Simple Pallet Fence

This is a plan to help you build a pallet fence using very simple materials and in the easiest way. The fence to be constructed here is a typical pallet fence that can be made out of ordinary pallet wood. The tip of the fences has been cut in a pointed manner using a circular saw or table saw. You can use this design to make your own very simple pallet fence.  


34) Plans for a Goat Fence

If you are caring for animals, especially farm animals like goats, sheep, cows, and horses, you naturally have to make a suitable outdoor enclosure for these animals. You can’t just keep these locked up inside your barn. Farm animals need to roam around, graze and interact and one way to let them do these while keeping them safe is with a large and spacious fenced area.

This is a small fence but is large enough to keep goats. You can see that the fence has a very simple design. But despite its simplicity, it was able to create a safe enclosure for your goats. This goat fence is very easy to build but needs time to complete it because of its size.  


35) The $0 Pallet Fence

This large fence and gate were made from old pallets, therefore, you can bet that the builder did not spend anything to make this fence at all. This was made to secure a garden or a special area where you keep exotic plants as well.

The fence and gate are made from large pallets but these are not stained or treated. The best way to go is to use stain or paint on your pallets to protect it from water and from extreme heat.   


36) A Large Garden Pallet Fence

This is a very large area that was enclosed with a tall and wide pallet fence. This could be a large garden or a place to keep farm animals and the pallet fence provides privacy as well as safety. The fence was constructed in sections. Every section has posts that keep the fence strong and durable even during high winds and strong rain. This large pallet fence has an easy design but covers a large area which is why it’s a bit hard to construct than other types of fences.


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37) A 100 Ft Pallet Fence

This is a large area that needs to be protected. This could be a garden, an animal pen or a pool area near a home. The pallet fence here may not be that tall but it helps seal off the area well. The pallets may not be closely assembled but this works well in providing a safe and secure area. This is a huge project and may take a while to make despite having a simple design.  

38) Stylish Pallet Fence

Make your garden, patio or front yard safe and secure with a fence. This pallet fence may not be high or the pallets may not be as tightly arranged but still, it provides a secure and safe area for the owner. Looking beyond this fence you can see that there’s a garden with lovely blooms and plants.

If you are planning to cordon off a vegetable patch or vegetable garden you might consider keeping the pallets nice and neat and the walls should be deeper to prevent animals such as rodents and rabbits from entering. Overall, this is a great design to use as inspiration and no doubt is a very easy project to do as well.

39) Pallet Fence Plan

This pallet fence looks like it was built to secure a large area of land. It is not too tall but it runs throughout the perimeter of the land. You can tell that whoever built this land has made it strong and durable. The pallets were dismantled from their frames and then cut to create a pointed tip.

This fence was painted with a dark stain and this to waterproof the pallets and to protect it from the harsh sun. The pallet fence can be seen from afar and this is because of its lovely golden color. This is a huge project that could take time to build but nonetheless, it has a very easy design.  


40) Cute Decorative Garden Fence from Florida

Pallet fences have many uses. Aside from securing an area, providing privacy and keeping farm animals safe, it may also serve as a decorative structure in your yard. Now, this may look like a garden fence but it is actually a decorative planter filled with lovely plants.

This is a small fence with a curved tip design. The fence was not stained but rather it was painted light green. You can paint this any color you wish or simply stain it a light or dark stain instead.  


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