70 Pallet Fence DIY Plans

41) DIY Pallet Garden

This is a heavily guarded flower garden with large pallet frames used as a fence. The frames were simply erected along the perimeter of the property to secure it and a wide gate was placed as an entry point. The look is rustic yet chic; and like the builder, you can also paint your pallet gate and fence according to what you want.

And although this is already a good enough fence, using very old pallets has many disadvantages. For one, these may not be that strong as new ones and can crack, bend or break under pressure. Old pallets may be infested with mold or pests and this can dramatically affect the fence’s strength. Using new pallets is definitely a better option when making this type of fence.

42) Colorful Pallet Fences

Why settle with just natural-colored pallets when you can use multi-colored ones? This is a project plan that will teach you how to build a very wide pallet fence and paint it with different colored paint. The fence is wide and may have been used to secure a large patch of land.

You can use this technique to secure your property or to make pens for farm animals. This project is easy, colorful and fun. You must include this in your pallet project list.

43) Pallet Fence DIY Plan

Do you grow vegetables in your garden or yard? Have you ever wanted to protect your plants from predators or animals that roam the area? Well, this fence can help ward off animals and pests plus will create an area where you can grow your crops in peace.

This pallet fence may not be that tall but it serves its purpose. It has a very easy, straightforward design that anyone can follow. You can build this easily no matter how large your vegetable patch or garden may be.

44) White Pallet Fence Design

This is a garden fence that is made from strong pallet wood. It looks like a perimeter fence that provides safety and privacy to the property owner. Near the fence is a small patch of land where decorative plants grow. The pallet slots were even used as a hanger to hold planters and pots.

This fence was painted classic pallet white but you can paint this any color you wish. You can also stain it with a light or dark stain depending on your preference.

45) Rustic Pallet Fence Design

Do you have a forested area nearby? Have you ever wanted to create a fence to secure your property from wild animals and intruders? Here is a rustic looking fence that you can build to defend your property.

This is made of pallet wood with different lengths, color, and texture. The pallets were possibly buried deep to make sure that the fence is strong and durable. You can bet that this large and rustic fence will be able to ward off intruders and wildlife easily.

46) Pallet Fence for a Large Property

This is a very large fence that’s made for a huge property like a farm or acreage. The fence is wide as it is tall because it is not just made from pallets but from an entire pallet frame. Each frame was installed one after another to create a “Great Wall” which can withstand high winds and rain.

To be able to erect such as heavy load, strong and efficient posts may have been used for each frame. And wherever the gate is, we are sure that it’s made from pallet frames too.

This is a massive project that requires a lot of work and a lot of time to complete despite its easy design. For this project, you also need to consider gathering a large number of pallet frames as well.  

47) Colorful Pallet Fence Design Plan

This is a very colorful fence made of large pallet frames. Each frame was painted a different shade and was erected to create this very large and very interesting wall. It is not certain what’s inside this wall but for sure it’s something as colorful and as fun as the fence!

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Now, this is quite a project to make and because of its enormous size, it could take a lot of man-hours to complete. Painting each pallet frame alone can take a lot of hours but no doubt everything is worth it. This project has an easy design but a time-consuming size. But the final result is worth it.

48) Large Pallet Fence Design DIY

Obviously, anyone who has made this fence has a lot of pallet frames to spare! Just look at how wide this fence stretches! So each of these sections is pallet frames and in between each section is a frame as well.

Because of the design of this fence, this is obviously strong and can withstand high winds and strong rain. This design can hold farm animals and can be used to as perimeter fencing as well. This project is no doubt very easy to make but the size and the number of pallets needed may be an  obstacle to getting it done quickly.

49) Pallet Fence for a Garden 2

This is a well-cared for garden. The plants found inside this fenced area grow well and are protected from pests and wildlife. The builder used a simple picket fence design but left the top part of the pallets plain. The design is very straightforward because of its size and shape but overall, this looks strong and can work perfectly for a vegetable garden or a small vegetable patch. 

50) The Picket Fence

The picket fence is the most common wood fence style. This plan will teach you how this type of fence is done especially how the pointed ends are made using power tools or ordinary hand tools. This fence may have pallets with gaps in between or pallets that have no gaps to completely secure an area.

Pallet fences can be short, medium size or tall. It can be made in sections or it can be constructed to run for meters and meters on end. Pallet fences are among the most beautiful. You can paint it any color rather than classic white or stain it dark or light depending on what you prefer.

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