70 Pallet Fence DIY Plans

51) Pallet Frame Fence Garden

Another pallet fence style is a garden style fence that lets you grow different plants on top of the pallet frame. As you can see, it’s just a matter of placing plastic bags inside these sections and filling this with soil.

Once this is filled with soil, you can now grow any kind of decorative plant or flowering plant from this section. Aside from using the top part of a pallet, you can also use the many sections in the body of the pallet frame as a handy planter. As soon as these plants grow, you will have a lovely vertical garden planter for a wall.

52) Flower-Dressed Pallet Fence

This pallet fence was meant to protect patches of flowering plants. A small gate lets you access the area to tend to your plants anytime. This is a good fence design to use if you want to hold off people from entering your property.

It may not be as tall or as strong as a concrete fence but it works well in telling people that this is a private area. This fence has a very easy design and without a doubt, you will be able to build one without spending a penny. You can use pallet wood, reclaimed wood or excess wood you have in your shed for as long as it’s strong and durable.

53) Very High Pallet Fence

This fence clearly tells people to back off! It is tall as it is wide. It is as tall a two-pallet frames and it is very wide, wide as this backyard. This fence may have been used to keep off people and animals from the property.

It may also be used to create a private area. This tall wall may also be used to keep something from getting away like a pet or a ball. People playing basketball, tennis or volleyball will appreciate this very tall wall. And if you were to make this fence, expect to use a large number of pallets just for the actual surface of the wall. The posts and gate also require more pallets a well.                          

54) Moveable Pallet Fence

This is a large pallet frame fence that can withstand strong wind and rain. What’s so special about it is that it is made of several pallet frame sections attached with wheels. Make this a moveable fence made of pallets that you can take and install anywhere you wish.

The sections were made of pallets with a very tight design. Nothing much can be seen from beyond this fence. Use this ingenious fence to cordon off a property, to provide privacy and to keep people away from plants, flowers, and trees. The plans for this fence are so easy you can actually complete it in just a few hours.

55) Bright and Lovely Pallet Fence

The most popular pallet color is the natural light brown color. Having this lovely color could mean two things: the builder did not paint the fence or it was given a very light stain. This pallet fence was made for a small garden station in a backyard.

As you can see, aside from potted plants, a working table, the potting table is in the area. This is a very simple project with a traditional design. You can improve this design by applying wood stain or painting it you’re favorite color.

56) Pallet Fence for a Deck

Now, this is a well-made pallet fence! This fence is tall as it is wide to provide s secure and private area in a backyard. The fence is tall and is not just made from pallet frames. The frames were dismantled before the pallets were installed.

The pallets were also assembled in sections which made the wall stronger as it is lovelier. You can tell that the builder took extra effort to build and protect this fence. The fence was stained with a deep brown stain which was able to highlight the lovely natural features of pallet wood.

And despite being an easy project with a basic fence design, the size and the height of this fence makes it a challenge to build.

57) DIY Pallet Fence Plans

This pallet fence makes use of full pallet frames. The frames were lined up to create a fence in this outdoor area. And the frames were not just installed to build a fence but rather to make a vertical garden from its many sections.

The middle and bottom part of this pallet frame was made into a convenient planter which can grow all kinds of decorative and flowering plants. This is a very easy project which won’t take you time to build therefore you must choose it as one of your woodworking project inspiration.

58) Pallet Fence for a Small Garden

Aside from securing your property, a fence also helps create a private area at the front or at the back of your home. This fence is made from pallet wood and was arranged to create a fence with very small openings, hardly enough to peek through.

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The fence looks well-built and a very dark stain was applied to protect the fence from rain or extreme heat. The fence was constructed in such a way that a small garden can still be seen from the bottom half of the fence. 

And although this is a lovely decorative style, it may not  be a good idea if you have a pet dog or  you want to secure your area from intruders and predator animals.

59) Pallet Fence for Poultry

Have you ever considered raising chickens for a living? If you have then one of the most important things to plan on is how to make a fence to house your chickens. The most common material used to build a poultry fence and a henhouse is pallet wood.

This design makes use of individual pallets, arranged together to form a large fence. Here, chickens can roam around or eat. One way to improve this design is to make the gaps between the pallets smaller to prevent predators like rats and other rodents from entering the fence.

This is a very easy project to build and won’t take too long to build for as long as you have all  your materials ready.

60) Very Easy Pallet Fence for a Garden

The reason why pallets are very popular in the building just about anything is that it’s so versatile. It can take any shape and can be bent at will. You can make all sorts of fence designs and use the pallet or the entire frame.

This design is a very straightforward design that makes use of entire pallet frames. The frames were simply lined up and attached to the posts to make them stronger and very resistant to wind and rain. This pallet fence was made for a garden, a vegetable patch.

The fence can be improved though by reducing the gaps between the pallets to prevent entry of predators that can wreak havoc in your garden. Finally, you can paint this simple garden fence the color you want to protect it from the harsh sun and rain as well.

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