75 Pallet Headboard DIY Plans

31) White Headboard Pallet Design

What makes an all-white design very inviting? Something in all-white rooms makes it relaxing and very classy which is why this headboard was painted plain, stark white. But as you can see, the white color has subtle zigzag patterns on them which have made it more interesting. This design looks modern and chic as well.

And this headboard is so easy to make. This plan will show you how to install and how to paint the pallets to create that unique zigzag look. You won’t have to worry even if you have never worked with wood before because this project can be done even if you are a novice woodworker.

32) Classy Pallet Wood Headboard

This very classy, very chic headboard was made by using only a few pallet frames. These frames were simply stained a dark, warm stain to contrast the light-colored walls.

Aside from the dark-colored pallet headboard, the warm lights from each side table have made this room even more inviting. This is actually a very easy project and requires no cutting or shaping. All you need to do is to stain your pallets and you are done.

33) Large Pallet Wood DIY Headboard Design

This is a small room but the large headboard has made it huge. The oversized headboard at the back is made from lovely pallet wood. This was given a light stain to contrast the bright room as well as the very large window. The bed is not too large but the headboard made it so luxurious.

This is a design that’s so easy and will be an upgrade for any small room. The pallet headboard has made the room better and will surely make yours as you include this in your woodworking to do list.

34) Olive Green Pallet Wood Headboard DIY Design

This is a headboard with a curved design which is possible for a girl’s room because of its lively olive green color. This design shows the amazing versatility of pallet wood since it can be cut into different shapes and patterns.

Any woodworker would know that this design pattern is not possible without the use of a jigsaw. This kind of saw makes cutting any kind of material, with absolute precision possible.

With a jigsaw, you can work on any kind of project that requires shaping without any worries and you can even work vertically. Do you have a certain design or shape in mind? Yes, you can shape your pallet wood easily with a jigsaw.

35) Rustic Pallet Wood Headboard

This is a rustic style headboard design that makes use of a number of pallets to complete. What’s awesome about this design is that it was made to look very old, like it has been there for a long time even if it was just constructed weeks ago. This, of course, can be achieved with the use of varnish or staining your wood.

Pallet wood is the kind of wood that loves to be manipulated. It stains well and makes the perfect canvass for different designs. But to stain pallet wood takes a lot of time which is why you need to provide ample time for your wood to dry out before you can use it or install it.

To achieve this lovely, dark stain, you need to apply at least two coats. The first coat should be dry before the final one is applied. This will protect the wood and enhance its natural, lovely appearance.

36) Well-Made Pallet Headboard

This headboard is tall as it is wide. It provides a warm atmosphere to an otherwise lifeless room. This is large and needs a number of pallets to build. It has space on top to place plants and other decorations. The surface of this pallet headboard was stained with a slightly dark stain.

It was not too dark to make the room dark because of the size of the headboard. The stain was not too light either as not to highlight the lovely natural beauty of pallet wood.

Overall, this is a pretty easy design despite its size. You need a lot of pallets so make sure you get the best materials from the best supplier. Be certain that you use only strong and solid pallets and not cracked, wet or moldy ones since these will only ruin your project.


37) Classic Pallet Headboard Design

This is an ingenious pallet headboard design which is perfect for the cycling enthusiast. This lovely headboard has a warm and inviting appeal. It was painted with designs that the owner of the room can relate too. And you can use this as a room inspiration. Paint your headboard the design that you can relate as well.

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And the design would not be possible without the pallet frame. The headboard pallet frame is wide as it is tall. This gives the designer/builder a large canvas to use.

You can tell that the wood was slightly stained which is important if you want to preserve your project. Only a light stain is needed so that the natural beauty of pallet wood may be preserved.

38) Distressed Pallet Wood Plan

This is an irregularly designed pallet wood headboard with pallet wood of different lengths. The pallets used here were cut strategically to create this very irregular design.

The pallets were stained to bring out the natural beauty of wood.  This headboard design is quite tall and almost reaches the top of the ceiling. And although this is already a very classy design, you can improve this in several ways.

You can improve lighting by adding gooseneck lamps to highlight the height and design of the pallets. You can also stain this darker if you have light walls or paint this according to the color you want. This design is actually very simple and with complete materials, you will be able to finish this in a day or less.

39) Industrial Designed Headboard

This headboard design was made for an industrial designed room; this explains the metal accents found on the bed and side tables. This is a very basic design which is made of several pallets arranged in a vertical manner. The pallets create a warm atmosphere in an otherwise cold industrial-designed bedroom.

And this is a very easy project to do and in fact, you can construct this headboard in just a few minutes if you have all the needed materials handy. You can also do this even if you are new to woodworking because it has a design that’s so easy to make.

40) Love Laugh Live Pallet Wood Headboard

You may have known by now that you can use a pallet wood frame as canvass by painting directly on wood. This is good if you want to convey special messages in your projects. Here the words LOVE LAUGH LIVE were written on the pallet surface.

The headboard is as wide as the bed but is tall enough to provide some writing space. The top of this pallet headboard has a surface where you can place different items like picture frames, knickknacks, and other decorations. Lights were installed at the back and at the top to highlight the different items on display.

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