75 Pallet Headboard DIY Plans

41) Pallet Wood For Child’s Bedroom

Does your child love trains? If he does then this is the kind of headboard for his room. This is a small child’s room but it has a very soft bed and a huge headboard with a colorful design. The headboard has storage areas where model trains were displayed which are something that’s really awesome for a train enthusiast.

The pallets used here were given a slight stain to show the lovely appearance of pallet wood. The pallets were also carefully selected to create a stunning wall accent.

And despite the size of this project, you can build this one from scratch using this plan. This is an excellent project for a kid’s room and you can use this headboard to store other keepsake or collectible as well.


42) The Two Pallet Headboard Design

With just two pallet frames, you can make a simple project just like this one. This headboard does not even need to be cut, shaped or anything. All it needed was a light coat of medium stain for that perfect rosy glow.

The frame even offered some space to store a few items. You can place some photographs, a lamp or candles. If this is for a kid’s room, you can place her toys, dolls, stuffed animals and books on this level space.

This project looks so easy; it can be done in just a few minutes. Just remember to pick pallet frames that are clean and strong so you can make durable furniture that will last for years to come.

43) Almost an Entire Wall Pallet Wood Headboard

This bedroom has a very tall ceiling and no doubt it is very hard to accessorize. It’s tough to choose furniture and is equally hard to pick a theme because you have to think about the room size.

This very tall headboard has dramatically added life to this very boring large room. Imagine this room without this headboard! This has made the room look relaxing, inviting and chic. The pallets used here were stained a very dark shade to create a striking contrast with the room color. Overall, this is an ingenious and luxurious design that you can build despite its size.

44) Double Bed Palled Headboard Inspiration

This dark pallet headboard was made from pallet wood with a dark shade. It has a very simple, easy to make a design that even someone new to woodworking would be able to follow. This headboard design is for a double bed. Therefore if you were to follow this design, you should build a wider design if you have a larger bed.

45) Festive Pallet Headboard Design

This is a festive design that is made of pallet wood. The board is high and is as wide as the bed, therefore, it frames the bed and complements the wall color and décor of the room. You can see that the headboard was decorated with a festive fiesta design. The banners and ribbons seem to shout “Welcome” to the resident of this room.

Every bedroom should have a welcoming atmosphere. No doubt that you can make this by creating a lovely wall décor like this festive headboard. This design is very easy to make and requires only a few materials to do so.

46) Unique Pallet Wood Headboard Design

This pallet headboard has a unique design. Compared to other headboards with a solid design, this has a slotted design which has made it larger and wider.

This headboard counters the other design and décor of the room. You can improve this design by making it smaller and by using the slots as storage. 

47) Palled Wood Headboard with Tree Branch Design

As mentioned earlier, pallet wood makes a perfect canvas. This design has a lovely tree branch silhouette design. The body of the headboard is made of two large pallet frames. The slots of these frames were covered to create a flat and usable space for any design.

As you can see this is a very easy design to make. You don’t need to spend so much time to do it because all you need to do is to install your frames. You can paint this using freehand or you may use stencils instead.  

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48) Stylish Pallet Headboard

This is a headboard made from dark-colored pallets. This has an irregular design which has been stained a very dark stain to highlight the lovely curves and irregular appearance of wood. The dark pallets contrast the light colored walls. This is very important if you have light walls, accessories and furniture color.

You can build this project in just a small amount of time because it has a very simple design. You can also paint this any color or stain it lighter if you have a room with darker colored walls and accents.  


49) Palled Headboard with Lamps

Are these wood pallets or natural stone tiles? It’s hard to see from this shot but as the title suggests, it is a pallet headboard. The pallets used in this design have unique markings on them which depict the natural appearance of natural stone.

The lamps found on each side of the headboard creates a lovely glow over the pallet wood and this accents the headboard as well.

50) Classic Pallet Wood Headboard Design

This is a close up photo of what a classic headboard design is. Look at the pallets used for this project. The lovely natural grooves, swirls, and indentations of the wood can be clearly seen from this angle.

You can also appreciate the traditional frame and mantle on top which can also hold more stuff. This headboard design can fit a double bed. You can make this larger and wider for a larger bed.

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