75 Pallet Headboard DIY Plans

51) Pallet Wood Design Headboard

What a way to improve your bedroom with this pallet wood headboard. This is a large headboard that occupies the entire width of the bed. It is large and can accommodate a double size bed.

The large pallets in this design were carefully chosen. You can tell that these are clean and have very minimal marks on them. The pallets were stained with a very light stain which was enough to bring out the natural beauty of pallet wood.

This kind of headboard is very easy to make and won’t take you too long to make it too. All you need are a lot of clean pallets and you can say hello to a new pallet wood headboard in no time.

52) Pallet Headboard for Single Bed

A single bed won’t be too lonely or too small when you have this cute pallet wood headboard. This headboard was made of a few pallets which were carefully assembled to create a seamless design.

This simple design has been seen in many headboard styles but the main difference in this design was that the builder did not stain or paint his work. He merely relied on the natural beauty of pallet wood to shine through and it worked!

You can build this in just a few minutes if you have all the materials. It is small for a single bed and you can make it larger and wider for a larger bed as well. You can even paint it any color or stain it as you wish.

53) The Classic Pallet Wood Headboard Design

This is another classic pallet wood design but this time the headboard was not just for design. It was made to hold some items as well. As you can see, it was able to hold a few frames, a crucifix and some décor from are wide ledges.

If you have the same style and would like to use your headboard as a decorative installation in your bedroom then you can make the ledge larger. The headboard here is only for a double bed. You can make this wider and larger for a larger bed.

54) Light Up Your Night Headboard Made from Pallet Wood

Starlight, star bright, as bright as this pallet headboard design. This was made from light-colored pallets which were arranged to be as high as half of the room walls.

The pallets were given a light stain which has made it lovelier and glowing. Because of the stain, you can see the natural beauty of wood including the dark circles, swirls, and dents. And of course, the light was crucial in highlighting the many dramatic imperfections of pallet wood.

And despite its large size and unique pallet natural formations, this is a very easy design. With the right tools and materials, you can actually build your own version of this bright and lively pallet headboard in no time.

55) Very Simple, Very Chic Pallet Headboard Style

This pallet design is very simple yet very chic. It was made for a single bed yet it has made this small bed larger than what it actually is. The headboard was made of pallet wood, clean, well-defined pallets which were carefully chosen by the builder. The pallets were given a dark stain which has transformed it from flawless white to dark and chic.

Staining pallet wood makes it more beautiful but at the same time protects it from water, pests, and molds. This should be done on all pallet furniture projects that you make.

56) Rustic Simple Pallet Wood Plan

Now, this is really a very rustic and easy pallet wood design that makes use of only a few pallets. The pallets were given a moderately dark shade stain which has made it look golden. The stain still highlighted the natural beauty of wood without making the wood to dark to use.

How do you know how much stain to use? If you are new to staining wood, you can try a lighter shade first. Apply a coat and wait till it dries to evaluate the color and intensity. If you think that this is not enough, you can add another coat. Again, wait till the stain dries to decide if you need a darker coat or you are okay with the intensity. 

57) So Simple Pallet Wood Headboard Design

This is a pallet wood headboard made for a very thick, very soft single bed. The design here is very simple and in fact, you can make this in just a few minutes if you have everything handy. 

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The wood here was stained ever so lightly to let the natural beauty of wood to shine through. This pallet headboard project may be the one you’ve been looking for if you are new to woodworking or making pallet furniture.

58) Pallet Wood Headboard for a Child’s Room

This is a headboard made for a child’s room. It is narrow and fits a single bed for a child. At first you might say that this is a simple design but actually, it isn’t. The pallets were arranged in a typical horizontal manner with a small space between the pallets.

Each corner has a small ledge where a child can place anything he wishes. In this design, his favorite toys were placed on the ledges and there was room on top for more décor. This design was made for a child’s room but obviously, this can also work with a room for grownups as well.


59) Very Rustic Pallet Wood Headboard Design

This headboard has a classic and rustic charm. It is made from gray colored pallets which were given a slight stain to just intensify the natural swirls and design in wood. The wood on top of the headboard is a real beauty. It has a rustic feel that seems like it was washed from a beach or something.

The stringed lights on top make a lovely glow on the rustic headboard when these are lit. This is an easy headboard design that you can actually make in just a few hours. It has a basic design that even someone new to woodworking can do.

60) Pallet Wood Headboard for Boy’s Room

This headboard has a classic design and as you can see it was made for a young boy’s room. This was made from pallets and the pieces were arranged vertically for a more uniform effect.

The pallets were painted following a striped pattern and a large B made of pallets is at the top of the frame. No doubt that this is a simple design and can be done in less than an hour.  

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