75 Pallet Headboard DIY Plans

61) Huge Headboard for Classy Room

This is a classy headboard design with is as large as the wall found at the back of the bed. The wall where the headboard was installed looks like a mirror wall and this creates the rather interesting effect.

The room looks very accommodating and very classy with the lovely chandelier piece in the middle of the room. No doubt that despite the size of this headboard, this is very easy to assemble.

62) To the Wall Pallet Wood Headboard

The headboard in this setting looks like it was made of natural stone but actually, these are pallet wood. Pallets come in varying shades and sizes which is why the builder was able to come up with this very lively and colorful project.

Each pallet was carefully stained in varying shades creating this effect. Only pallets with unusual marks and indentations where also used which helped make that textured design. As always, this tall pallet design has made the room larger and more inviting. Staining the wood pallets in this design can take time otherwise; this is an easy design to follow.

63) Pallet Wood Headboard Plans

The pallet wood headboard and footboard in this bed has a dark stain which warms the room up. The room has a light colored wall and the darkly stained board contrasts the wall color perfectly. This board is part of a bed frame that holds a large mattress.

It is huge and occupies most of the wall at the back. It could be quite a challenge to make this pallet headboard but its good inspiration for your next projects.

64) Love Pallet Headboard Design

The headboard was stained using a very dark stain and this was because the designer wanted to paint the word love on the pallet surface. This is indeed a unique design and you can build your own design as well.

To paint a perfect word or to create a perfect image or design, use stencils. You can use a computer to make one or use prepared stencils for letters and shapes available in school supplies stores and bookstores.


65) Cool Headboard Idea

The pallets used for this headboard have a dark, whitewashed design. The headboard in this design was installed to frame the bed from the two windows on each side. The bed is notably comfortable with large mismatched pillows.

The two lights on each side of the headboard highlight the board creating a lovely shadow even when windows are open during the mornings. This is a pretty easy design to follow and should be a part of your woodworking to do list especially if you have this kind of room design.


66) Dreamcatcher and Lights Pallet Wood Headboard Design

This headboard was made to be just like another pallet headboard project but the designer decided to make it look magical by using light effects. The large stringed lights in this photo create a chic glam look.

The bed has a pallet bed frame which was loaded with lights as well. The dreamcatcher at the middle of the headboard creates a whimsical effect.

This project is yours if you love chic dramatic effects. This is no doubt easy to make and won’t cost you anything to make as well.


67) Pallet Bed Frame and Headboard Design

This pallet bed frame and headboard design were made to please. You can tell that a lot of effort was placed to make this lovely design and at the same time a lot of pallet frames as well. This is as easy to make as stacking Legos. The frames were stacked to make the bed frame to hold the large mattress. Meanwhile, the pallet frames were assembled at the back to create an easy headboard.

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68) Bohemian and Chic Headboard

This is a headboard made for someone who obviously loves the Bohemian charm. It has a laidback design with a painted headboard with a flowery pattern. You can tell that this headboard was made for a girl’s room. You can actually follow this design for your own room because it is very easy to build. Stencil flowers and leaves are available if you don’t know how to paint freehand.


69) Chic and Classy Pallet Headboard

This is not just a headboard but a headboard full of class. It has a traditional design with a lovely flat pallet body with framed edges. This design oozes possibilities. First, you can paint this according to the color you want. You can also stain this if you wish to have a natural look.

A larger, wider ledge can be built on top to hold decorations, photographs or souvenirs. The sides of the board can hold lamps which will function as reading lamps and to highlight the natural beauty of the pallets. This is an easy design that will surely inspire you for your next woodworking project. 


70) Decorating on a Budget Pallet Wood Headboard

This is a rather interesting design for a headboard right? The boards were initially cleaned and stained before these were assembled to make a headboard. A light to moderate stain was applied to protect the wood and to highlight its natural features.

After the stain was completely dry, the bird silhouettes were added. These may have been hand painted but you can make yours out of stencils. This should serve as an inspiration for your next project with a painted design like this one. 


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