75 Pallet Headboard DIY Plans

71) Pallet Headboard Design

This is a pallet headboard made for a master’s bedroom. It is huge and occupies the entire wall at the back. The pallets chosen for this design had that aged look. These were assembled carefully and a painted sign at the top makes it a fun and romantic accent in this room. This design may look large and intimidating but it is actually very easy to build. You don’t need to be an expert at all to have this lovely DIY pallet headboard in your own bedroom.


72) Peace Pallet Headboard Design

This headboard looks unique because of its irregular shape but it looks very lovely as well. It was given a dark stain treatment which was a good idea since the PEACE word was written in white.

You can also use this design to make your own irregular pallet bead headboard and you can write anything on it as well. As always you can use stencils or freehand to write your own striking or dramatic words.


73) Pallet Headboard Design 2

Now, this is a headboard that looks so enchanting, it has a lovely decorative fabric that was made to cover the headboard pallets. The pallets were arranged neatly to let the fabric cling to it like skin.

You can improve this design by placing thin foam between the fabric and the pallets for a luxurious design. And to improve this headboard, you can make it larger, wider especially if you are making one for a larger bed.


74) Headboard Pallet Design

Would you like a bed that looks like a sultan’s cot? This is a classy design with a towering frame. The pallets used for this design were vertically arranged to create this interesting effect.

The pallets were slightly stained to bring out the natural lovely appearance of pallet wood. This may be too much or too you but nonetheless, it is an easy design to follow especially with the plans for this design available here.


75) Beach Cottage Pallet Headboard

Lovely little lights were used to accent this otherwise very simple pallet headboard design. The headboard here has a very basic, traditional design while a sign was added on top. This is a very simple one even for anyone who’s new to woodworking.

Take this as an inspiration for your next project. It can be used for a single or double bed or make the frame larger and wider for a queen or king sized bed.

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There’s no doubt about it. You can do anything with pallet wood. Pallet wood can be used to make furniture and as building material to decorate your home. Pallet wood is very popular in building headboards because this material is strong and versatile.

It can be cut individually to make various headboards with varying sizes and styles or it can be used in frame form (without dismantling the pallets) as well. Pallet wood is especially lovely; staining it will bring out its natural charm.

Pallet wood is also very cheap and in fact, you can get these for free in most stores that use it. All-in-all, pallet headboards are lovely and strong. There may be other materials to use but its great features and characteristics have made it a champion above all.

Have fun making your own pallet wood headboard and may you find the one pallet project from our list.

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