75 Pallet Table DIY Ideas

41) DIY Plumbing Pipe Pallet Table

This is a modern plumbing and pallet table which looks absolutely stunning. This pallet table has a simple and straightforward design but what’s amazing about it is that it uses metal pipes for legs. This basically enhances the strength and durability of this table makes it ideal for a family of six or simply as a working table or a crafts table.

Would you believe that this table nearly costs nothing? The builder even painted this a lovely all-black color which is very unique indeed.

Aside from staining pallets to protect it, paint does the same. Choose waterproof or weatherproof paint to protect the surface from scratches, messes, and stains. Staining and painting the top part of the dining table should be a must no matter how big or how small the table may be.

42) X Leg Dining Table Plans

A table is only as good as its legs and this dining table is a classic example of what this means. The table in this project has been constructed with a unique X-leg design. This is basically stronger than regular leg designs and can prevent unnecessary movement as well.

This table is huge and it will be used as a dining table. And because of this, it will surely be taking a lot of beating from people who will be using it as well. This table leg is a good design to follow for your next woodworking table project. 

43) DIY Pallet Table Design

This breakfast nook will surely be a sight to behold come morning time. The breakfast table and the benches are all made of pallet wood. The top of the table, as well as the top of the benches, have a very smooth and very lovely texture.

This was stained a very deep stain which can protect the top from water damage, food debris and also from scratches and messes. This dark stain also enhances the appearance of pallet wood and has made it lovelier, truly a great place to eat and have fun with the family.

The table and benches have a very simple design, a design that you can easily follow even if you are new to building this kind of table design.


44) DIY Pallet Rustic Modern Dining Table

Now this table is just awesome with its rustic yet modern feel. The rustic elements are in the table surface and the selection of the pallet color for the table top. The modern feel can be seen in the table legs and the overall size, shape, and thickness of the table top.

The rustic feel extends to the décor on top of the table. As you can see, an opulent decoration was set in the middle of the table but still, there is room for people to dine and wine as well. This huge dining table can sit about six to eight people. No doubt that despite its size and design, it still has basic elements that make it an easy project to build.

45) Farmhouse Table Plan

What a very large and inspiring table design fit for a huge family. This table is a farmhouse table that makes use of a number of dark-colored pallets for the top. The table legs were made of strong lumber as well as the wide support beam at the bottom.

The table looks lovely as it is strong. This can accommodate about eight people at a time.  And of course, who could ignore that dark stain? The top was stained twice (or more) to preserve the texture and appearance of wood.

This also acts as a waterproof barrier on wood. Just like the previous large dining table, this one may look intimidating but no doubt easy to make. It can be a good part of your woodworking to do list.


46) Modern Farm Table

This is another farm table that comes with two large benches. This project makes use of light-colored pallets which were dismantled from the frame and used individually. The table in this setting is long and large with a country yet modern feel.

The top is smooth and very glossy all thanks to the moderately dark wood stain applied. The benches here have received the same treatment and these will surely be able to resist stains and messes easily. To improve this design, you can make the table larger if you have more family members. This can seat at least 8 people at a time.


47) Fancy Farmhouse Tables

From this angle, you can see that this is not merely a simple farmhouse table. It has a flat and smooth surface where you and your family can eat and host parties or where you can work and do crafts. But the most important feature has got to be its huge strong legs.

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The legs have a cross design with truss beams found at the bottom of the table top to improve the strength of the table. This is a large table with semi-complicated legs but no doubt doable even for someone new to woodworking.


48) Beginner Farm Table

This looks like a good table for a large family, a campsite or for a school cafeteria because it’s long and large. The table and the benches are made from pallet wood. These were painted stark white to preserve the beauty of wood and to protect the furniture from water and food debris.

This dining table can seat about 8 to 10 people all thanks to its generous size. You can follow this design to make a larger or a smaller table as you wish. This is also a very simple design that you can build easily.


49) 4 x 4 Truss Beam

This large table is a great dining table or worktable because it is not just lovely but it is also strong. It has a smooth and balanced top with a good design. The top has been slightly stained with a light shade. This will not just make the surface shine but will also provide waterproofing protection for this lovely table.

The bottom half of the table is where the strength of this table lies. It has very strong legs and a 4 x 4 truss beam in the middle to improve stability. You can tell that this table was made for strength with this awesome design.


50) Square Pedestal Table

This is a small but versatile table that has a lot of potentials. It has a large square top with a pedestal design. The legs are very strong and durable making this table very durable as well. The top is smooth and very glossy thanks to the dark stain applied on its surface.

This table may be used as a small dining table, a breakfast nook, a mini computer table or dining table. This is a very easy project and by following the plans we have here,  you will be able to create your very own pedestal table. 


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