75 Pallet Table DIY Ideas

61) Rustic Pallet Table

This is a rustic pallet table that has been made to accommodate four to six people at a time. This table has a wide and smooth surface which makes it perfect as a dining room table or woodworking table. A slight stain shields the top of this table from water and scratches. The legs are large as they are strong and will make excellent support for the large table.

This project is very easy to make and no doubt this won’t cost you a lot of money to make. The pallets were all acquired for free.  You can also use reclaimed wood or scrap wood to save money on materials. But don’t forget to inspect your pallets well and use only strong and durable pallet materials for any project.


62) Rustic Style Pallet Table

This is a pallet door with a very simple and straightforward design. As you can see from this table is versatile and is loaded with plenty of possibilities. It is long and wide so it’s perfect as a dining table. The rustic design can be a good idea for a country or a chic style abode.

This has strong legs, therefore, it can work as a woodworker’s table or a workshop table. The strong legs can hold power tools like a miter saw or a table saw easily.

Still, this table is very lovely; the dark stain has enhanced the natural beauty of pallet wood. You can use this table design as inspiration for your next pallet table projects.


63) Pallet Table Design DIY

Aside from using an entire pallet frame to make a table, you can dismantle the pallets and use these. This project has cleverly used the pallets in making a lovely geometric design. The top looks awesome but at this stage, it was not yet treated using varnish or color but nonetheless you can apply varnish or any color you wish.

Applying a stain depends on your preference. Staining wood usually takes two coats. This is enough to protect the wood and keeps it lovely looking for years to come.


64) Dining Table Pallet Design

This pallet table is not just large but works well as a dining table for a small family. The table is large and it can accommodate up to 8 people at a time. The top is made from pallets and was painted a very dark stain.

This table has a straightforward design, no frills and accents and these have made this table a good utility table, working table or a crafts table. This is a project that’s easy to make and uses only a few pieces of pallets.

It would not cost you so much money too and in fact, if you can get your pallets for free,  you won’t have to spend at all to make this pallet table.


65) Reclaimed White Washed Pallet Table

This pallet table has a very straightforward and modern design. The top is smooth as it is very accommodating. It is large and wide so it’s a good size for a dining table. The large legs are made from pallet sections adding to its unique and modern design.

This table is an achievement to build because of its size. But despite this, you can actually build this project in just a matter of hours as long as you have all the materials ready.


66) Very Large Pallet Table

This is one of the largest pallet tables found in this list and no doubt that it is very lovely. With this size, everyone will have a room at the table. The pallets on the top of the table were all selected for their color.

The pallets are very light and no wonder, it is for a room with a darker shade wall. The table legs are very strong with its solid wood construction. You can use this for other purposes as well rather than for a dining table. You can use this as a working table, crafts table or a woodworking table because of it durable and strong.

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67) Lovely Pallet Wood Table

Now, this is a pallet wood dining set with a square-shaped table and four pallet dining chairs. Everything looks perfect in this setting. The table top may be square but it offers enough space for tableware and food.

The chairs have a very tall backrest but nonetheless, have made a very comfortable way to enjoy a meal. You can improve this design by making it larger for a large family or if you want to invite friends for a special event or party.  

68) Very Large Pallet Dining Table

Now, this is a very large pallet dining table with a rectangular shape. It was designed to fit a family of ten, each member seated in a comfortable seat with space at the table. The large pallet table has a huge and wide top which has been stained a very dark color.

The table also features strong table legs which are a sign of strength and durability. The chairs, on the other hand, were made with large backs and comfortable seats. And this dining table set may look difficult or complicated but no doubt doable for someone new to woodworking.


69) American Flag Coffee Table

A while ago, the Union Jack was featured on a coffee table top but this time the American flag is waved. But compared to the Union Jack flag this coffee table has stained the stars and stripes on the pallet top instead of painting it on.

The effect looks magnificent and no doubt this project is very easy to make. You can build this because it is very easy to make and requires only a small number of pallets.


70) Very Large Pallet Dinner Table

This pallet table is large which can accommodate more than six people for dinner. The design is very simple and can be accomplished in less than a day if you have complete materials. The top is glossy and smooth which is all thanks to a light to moderate stain.

And aside from a dining table, this design can be used to make a project table, crafts station, woodworking table or a computer desk.  This can also be used as a table in camp or in a dormitory hall for its size.


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