75 Pallet Table DIY Ideas

71) Circular Pallet Table Made from Wire Spool

This wire spool is the table leg and support for a circular pallet table. This is a unique design for a table which can accommodate only small items. This can be used as a patio table, side table, nightstand or an end table.

The most important part of this project is the wire spool and is usually discarded by companies and shops that use them, just like pallet wood and frames. This should be cleaned, inspected for cracks, holes, and mold and checked for any weaknesses.

Ensuring that your wire spool and your pallets are safe makes a very safe and durable table. So don’t overlook materials inspection as you collect your pallet frames. 


72) Pallet Table DIY Design

This is a large but narrow pallet table made as a coffee table. The pallets used here were dismantled from their frames and this was assembled to create a table with a top and bottom section. The top layer was stained a very dark stain which keeps the surface clean, safe and very lovely.

All these qualities are very important for any coffee table and dining table. This project is easy and doable for anyone who is new to pallet project making.


73) Pallet Desk Craft Station

If there’s a kitchen table, dining table, woodworking table and a study table then what do you call a table used for crafts? This is a pallet desk or a craft station meant to provide space for your portable sewing machine and sewing tools.

The table is huge and aside from a portable machine, you have plenty of room to make patterns, cut materials and to style your creations. This table is made from only two pallet frames with tall pallet legs. This is an easy project that won’t require much time and effort to make. Include this in your woodworking to do list.


74) DIY Outdoor Pallet Table

This is a lovely outdoor pallet table that was made from large pallets. The table top, as well as the table legs, were painted black which gave it a modern feel. This table uses a truss beam to improve its strength and balance.

This lovely and durable table can seat about six to eight people at a time. You can accommodate guests, family, and friends here for any outdoor patio event. This has a basic design which is very easy to follow so add this to your list of soon-to-make pallet projects.


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75) Double Trestle Pallet Table

This double trestle pallet table is one of the strongest there is. It is very large and huge with large lumber used as legs. You can bet that this table is stable because of its very strong and well-designed legs. The top looks well-stained and this because of the slight moderately-dark stain applied on the surface.

Because of this design, this table can be used in more ways than one. It can be used as a dark dinner table, a working table or a crafts table. This can also be used to work on woodworking projects. And despite its size and design, this is a table that may be constructed even if this is your first time to work with pallets. 



Pallet wood is a versatile material that can be cut and assembled into any kind and size of the table. Pallets are very lovely and its beauty and imperfections shine through when you stain or varnish your table top. Pallets are very strong as they are very affordable.

You don’t even need to spend anything on a project because you can simply collect pallet wood for free. And because of all these good qualities, pallet wood has become the most popular woodworking material for almost all projects.

We hope you have found the pallet table project that’s right for you from our extensive list.

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