18 Woodworking Projects Your Handy Kids Can Do

Looking for good ways to spend quality time with your kids? You have reached the right place! This list highlights amazing resources of 18 woodworking projects your handy kids can do. I found it useful because I finally found a way to disengage them from their gadgets and other devices. With the options listed here, you can find the best project you can do together with your beloved little ones.

1) The Nuts and Bolts of Learning With Tools

This project deals with nuts and bolts. Of course, it never leaves learning behind, as your kids are expected to explore and discover several benefits, including hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and several others. It is easy to set-up and can lead to several exploration hours with your kids.

2) Woodworking with Kids (Picklebums)

This woodworking project source is presented by Picklebums. It is an amazing gateway where you can find good items that need to be included in the woodworking kit of your child. There are suggestions on projects too!

3) Spider Web Woodworking Craft (Frugal Fun for Boys)

This resource for woodworking projects will allow you to enjoy creating a spider web out of a geoboard, using woods and nails. This will not just help your kids value the art of woodworking, but it will also help them develop teamwork too!

4) Building Bird Feeders with Real Tools (Fireflies and Mud Pies at Inner Child Fun)

The idea behind this woodworking project is to create bird feeders using real tools. On top of allowing your children experience the process of doing so, it can also be a fun thing to do even with younger children because you can choose the colors to use.

5) Simple Wooden Tops (Kleas)

This is an ideal option if you are searching for a good project for beginners. What you can expect at the end is a fun toy that your little children will simply love working with.

6) Tinkering With Tools (Rain or Shine Mamma)

This project is simple and allows your children to tinker with actual tools. Your kids can enjoy exploring the various tools available in a wood block. It is an activity especially designed as an open-ended option for children.

7) Stick Puppets (The Crafty Crow)

If your children love the ‘Stick Man’ in their favorite book, they now have a chance to enjoy making their very own stick man character. Of course, you need to use nails and wood, so your guidance is very important in this activity.

8) DIY Wooden Texture Stamps (Mother Natured)

Children love stamps, that’s a given. Rather than buying one that is ready-to-use, why not allow them to create their stamp designs! This will allow you to work together, and use various materials to come up with textured wood art pieces.

9) Handmade Pinball Machine (Teacher Tom)

This project will allow you to use real materials and tools. With some marbles ready for you to use, you can allow your children to explore further and create a personally crafted pinball machine. This can prove to be an amazing combination of hands-on and tinkering experience for your kids.

10) Wood Constructions with Hot Glue (PickleBums)

With this woodworking project, you can use bits and scraps of wood. You need to guide them as you need to use a hot glue gun. Since this is open-ended in design, the output that you can create is limitless.

11) Working With Wood and Tools (Beautiful Sun Montessori)

With this woodworking project, your child can explore and learn more about real tools as well as blocks of wood and use them for various hands-on woodworking skills.

12) DIY Wooden Birdhouse (Skip to My Lou)

This is an amazing woodworking project for your kids, and a great starter project too! Children can easily work with your parents to create a house for their beloved feathered pets.

13) Build Ladder (How to Run a Home Daycare)

This is an amazing option for a younger kid to make. Aside from allowing your child to learn more about how to build an actual ladder, you can also introduce some safety talks on how to use them.

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14) Gnome Catapult (Kleas)

Gnomes! Who doesn’t love them! With this project, you can allow your kids to create their very own, personalized gnomes, putting them together in a very easy-to-make catapult to launch them.

15) Ruler Basket Folder Holder (Kara’s Creative)

This basket is perfect for use in the classroom of your child, or even in their own work desk at home. Teach your child the value of the organization by working with them in creating this wood project.

16) Easy Wood Sculptures for Kids (The Artful Parent)

You do not need to use a lot of materials with this woodworking project. These pieces of wood art are not only beautiful but will also teach your child the value of colors and their combination.

17) Candy Dispenser (Instructables)

Who does not love candies at home? Rather than getting them right from their wrapper, you can also work with your kids to make a candy dispenser for them. This is a fun project to work on, and also perfect on your kitchen counter.

18) Simple Boats (Plain and Joyful Living)

Aside from being a woodworking project, creating these simple boats will also allow you to teach your children how to sew. You can use some pieces of wood and fabric, turning them into great toys or decorations.

How do you find the list above? Without this list, I could have been lost trying to find my way to get started. I showed the list to my kids and let them choose what they wanted to do, and it worked!

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! You may even share this article if you liked it, and inspire other parents out there who also shares the same concern with you.