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In-Depth Review: Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7 Amp 3-Inch by 21-Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag


Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7 Amp 3-Inch by 21-Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag
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The Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7 Amp 3-Inch by 21-Inch Belt Sander is my choice when it comes to the best handheld sanding tool. I grew up knowing that Black & Decker stands for quality and I was not mistaken when it came to choosing the Dragster over belt sanders online. It is easy to use and ideal for people who love to DIY and with an interest in woodworking as a hobby.

After trying out the DS321 Dragster and finding out it was the belt sander I have always wanted for my projects, I decided to share my experience. I would like to guide you in buying the best quality belt sander for your DIY home projects and woodworking hobbies. Remember, quality projects need quality tools and this might be the belt sander for you.

We Like

  • New front roller reaches tight corners
  • It has a retractable handle
  • It comes with all the accessories you need

We Don't Like

  • It’s too loud to use


I was recently introduced to woodworking by a friend of mine. He showed me his masterpiece, a backyard deck that he made entirely by himself. It was made of redwood from end to end and it was crafted and polished to perfection. He said that it took him almost six weekends to do it and he wouldn’t have done it without his trusty quality tools.

I knew that I wanted this deck for my backyard as well. And I knew that when it comes to woodworking tools, Black & Decker is a standout.

My friend agreed and he showed me his Black & Decker Dragster and said that it never let him down. I ordered one for myself and the rest as they say is history! My cedar deck looks as smooth as a baby’s bottom and I couldn’t have done it without this belt sander. I can’t wait to start my next project: a picket fence for my front yard.

Who Is It For?

The Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7 Amp 3-Inch by 21-Inch Belt Sander is for people new to woodworking or doing DIY projects at home. It is easy to use and won’t be too complicated to set up too.

Before I used the Dragster, I used huge power sanders for home repairs. These were heavy, noisy and definitely not for me. These were also very complicated to use especially with someone who had no previous experience with woodworking. This belt sander was easy to use, just place the sand belt, lock it and go.

This Black & Decker belt sander is also for professional and experienced woodworkers, hobbyists and contractors. Because it’s easy to use and set up, contractors will be able to save time and finish projects on time as well.

Buyer's Guide

What benefits does this belt sander have?

  • New front roller feature

This is a new feature available only with the DS321 Dragster. The front rollers let you reach hard to reach areas such as tight corners with utmost ease. Most sanders won’t be able to do this leaving you with manual sanding as the only option to finish your project.

  • Retractable handle in three positions

No two people are alike as no two woodworkers are alike too. A three-position handle is perfect for getting the best control for sanding. You won’t be feeling awkward or uncomfortable at all when you use the Dragster for your work.

  • Dust collector access

The problem with traditional sanders is wood chips and dust collect on the area you work on and this could be dangerous when handling power tools. With the dust collector bag, you will keep sand and dust away to improve overall visibility.

Things to consider when buying a belt sander

A belt sander is an indispensable tool when working with any woodworking project. Rough and uneven surfaces become smooth, easy and clean when you use a quality belt sander for your projects. Here are a few pointers to find that quality and efficient belt sander:

  • Purpose of a belt sander

Why do you need a belt sander? Are you making a project at home or are you a professional contractor? For commercial use, a commercial, heavy-duty sander may be the best choice and for home projects or woodworking jobs at home, the Black & Decker DS321 Dragster should do the trick.

Consider using a lighter sander if you plan to work on large projects so you won’t get easily tired just by picking one up! A belt sander is the ideal sander for projects with large smooth areas while other types of sanders like the air belt sander, would work great with irregular surfaces.

  • Functionality of the sander

These days, belt sanders are equipped with excellent features to make sanding more bearable. Choose a sander with a good handle for an easy grip and good control. You wouldn’t want your sander to fly off especially when you are doing some finishing touches.

Choose a sander with durable parts and one made from quality materials. A plastic body may not be the ideal sander since plastic could easily wear and tear. A good sander lock to keep sandpaper belts on the sander is one of the best points to remember.

Finally, choose a sander that will work with tight corners and hard to reach edges. Most sanders won’t be able to reach corners and edges unlike this Black & Decker belt sander the only sander with front rollers to easily get any tight job done.

  • Overall durability

Your belt sander should be durable and should get the job done. It should be long-lasting and will be there for your next projects to come. A durable sander is made from quality materials; pay attention to the quality of the handle, the grip, the lock that keeps the sand belt in place and the electrical cord and switch.

Take note of product warranties too. These should cover you for at least a year or two especially when you use a belt sander for almost all woodworking projects or jobs you do.

  • Accessories

The ideal belt sander must come with standard accessories. The most common accessories are sanding belts in varying grits, dust bags and instruction manuals. You don’t need to pay more to get standard accessories so you save money and time in the long run.

Product Details

Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7 Amp 3-Inch by 21-Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag


The Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7 Amp 3-Inch by 21-Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag is a belt sander with a front roller feature that lets users reach tight corners with ease and thus eliminating flush sanding. This is a 6.0 Amp sander that is perfect for home improvement projects and woodworking jobs. It is compact and lightweight with a retractable, three-position handle for the best control no matter what the job may be. The unit comes with a dust collector for improved working area visibility. Changing sand paper belts is easy with the simple belt release lever and with the adjustment knob; papers with varying grits may be used.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Shipping Weight: 7.6 pounds
  • Color: Sand
  • Power Source: corded-electric hand tool
  • Warranty: 2 years

Features & Benefits

  • Made of quality materials

This belt sander has a quality hard plastic and metal body which will never wear or tear despite being used on a regular basis. It looks durable and will be able to take on any kind of project too. It is surely the ideal belt sander for your money.

  • Efficient front roller feature

The front roller feature allows you to reach very hard and tight spaces like corners and ends. It lets you seamlessly make projects and make finishing touches for any wooden project at home or as your hobby. The front roller feature is a unique feature that is not available in other belt sander tools.

  • Easy to grip handle for maximum control

Belt sanders could be too intimidating especially for first-time woodworkers and having the perfect grip is close to impossible but not with the Black & Decker DS321 Dragster.

The handle is retractable and may be positioned in three different ways. You will be able to hold on to the belt sander and concentrate on your projects better instead of worrying about controlling the power tool.

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  • Dust collector for optimum visibility

Another unique feature of the DS321 Dragster is the cloth dust bag that will store all dust and bits of sanded wood away. You get to concentrate and finish your work on time, without any hassles at all, when you got the Dragster and the cloth dust bag.


  • This belt sander is light and easy to carry
  • It has a unique front roller feature
  • Has a dust cloth bag
  • Easy to set up and use
  • 2-year feature


  • This belt sander could be very noisy
  • It is corded

Reviews / Testimonials

Before I purchased the Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7 Amp 3-Inch by 21-Inch Belt Sander, I took time to check on how users and customers think about the product. The reviews were mostly positive with some customers taking to social media about their pleasure upon using the Dragster for their home projects and woodworking hobby.

A satisfied user said that he did not make a mistake trusting on Black & Decker. He knew he would be using a quality product at home simply because the Dragster was made by Black & Decker.

Still another user said that this belt sander was able to meet his needs and made it easier for him to work on his projects. It was easy to use considering he was a novice power tool user and he was pleased that it came with all the accessories he needed.

But not all social media posts were encouraging. A few said that the sander was not able to meet their expectations with some parts of the sander falling apart after only a few uses. Some had problems keeping the sand belt in place which was surely a horror when you need to get a job done fast.

All these social media posts were considered but I still had to prove that choosing Black & Decker was the best idea. And so I did make my purchase and now I am proud I took the risk to try the Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander.

Alternative Choices

Here are a few other belt sander brands and models that you may also check out:

1) WEN 6321 7 Amp Heavy Duty Belt Sander

The WEN 6321 is another heavy duty corded belt sander that can rotate at speeds of 13 feet per second. It is compact and weighs less than 7 pounds so you won’t feel tired when using it for long periods of time. This sander has a lock-in safety feature to let the tool sand continuously even without a constant grip over the trigger. This belt sander also has a two-year warranty and is serviceable anywhere with WEN’s nationwide service centers.

2) Genesis GBS321A 3-inch by 21-inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

The Genesis GBS321A is a variable speed sander which means you can change the speed using a built-in control. It also comes with a dust bag to remove bits of sand and dust away from the working area. It comes with an adjustable handle and flat sides for tight corners and edges. The Genesis has a lever for quick belt change. It is one of the lightest belt sanders at less than 8 pounds. It also comes with a 2-year warranty and is certified “frustration –free” by Amazon.

3) Hitachi SB8V2 9.0 Amp 3-inch by 21-inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

The Hitachi SB8V2 is a versatile variable speed belt sander; its speed may be adjusted from 820 to 1,475 ft. /min. it has a soft elastomer grip which allows the user to hold on to the tool more securely especially during precision sanding.

This belt sander comes with a tracking window so you can see what’s going on. It also comes with a dust collection bag to quickly remove dust particles for a better view of the area you are working on. Finally, the Hitachi comes with a wear-resistant V-belt that moves the sander; this ensures that the sander will work seamlessly all the time.

4) Makita 8803 8.8 Amp 3-inch by 21-inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

The Makita is a variable speed belt sander with a speed dial to allow users to match the speed of the application. It has an auto-tracking belt system that automatically tracks the belt without any fuss or adjustment. It can sand flush to wall with its unique design. It also comes with a cushioned grip for better control and with a dust bag to easily collect dust and particles. 

Alternative Choices Comparison Table

Alternative Choices

Our Rating


WEN 6321 7 Amp Heavy Duty Belt Sander

Genesis GBS321A 3-inch by 21-inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

Hitachi SB8V2 9.0 Amp 3-inch by 21-inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

Makita 8803 8.8 Amp 3-inch by 21-inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

The Final Cut

A woodworker is only as good as his tool which is why you must choose only quality tools like the Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7 Amp 3-Inch by 21-Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag. It has the features that any experienced, and even novice woodworker would need especially the front roller system which is absent in almost all belt sanders of the same type.

It is a good value for your money and is definitely a sound investment if you want to work on more projects in the future. Also considering that it comes with standard accessories and a 2-year warranty, this is surely the best choice among other brands.

Finally, this is one of the lightest models that can do the work of a large commercial-type sander. It won’t tire you out even if you use it for a long period of time and that is for me the most important feature to look for in a belt sander.

There might be other belt sanders available but the Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander fits the bill especially for someone who has a tight budget like me. If you are interested in purchasing this product, click here to get started.