In-Depth Review: Bosch PL2632K Planer with Carrying Case, 3 1/4″


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Finding for a good planer can be overwhelming with the amount of information that you will need to know. From among the many choices, Bosch PL2632K Planer with Carrying Case, 3 1/4" stood out for me because it is convenient to use, powerful motor, safe and produce good results.

I especially like the ambidextrous lock-off release of this planer and though I am only using this for home purposes, its high powered amp helps a lot in making my work easier sorting wood details and smoothing the wood on the project I have been working on. It has more of these features, hence making this review, aiming to give you point by point accounts on why this planer might be a good option for you as well.



Ease of Use


We Like

  • Smooth to use
  • Safety buttons easy to operate
  • High powered
  • With ambidextrous lock-off release
  • Safe to use

We Don't Like

  • Touching aluminum surface is soft
  • Heavy-weight


I have been meaning to buy a planer to use for a little project that I have been planning at home. I am basically a novice when it comes to woodworking but I have found this activity somewhat enjoyable, hence perked my interest. It is perhaps the fact that in a way I am building and fixing things that prompt me into it.

Ever since I found my way with this activity, I find that a good planer helps make work easier and more convenient. When I was introduced to this Bosch PL2632K Planer with Carrying Case, 3 1/4", I immediately wished I have known about this tool from the beginning. It could have been even a better experience for me.

Who Is It For?

This planer is ideal for those who are professionally doing woodwork, own shops or does it for a living and at the same time, can be a useful and easy tool to operate even for home use.

Its features are advanced and top notched to be ideal to use for a professional settings. It is high in power, dual blades, and high speed is just among of its top features that make it one of the top portable planers.

This is also convenient for DIY projects, with the added features that make it smooth to use but create outstanding outputs, hence perfect for you at home. Its features are more than good enough to use to any kind of material and work.

Buyer's Guide

Features of a Good Planer

Planers are normally used for smooth finishing to any wood work, adjusting and cutting the right thickness and making details and shaping wood.

Choosing for the right planer is definitely not an easy job, unless you would decide to randomly pick from any one available in the market, then that would be a huge load to take off from your shoulders yet may not guarantee that you have chosen the best option.

To make it easier for you, consider this checklist as the basis of a good planer:

  • Durable

In any power tools, durability is an important factor to look into, as aside from the fact that we would want it to stay for a long time despite the frequent use, the quality of work also depends on the quality of material and construction that it is made with. With a sturdy planer, you will be assured of an effective and efficient work and a productive output.

  • Power source and Performance

A good planer can be measure based on its power motor as this determines its performance. A high powered-amp planer may mean it is capable to be used in different kinds of material, even the heavy ones, and be assured of its accuracy, fast and smooth finish.

    Safe and convenient to use

Aside from providing a quality outputs, it is also important to check that a planer is easy and convenient to use and at the same time provides safety to its users. Most planers thoughtfully add these features to ensure that it will be user-friendly. This planer from Bosch for example has the first ever ambidextrous lock-off release to ensure safe starts when using it.

  • Versatile

It is good to have a planer that can be used to any kind of material- soft or hard and also capable of doing different kinds of woodwork.

Product Details


Aiming to provide a more elevated and advanced feature, Bosch PL2632K Planer with Carrying Case, 3 1/4" is designed with a lot of added safety features to assure its user ease and convenience of use without sacrificing quality, performance and productivity. It is built with a high powered motor and increased speed to provide versatility, power, accuracy and safe components to be a preferred choice of portable planer.

Product Information

  • Item Weight: 14.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 14.5 x 7.2 inches
  • Size: 3 ¼”
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Batteries Required: NO

Features & Benefits

  • Safe

Ensuring our safety should be the top priority and should also be considered in looking for a good planer. Especially since most of us will be using this as a handy material to add to our woodworking arsenal of tools at home, and knows only the basic safety precautions, having a tool that provides with that advanced feature is a nice added advantage. Bosch PL2632K Planer with Carrying Case, 3 1/4" has an ambidextrous lock-off release button, the first ever power tool to have one, that will help its users avoid accidental startups and a lock-on button for extended operation.

It is also designed with a spring-loaded stand elevates for the protection of the blade and tool resting spot.

  • Power and Performance

This planer is powered by a 6.5-amp rating and 16,500 RPM speed allowing it to have an increase performance as compare to others. This will guarantee the capability of this planer to provide you with a productive smooth finish even in hard woods.

One of its features is the dual-mount fence with a shield that protects and provides non-flexing guidance and prevents damage of the work piece face.

  • Versatile and Efficient

With its high-powered amp allows this portable planer the capability to be used on all kinds of materials. It comes with a versatile two-blade system that can be changed for use with even large high-speed stell blades. (optional accessories required)

It is efficient to use as it can provide you with a smooth and productive finish at a timely manner.

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  • Durable carrying cases
  • It has a 65-amp power rating and 16,500 RPM speed for a fast performance and smooth finish
  • It comes with an ambidextrous lock-off release button to avoid accidental starts and a lock-on for prolonged operation.
  • Designed with dust ports that are located on both sides of the tool for large shavings bags
  • Built with a dual-mount guide fence
  • It has a spring loaded stand elevates tool to protect the blade
  • It comes with a two-blade system that can be converted for use with large high-speed blades (optional accessories required)
  • Designed with a poly micro v-drive belt for durability


  • Fence is a little flimsy compared to other models
  • Heavy
  • Touching aluminum surface is too soft

Reviews / Testimonials

I consider the best real description of the strengths and weaknesses of a product can be found from the feedbacks posted by the customers who have actually tried and used it. This is as important for me as the other sources when doing my research because these are the actual experiences and first-hand information.

Most of this product’s customers are generally satisfied with the performance of this planer. Though there may be a need to improve on other minor areas, all in all, it has proven to be a good tool and aid when doing some woodwork.

They are particularly love the fact that it has high in power and cuts really smoothly. The grip is an outstanding feature and the adjustment is easy and accurate. It has improved most of their productivity which makes this power planer not only work effectively but also efficiently.

Alternative Choices

Being a wise buyer, it is for me essential to also check the market and explore other options to make sure that at the end I made the right decision. In reference to this, I found these five other alternative brands and models and brief details about each of their features and specifications.

1. Bosch PL1632 6.5 Amp Planer, 3-1/4"

Just like the other Bosch model, this model is also powered by the 6.5-amp rating and 16,500 RPM speed for fast stock removal and smoother finish. It is built with an industry-first planer lock off/on button to prevent accidents in starting up and provided for longer operation. It is designed with a dual-mount guide fence with protective shield for steady planning of edges as well.

Its other features include the optimally-angled handle for forward motion and soft grip and control and the spring loaded stand to elevate the tool to protect the blade and you work piece.

2. Makita KP0800K 3-1/4-Inch Planer Kit

Powered by 6.5 AMP motor, this planer weighs only 5.7 pounds and designed with a two-blade cutter head with 17,000 RPM for a fast and smooth performance. For your convenience of use, it is built with an easy blade setting for the blade installation and a precision machined aluminum for accuracy and durability.

It has a lock on button for a continuous operation and has an ergonomically- centered balance and a rubberized front and rear handle for added comfort. Its other feature includes the spring loaded stand that elevates the base to protect your work is an additional touch for your convenience.

3. WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer, 3-1/4-Inch

This high powered planer with a cutting width of 3 ¼ inches and a maximum cutting depth of 1/8 inch is perfect for fixing doors and fitting wood. It is lightweight but is designed for a powerful performance with a 6-amp motor that gives up to 34,000 cuts per minute to you work piece, making all sides and surface smooth and a total of 16 positive stops with a cutting depth between 0 to 1/8 inches.

The base plate shoe is designed with a v-shaped groove to help easily flatten sharp board corners. Aside from the power planer itself, the package includes a durst bag, kickstand and a parallel fence bracket.

4. Black & Decker 7698K 5.2 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer

This Black and Decker planer with 16,500 revolutions per minute and a 5.2-amp power is also a good planer for smoothing doors, window frames and other variety of uses. With its 10 positive stops, it helps make precise and accurate cuts.

Other features include the lock in button for your convenience of prolonged use, chamfering grove for decorative edging and includes four solid reversible HSS blades for a more versatile performance. Its package includes a dust bag, vacuum adapter, hex wrench and a kit box.

5. Makita KP0810 7.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer

Designed with a depth adjust knob feature and planes up to 3 ¼’ wide and 5/32 deep, this planer weighs at about 7.3 pounds, which is a little heavier as compared to other planers. It delivers a power, performance and ease of use with a 7.5-amp motor with a two-blade cutter head with 16,000 RPM that is sure to provide smooth finish at a lower time rate.

Like most Makita models, it is designed for ease with its ergonomically –centered balance and rubberized front and rear handles. This planer is well engineered and can be ideal for professional construction framing and fine woodworking.

Alternative Choices Comparison Table

Alternative Choices

Our Rating


Bosch PL1632 6.5 Amp

Makita KP0800K

WEN 6530 6-Amp

Black & Decker 7698K

Makita KP0810 7.5 Amp

The Final Cut

I am pretty aware that there could be several models and brands available in the market but then looking at each one and checking one by one is definitely not a walk in the park. However, it is essential to pick for the right planer for your project to also ensure you will not be spending a lot of time and effort for nothing.

Over all, Bosch PL2632K Planer with Carrying Case, 3 1/4" has given us different, new and advanced features that make it a possible best choice for you, as it is for me. Ultimately, it secures your safety and assures you of an outstanding performance, which is very important aspect in looking for a planer.

If you think this could be the one, you may click here.