In-Depth Review: Delta Power Tools 22-555 13 In Portable Thickness Planer


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This model has become popular to most of the consumers of planer in the market today. Its motor is one of the best features it has. Almost all of the reviews by the users commend this product for having such a strong motor. With this kind of motor, the planer is capable of working with both soft wood and hard wood without exerting too much effort.

When it comes to safety, Delta Power Tools 22-555 has ensured the job of keeping the dangerous knives away from your hands. It also has lock features that automatically does its part once you are finished working with your wood craft.

By having a reasonable price (check the price online) that is worth your money, the Delta Power Tools 22-555 was considered to be one of the top picks by the consumers. With its excellent stock capacity, and dependable power tools, users rely more on this product in able to finish their job faster with a more reliable and high-quality material. This model is highly recommended to anyone who needs it for their business or as a personal use.



Ease of Use


We Like

  • The motor is sufficiently powerful and stable
  • Ideal tool for straightening wood planks
  • Recommended when working with a large number of wood that needs straightening.
  • Its 15amp motor works with both smaller and bigger tasks
  • Excellent for both home use and as a professional tool.
  • It has a precise adjustment setting and attractive features.

We Don't Like

  • The bad rattling noise
  • Not as sturdy as other models
  • A little expensive than other products


In the woodworking industry, it is wise and more helpful to invest in a planer to help you produce the quality of craft that you can use as a furniture, or sell it for business. Before starting your own business or woodworking craft, you need to think of the possible things you might be needing at the middle of your creation. This review will guide you to learn more about the possible product that is widely purchased and used in the woodworking industry.

A planer is the most basic and helpful tool you must possess to get your job done easily. Many users who are inclined in woodworking or carpentry rely in these machines to achieve the quality of work they want for their pieces. This is the most convenient way to start your hobby or business of woodworking.

The planer is most suitable for those who love woodworking without wanting to hire someone who would work for him/her. The benefits of having planers at home is to work with as many crafts as you could without too much effort to put in. Additional feature is the portability of the material which is more comfortable to use for the users in case they want to work somewhere far from home. They would just carry the planer with them.

Who Is It For?

Many people underestimate the capabilities of these planers in their woodworking hobby. When in fact, it is a vital tool that can actually turn your hobby into a legit business. Craftsmen, especially furniture manufacturers should have this tool to perform wood smoothening and produce as much product for them to sell. This is a difficult job if you don’t rely with advanced machineries to help you with your project.

The planer can be considered an all-around purpose on woodworking. It has been proved to have a higher contribution in the industry of woodworking and in fact offers a higher amount of productivity for the users.

For those who want to purchase the Delta Tool 22-555, you should know by now that it has the ability to increase the quality and standards of your work. It is wise to invest with the kind of tool you are familiar with. So this review will provide you some of the best features this product includes and what it can do to the extent of your woodworking projects.

Buyer's Guide

Benefits of Using a Planer Tool

In the statements above, we have introduced the basic uses of the planer. Here, we are going to elaborate its contribution to the woodworking industry.

  • Convenience

Producing wood crafts is not as simple as you might think. To do so, one must possess at least one planer to comfortably create their own piece. When you decided to make more wood craft, it is now easier to handle larger amounts of production when you have a planer with you.

  • Safety

The conventional way of doing woodworking is kind of exhausting than the new ways today. You can look forward to its safety features that will make you consider buying instead of continuing on your conventional woodworking practices. This tool will surely help the users to practically make pieces without any damage.

What Makes a Good Wood Planer?

A good thickness planer comes a bit pricey than some of its similar models. When starting your staring out in a traditional woodworking, you might remember the useful materials needed in making your craft. That serves as guide in knowing what kind of wood planer is best for your craft. It depends on the type of materials you use, and what kind of furniture you are going to build.

When it comes to planer, the priority is to always invest in a good quality. Some of the high-end planers will pretty much give you the same results, but still differ in some aspects. Woodworking is one of the most conventional art forms created, and is still present up to now. You must start to think about its possible benefits such as making a good wood product out of ordinary wood where it came. Here are the other things you need to consider:

  • Power

One feature of a good thickness planer is its power. If you are in search of the heavier tool, it is one indication that it is of high power.

  • Portability

The concept of portability is a wise idea for those who want to purchase a thickness planer. Even though you want a high-power planer for your wood hobby, you must also consider the possible benefits of portability for a hassle-free woodworking hobby.

  • Function

Having to create a final product of wood that has consistent thickness means your thickness planer has done its job with efficiency. It has to fix a wood for whatever project you may have in order to consider it a good thickness planer.

  • Efficiency

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If it offers a top surfacing performance with a mass-producing quantity, then you might be sure by now that you have a thickness planer that is efficient and could handle large amounts of wood material and still deliver good results.

Product Details


The Delta Power Tools 22-555’s main forte is its motor power and smooth cut into the woods. Its 15amp motor works with both smaller and bigger tasks. This tool has a perfect steel for precision and endurance. This leads to the efficiency of work. It adjustable table is also included as one of its best features, which serves as a support during long hours of working out the craft. By owning at least one Delta Power Tools, you can already start your own small shop and can still comply with the demands of the users.

This thickness planer have impressed most of the people who purchased it because it offers good appearance and has all the features that make woodworking easier than it used to be. Also, with its reasonable price, it’s not a strange fact to get easily impressed with the product.

Product Information

  • Item Weight: 58 pounds
  • Dimensions: 25 x 17 x 21 inches
  • Power Source: corded electric
  • Warranty Description: 5 year limited warranty

Features & Benefits

  • It is capable of producing smooth and precise cuts of wood
  • It has a power motor that can effectively cut hard wood, despite its portability and easiness to handle.
  • The four column design of this thickness planer gives stability to the machine so that you get the most accurate cut you want for your wood craft.
  • The machine comes with a helpful and detailed instructions
  • It’s relatively easy to operate.It has dust ports to ensure the clean operation
  • It was well designed, and its angles provides easier motion and better, comfortable grip.


  • Great accuracy and control over your work
  • Powerful motor that can cut any types of wood
  • It has reversible dust port which helps you have a clean operation all throughout
  • Easily serviceable
  • It can help you save money and time when working on larger amounts of


  • Overtime usage can sometimes reveal snipes.
  • Rattling noise can be heard while doing the project
  • A little expensive compared to other products.

Reviews / Testimonials

There were lots of reviews about the Delta Power Tools 22-555 thickness planer. Most of them are positive and highly encouraging. One user said that this thickness planer has very good features. Even the most complained feature about the blade being worn off easily isn’t really a problem to those who have already used it. It is reasonably lightweight enough to be easily carried from one place to another.

For example, one customer left a comment about how the Delta Power Tools 22-555 is a perfect choice for a thickness planer especially if you have a large amount of woodworking projects. It was also mentioned there that this thickness planer has a very stable cutting depth adjustment which makes it more efficient for the users. The materials used in this planer is quite brilliant, and look how it turned out to be. Although, there were still other factors in this product that needs criticisms. Some would say that it needs constant, regular maintenance which is really hassle for the users. It also has minor vibration when using. But despite its criticisms, the product got more praises and recommendation.

It is excellent for professionals and those who are starting their own woodworking business. From the useful features of this product, it will guarantee you to deliver an outcome that will not disappoint.

Alternative Choices

1. DEWALT DW680K 7 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer

This thickness planer has a powerful 7 Amp motor that is able to handle most of your woodworking needs efficiently. It also has innovative features that ensures the quality of work consistently without much demands from the users. Almost all of the reviewers gave a positive rating on this product.

There is one customer who gave this product a low rating because according to him, the back shoe is not flat, which leads to unintentionally tapered planning. However, there were also other planer users who experienced the same thing in a different product, so maybe it can also be a cause of error in usage.

This planer seem to have a more approachable feature that can be resulted in a better wood product. It operates with 15,000RPM motor with calibrated depth adjustment knob for you to get your desired depth setting without any damage. Overall, if you are a woodworking enthusiast, and looking for a more heavy-duty planer that can handle a more complex job, then this a perfect fit for you.

2. Makita 1002BA 4-3/8 Inch Curved Base Planer

The Makita 1002BA has become popular in the market because of its weird design compared its other competitors. It has a large two-handed design which makes you have an accurate control over the machine. It also features a lock-on button that helps you keep the motor running while you work on other wood projects. This makes your work more efficient and less hassle.

With the type of blade the Makita has, it was usually used to cut logs and hard woods. For those who are manufacturers of furniture products, this tool is a must-have.

3. Bosch 2632K Planer with Carrying Case

From all of the thickness planer reviewed, this planer has a special spot for the woodworking enthusiast. It has 16,500 6.5 amp motor that is suitable to use on hard woods or softer kinds of wood. Its dual-mount guide fence helps ensure consistent high quality planning all throughout the work.

It easily impressed the users because of having a first ever ambidextrous lock-off release button that the other planers don’t have. This planer really did a great job in the woodworking industry which made it on top of the lists.

4. Hitachi P20ST 5.5 Amp 3-1/4 Inch Portable Hand Held Planer

This thickness planer has a very simple feature of 5.5 Amp motor that delivers a reliable cutting performance. Like other thickness planer, it has the same benefits to offer with its reasonable price. Its dust port is another additional feature which helps you have a cleaner work. The amp motor is providing a powerful performance despite the portability of the product. This is one good quality the users commend to this product.

Alternative Choices Comparison Table

Alternative Choices

Our Rating


Dewalt DW680K 7

Makita 1002BA

Bosch 2632K

Hitachi P20ST

The Final Cut

Most of the traditional woodworking activities are generally for business only. However, with the progress in the arts industry, many of the woodworking enthusiast has now become inclined with different forms of woodworking in this generation. It is not only for business nowadays. There are users now who wants to build their own furniture and design their craft in their home.

Overall, Delta Power Tools 22-555 thickness planer has the best features for those who are starting their own firm of just wanting to satisfy their urge to make an art. It high-quality materials will assure you to produce a woodworking craft that is worth every penny (check the best price online).