Comparison Review: DeWalt Circular Saw vs Bosch Circular Saw


A circular saw is one of the most versatile power saws in a woodworking station. It can create straight cuts, make small repeated cuts, tear different materials and can work even with larger and thicker materials. A circular saw will let you cut materials quickly and efficiently.

Over the years, circular saws have barely changed and the latest and the most popular brands are the DeWalt and the Bosch circular saws. These top-rated saws have the latest features, good designs and the truest blades to create the cleanest cuts. 

The most updated DeWalt circular saw is lightweight, easy to use and is equipped with an electric brake. It has a ball-bearing lower guard that stabilizes the saw and advanced lower guard geometry for precise bevel cuts. This circular saw is ideal for framers, contractors, concrete formers and for people doing exterior finishing jobs.

Meanwhile, the Bosch circular saw has a powerful 15-amp motor which has an anti-snag lower guard and a convenient left-blade design. It has an improved line of sight and is very durable. It fits most woodworking applications and could be an asset to your own woodworking projects as well.

DeWalt Circular Saw vs Bosch Circular Saw

Product Details

DeWalt Circular Saw

Bosch Circular Saw

Product Dimensions

16.2 x 10.1 x 10.5 inches

17 x 11.4 x 11.4 inches


8.8 pounds

13.35 pounds

Motor Power

1950 watts

120 volts


Blade wrench, carbide-tipped circular saw blade and bag

Bare Tool

Amazing Features

With electric brake

With anti-snag lower guard


9 out of 10

7 out of 10


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Buyer's Guide

How to pick the right product

When you are shopping for a power saw it’s wise to check the different tool features or parameters to be able to purchase the most suitable tool for your needs. Check these parameters wisely to make the best buying decision.

  • Do you need a circular saw or a portable saw?

You might be weighing the options of using a circular saw or a portable saw and to settle this, you must first think about the kind of material or the project that you will use the tool for. If you intend to use a saw to cut larger materials like logs, planks and thick wooden panels then a circular saw is your best choice. For smaller, delicate materials or for DIY, a portable cutting saw is a good cutting tool.

  • Choose a power tool with a powerful motor

A tool with a high motor rating is a good choice when you are buying a circular saw. The higher the motor rating, the more efficient it can cut through different materials. A motor with 1500 watt power will spin the blades faster and this result in high rotations per minute of the blades or RPM. Higher RPMs will improve overall tool performance.

  • ​The circular saw’s cutting capacity and cutting depth

You must choose a circular saw with a wide and versatile cutting capacity so that it can work on different materials for different applications. The maximum cutting depth should be 0” and this means this is how deep the saw can cut when it is not cutting a bevel. If you want to cut bevels and miters, your circular saw must have at least an adjustable base plate to make the most adjustments for every cut. This should be around 45 to 90 degrees.

  • ​Choose circular saws with complete accessories

Circular saws may be sold in kits or sets with accessories like blades, wrenches, guards and a bag or kit so you can take the saw to the worksite. But aside from power saws in a set, bare power saw tools are also sold in shops. Bare tools are cheaper compared to a complete set however, you may need to pay for more as you purchase more additional accessories. It is definitely smarter to buy a complete set or kit compared to buying only the bare tool.

Product Comparison Parameters

How do we compare two products?

  • Quality

You must keep in mind the following when you check for tool quality. In the case of the DeWalt circular saw, its winning quality is its construction followed by the material that makes the tool. This is made from cast magnesium so it is very durable this DeWalt power tool is that it reduces cord jerk protection with its tough cord system. These good qualities make this power tool a good power cutting tool for worksite or workshop use.
The Bosch circular saw has a powerful 15-amp motor which has an anti-snag lower guard and has a left-blade design. It is very durable and will fit most woodworking applications. All the great features of this power tool make it a good power saw to use for your woodworking projects.

  • Blade Size

The DeWalt and the Bosch uses a 7 ¼ inch blade. These blades are replaceable with replacement blades available for purchase online or from local stores. DeWalt blades for this tool are less than $20 a piece while Bosch circular saw blades for this saw costs less than $15 apiece.

  • Weight

Both tools weigh barely 15 pounds which means these saws are light and easy to use. And because these are lightweight, you can use it on different materials without worry and strain on your hands and arms.

1) DeWalt Circular Saw

Why Use the DeWalt Circular Saw and Who’s it For

The DeWalt Circular Saw is a lightweight and compact tool. It is a good tool to use if you want to work in an outdoor working area or at the worksite. And because of this weight, it is a good saw for people new to using this type of tool and for people who don’t want to strain their arms and hands while working.


This is the latest DeWalt circular saw. It is lightweight and it weighs only 8.8 pounds and is perfect indoors or in the field. It is equipped with an electric brake that will stop the blade automatically after the trigger is released. This is a good safety feature to watch out for.

It also has an efficient ball-bearing lower guard and advanced lower guard geometry for accurate bevel cuts. It is also equipped with a dust blower to remove dust and clear your view while you use the saw.

You will also love its tough cord protection system that makes the cord durable and resistant to cord pullout. This uses a carbide-tipped 7—1/4 inch circular saw blade and comes with a wrench and a contractor bag so you can carry it anywhere.

This circular saw is the best choice for framers, contractors, concrete formers and for cutting plywood and hobbyists.

Main Features

  • With a 7- ¼ inch circular saw blade
  • Weighs only 8.8 pounds
  • With an electric brake
  • With a ToughCord system
  • Will cut through a variety of materials
  • With advanced lower guard geometry
  • With onboard blade wrench storage
  • Comes with a contractor bag


Does this DeWalt circular saw come with complete accessories?

This DeWalt circular saw comes with a carbide tipped blade, a user’s manual, a wrench and a contractor’s bag.

Where do you purchase accessories for this DeWalt circular saw?

You can purchase accessories such as blades, wrenches, and bags for your DeWalt circular saw through online stores and shops. You can also buy these from local dealers and shops. If you are looking for accessories or parts, use only genuine DeWalt accessories.

How do you clean and maintain your DeWalt circular saw?

Replace worn out blades so that your circular saw would be ready the next time you use it. Wipe down dirt, dust or grease using a clean and dry piece of cloth. You may also use a small soft brush to clean the blade. Check out its manufacturer’s instructions for special care tips.


  • This circular saw is lightweight.
  • You can use this outdoors or at the worksite.
  • This is for a variety of materials.
  • With a convenient carrying case so you can easily transport it.


  • Does not come with extra or replacement blades.
  • Is still a heavy power saw than other power saw models.

2) Bosch Circular Saw

Why Use the Bosch Circular Saw and Who’s it For

The Bosch circular saw is for people who need a durable, efficient and precise cutting tool which can make straight clean cuts. It is for a variety of applications that call for a steady power saw. This is a good type of saw for beginner users because it has a lightweight and easy to use design.


The latest Bosch circular saw is a saw that uses a 7 ¼ inch blade. It has a 120-volt 15 amp motor that provides top power and therefore suitable to work with a variety of materials. It has an enhanced line of sight to improve precision. It has improved power so you can cut true and accurately no matter what type of application. It has an anti-snag lower guard and a left blade design that improves the tool’s usability. It is compact, light and easy on the hands and arms. This could be a good power cutting tool for your needs.

Main Features

  • Improved line of sight
  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • With a left-blade design
  • With an anti-snag lower guard
  • Durable
  • Will work on a variety of materials


Can you use this Bosch circular saw on hardwood?

Yes, you can use this Bosch circular saw on the hardwood as well as materials like softwood, plywood, laminates, tiles, and acrylic. You must check the manufacturer’s instruction on how to use this saw and for any material.

How do you maintain this Bosch circular saw?

Wipe the saw using a clean and soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. You must use only these materials minus soap and water because this can corrode your blades and the tool. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain and clean this circular saw.

Where do you purchase accessories and blades for this Bosch circular saw?

You purchase accessories and blades for your Bosch circular saw from online sites as well as from local shops and stores that sell Bosch power saws. Use only genuine blades and accessories for your circular saw.


  • With a powerful motor to let it rip through a variety of materials.
  • With an improved line of sight to improve precision.
  • Can be used to cut through thick wood and other materials.
  • Easy to use and durable


  • Does not have a laser guide mark.
  • Does not come with extra blades
  • Complaints that this saw is very loud.

The Final Cut

Considering all the good points of the DeWalt circular saw and the Bosch circular saw, it’s clear that these saws have favorable qualities and good user-friendly points.

However, when you consider user safety and comfort, the DeWalt offers more.

This circular saw is lightweight and it weighs only 8.8 pounds. It has an electric brake that will stop the blade automatically. This feature makes it easier to stop the blade in case of emergencies. It has more convenient features as well. It is equipped with a dust blower to remove dust and clear your view. This circular saw is the best choice for framers, contractors, concrete formers and also for hobbyists. All-in-all, these features make a good, working power saw that will give you amazing power for any kind of project.