Comparison Review: DeWalt Plunge Saw vs Festool Plunge Saw


A plunge saw is quite similar to a track saw and a circular saw because it is a power saw that moves and cuts using a steel track. It is a handy saw that will make precise quick cuts accurate multiple cuts and cuts on smaller workpieces. It is very handy to have a plunge saw around especially when you are in the field or you work with wood all the time. Needless to say, that plunge saws have evolved from a simple circular saw to more updated, more powerful but nonetheless safer model.

Here is a review of the best plunge saws in the market. I found the DeWalt Plunge Saw and the Festool Plunge Saw the best after checking out a number of power saws. I was ready to give my old plunge saw a rest and use a more updated version.

I love the DeWalt because the latest plunge saw model comes with a zero clearance track cutting system. It provides straight, splinter-free and precise cuts all the time. This model has a powerful 12-amp motor which will let you cut through hardwoods even up to 2 1/8 inches thick.

Meanwhile, the most updated Festool plunge saw has a spring-loaded riving knife that will prevent kickback by preventing material build-up in the blade. This boasts of Festool’s FastFix system that lets you make blade changes safer and easier. It has ergonomic features to let you cut through any material safely and comfortably.

DeWalt Plunge Saw vs Festool Plunge Saw

Product Details

DeWalt Plunge Saw

Festool Plunge Saw
Festool Plunge Cut Circular Saw

Product Dimensions

12.4 x 18.1 x 12.1 inches

80 x 20 x 13 inches


18.5 pounds

22.7 pounds

Motor Power

120 volts

Corded electric


48-tooth ultra-fine finishing blade, wrench and kit box

With 75-inch track, 36-inch tooth blade, limit stop, splinter guard and Systainer storage case


9 out of 10

9 out of 10


Buyer's Guide

How to pick the right product

Check the following plunge saw parameters to find the ideal power saw that’s right for your needs.

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  • A corded vs cordless plunge saw

How do you tell if you are using a top quality saw? First of all, check for updated features, the material used to make a saw, the special ergonomic features, the type of blade, the materials that the saw can cut and more. Check out what makes the DeWalt plunge tool click.

The latest DeWalt plunge tool can make straight and precise cuts and is a recommended tool for carpenters, woodworkers, and contractors. It can make straight, splinter-free cuts and quick cuts as well. Another major selling point is its track. It comes with a zero-clearance track with anti-splinter edges. It also boasts a powerful 1,300-watt motor that can eat through different materials like hardwoods and softwoods. All these good features and more make this DeWalt plunge saw a winning tool at home or at the worksite.

Meanwhile, the Festool plunge saw is known as a compact, efficient and precise plunge saw. It can be used with a guide track so you can seamlessly work on any kind of project. It has a spring-loaded riving knife that will allow you to make more accurate cuts minus the kickback. All-in-all, these good features make this saw a good partner in the field and inside your workshop.

  • Blade Size

These plunge saws use a 6- ½ inch diameter blade and are completely replaceable. You can purchase original Festool and DeWalt circular saw blades from online sites and local stores.

  • ​Weight

The DeWalt plunge saw is lighter at 18.5 pounds making it a good candidate for new or first-time users and hobbyists. It provides good cutting power without straining your arms and hands as you use it. Meanwhile, the Festool plunge saw weighs 22.7 pounds which is slightly heavier than the DeWalt. Still, this makes it a good cutting tool to use for the field or at home.

Product Comparison Parameters

How do we compare two products?

  • Quality

Always keep quality above everything. When it comes to miter saws, quality is seen in the saw’s material, its basic and ergonomic features, safety features, ease of use and accessories that come with your purchase.

The DeWalt miter has a large capacity; precision power saw that has an improved back fence design. This saw will be able to cut up to 2 x 16 inches lumber at 90 degrees and 2 x 12 inches at 45 degrees. This is a versatile saw which can take a variety of materials. It can make cuts for deep crown molding and intricate bevel cuts. It hasCutline Blade Positioning System for adjustment-free cut line indication that improves tool precision. This may be a good saw to add to your workstation or to your worksite.

The Kobalt miter saw offers precise cuts and maximum crosscut capabilities of up to 2 x 8 inches which is good for making frames and molding. A quality feature that most users like is that its lightweight and compact due to its die-cast aluminum body. This saw is easy to move from one worksite to another with its lightweight design and good cutting features.

  • Blade Size

This updated DeWalt miter saw uses a 12-inch blade and can be used on a variety of materials such as wood, wood panels, metal, aluminum, plastic, acrylic, and tile. The Kobalt miter saw uses a 7 – ¼ inch blade. These two blades saws are replaceable and new blades may be purchased online or from a local store that sells genuine DeWalt and Kobalt power saws.

  • Weight

The DeWalt weighs 67 pounds, a heavyweight but remains as a portable saw. The reason this is very heavy is that of the saw’s metal bases which are needed for stabilizing the saw. The weight steadies the saw so it can make accurate cuts for different applications.

Meanwhile, the Kobalt miter saw weighs a mere 29.1 pounds which is portable and compact. The reason for this lightweight is its die-cast aluminum body. It is half the weight of the DeWalt which makes it a good miter saw for worksite use.

1) DeWalt Plunge Saw

Why Use the DeWalt Plunge Saw and Who Is It For?

This plunge saw and track saw is recommended for hobbyists, woodworkers, carpenters, and contractors. It is for people who want an accurate and precise cut each time minus any strain on your hand or arms because this moves freely on a track.


The DeWalt Plunge Saw is a good power tool for people who work with wood and those who love wood and woodworking. It can make straight, splinter-free and precise cuts each time. According to online sources, the DeWalt Plunge Saw has the quality of a table saw, the capacity of a panel saw and the portability of a circular saw.

The DeWalt Plunge Saw has an anti-slip aluminum track that allows you to make clean cuts. It offers zero-clearance features with the fast positioning of the saw and material is possible. This has a powerful 1,300-watt motor that gives you a lot of power to cut through a variety of construction materials including hardwood. It has a continuous kickback feature that provides additional control to let the saw move in a forward manner on the track. The DeWalt has a dust management system with a universal dust port that can suck up to 90% of all the dust and debris.

Main Features

  • Should be used with the TracSaw dual-edged track
  • With zero clearance cutting system
  • With depth scale for accurate depth of cut based on the cut thickness
  • With continuous anti-kickback mechanism and riving knife
  • With a low-profile blade guard
  • With a 1300-watt motor
  • With a universal dust port
  • With a laser cut plate and precision ground teeth


Where do you purchase accessories for the DeWalt plunge saw?

You can purchase accessories of this DeWalt saw from online sites and local shops that sell DeWalt power tools.

How do you keep the saw blade of the DeWalt plunge saw clean?

The saw blade simply needs to be wiped with a clean, dry and soft cloth. A soft-bristled brush also helps remove dust and dirt off the blade. Remove dull blades and have this changed ASAP to your saw will be ready to use the next time you need to cut something.

How do you maintain the DeWalt plunge saw?

Wipe the saw body with a clean, dry and soft cloth. Check the manufacturer’s information about how to maintain and care for your DeWalt plunge saw.


  • With a dual edge aluminum track for more precise fast cuts.
  • Can create accurate cuts on any kind of material.
  • Has a zero clearance cutting system.


  • Extra blades could be hard to find.

2) Festool Plunge Saw

Why Use the Festool Plunge Saw and Who Is It For?

The Festool TS 75 is the latest plunge saw for Festool. It is or professionals and for people who would like to make fast and precise cuts each time. It is for anyone who wants a steady, efficient and quick cutting tool to be used at home or at the worksite.


The Festool saw is made for cutting a variety of materials like solid doors, rough lumber, and sheet metal. This is a heavy-duty saw for the toughest cutting jobs. It comes with a slip clutch, variable-speed design and has constant speed monitoring so you can control your cuts each time. It also has a retractable spring-loaded riving knife that gives you smooth, controlled movements. You won’t have to wait too long for changing your blades too because this gives you faster blade changes to maintain a smooth, hassle-free workflow.

The Festool plunge and circular saw is a heavy-duty saw that can create clean edges no matter what project. These will improve accuracy and reduce wastage of materials. It has a maximum cutting depth of 2 – 15/16 inches minus the guardrail and 2- ¾ inches when used with a 75-inch guide rail. This saw also has a slip-clutch design that will reduce any kickbacks and wear on the blades.

Main Features

  • With a 75-inch guide rail
  • With spring-loaded riving knife
  • With Slip clutch to reduce kickback
  • Easier blade changes with the FastFix system
  • With MMC electronics for soft starts, variable speed, and constant speeds
  • With micro-adjustable depth controls
  • With Guide Rail Splinterguard
  • With integrated, replaceable Splinterguard


Can you use the Festool plunge saw on the road?

The Festool plunge saw is portable because it is lightweight and compact. This is an efficient tool that can be used at home or at the worksite

Where can you purchase accessories for the Festool plunge saw?

You can purchase accessories for the Festool TS 75 EQ from various online shopping sites and from local shops that sell the Festool brand of power tools. Always make sure that you are using only genuine accessories and parts. Generic accessories can affect the performance of your Festool plunge saw.

How do you clean or maintain the Festool plunge saw?

Maintenance of the Festool TS 75 EQ depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. You must understand these well before using this power tool. Use a soft and dry cloth to wipe away dirt and grime on the saw body as well as dust and dirt that has accumulated on the blade.


  • Will let you make blade changes fast.
  • This has MMC electronics system
  • Comes with an aluminum guide rail.


  • Has a very loud starts-grade power tool.
  • Does not come with extra tooth blades

The Final Cut

When it comes to plunge saws, the Festool and the DeWalt are neck and neck however when it comes to more efficient features and accessories, the Festool rules.

It comes with a track system to help you make precise cuts all the time. It also has an electronic system to improve speeds and give you soft starts. All these great features truly have made the Festool a good plunge saw for your woodworking needs.