Comparison Review: Makita Circular Saw vs Hitachi Circular Saw


Tackle different projects and take any kind of material when you use a circular saw. With a circular saw, you will be able to make straight cuts without missing an inch. You will get clean, precise cuts no matter how tough and thick your material is. There are a number of the amazing circulars saw models in the market; each of these has updated features, top cutting power and good ergonomic and safety features which is important for any kind of woodworking project.

If you are looking for a steady, efficient and tough circular saw, two models are currently the most popular: the Makita circular saw and the Hitachi circular saw. These top power saws come with good features that you will surely find helpful in your daily projects.

The latest Makita circular saw has a powerful 15 – amp motor that can deliver 5,000 rpm for the toughest projects. It has a lower guard design that improves tool performance when you are cutting bevels and in making narrow cuts. This has a large cutting capacity and with two LED lights to illuminate your line of cut, you will reduce mistakes and material wastage. This has an aluminum wrap-around base for improved durability. All these fine qualities have made this power cutting tool a good addition to your worksite or workshop at home.

Meanwhile, The Hitachi circular saw is made from die-cast aluminum alloy with a non-slip elastomer grip handle. This has a number of good features like a ToughCord system that prevents cord pullouts and a blade guard to protect your hands. All these features make this updated Hitachi circular saw a good power saw for your needs.

Makita Circular Saw vs Hitachi Circular Saw

Product Details

Makita Circular Saw

Hitachi Circular Saw

Product Dimensions

14 x 10 x 11 inches

16 x 13 x 11 inches


11.1 pounds

17.8 pounds

Motor Power

120 volts

1710 watts


Blade, wrench

24 tooth carbide-tipped blade, wrench and carrying case

Amazing Features

Aluminum base, dust blower, and improved lower guard design

Made of die-cast aluminum alloy


9 out of 10

9 out of 10

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Buyer's Guide

How to pick the right product

This is a shopping guide to help you find the ideal circular saw for your needs. Take your time and understand the different parameters of a quality circular saw to get the best value for your money.

  • Is a circular saw right for you?

Before settling for a particular model or brand, think if a circular saw is indeed the right saw for your needs. Are you cutting large materials? Do you want a handheld power saw? Are you looking for a powerful hand saw? If so, then a circular saw will match your needs. But if you want to use a saw for DIY or to cut light materials then a portable cutting tool is the best one for you.

  • Select a cutting tool with a reliable motor

Check your saw’s motor rating. It should be high enough to cut larger and thicker materials. The higher the motor rating, the better the tool is in cutting through different types of material as well. A tool with a high RPM is also a good choice since this tells you that the saw has better toll performance and has versatile cutting features.

  • Check the cutting capacity and cutting depth of your tool

Now take a closer look at the maximum cutting depth value of your tool. This should be 0” which means this is how deep the saw can cut if it is not cutting a bevel. The cutting depth gives you an idea as to how thick materials the saw can take. Aside from these, your saw should have an adjustable base plate to easily make adjustments when making beveled cuts. This should be adjusted from 45 to 90 degrees.

  • Circular saws with all the accessories you need

Circular saws are mostly purchased in sets or kits and this means that the saw comes with accessories like blades, wrenches, guards and tool bag. You may also purchase bare tools which are usually cheaper because this only comes with the tool, no accessories. This may cost you more though as you buy accessories like blades, guards and wrenches piece after piece.

Product Comparison Parameters

How do we compare two products?

  • Quality

The quality of a circular saw depends on many factors. The overall features of the saw give you a clue about the overall quality of the product. The latest Hitachi circular saw has a die-cast aluminum alloy body with a non-slip elastomer grip handle. This has an efficient design with a ToughCord system that prevents cord pullouts compared to other power saws of its class.

On the other hand, the Makita circular saw has obvious top quality features. First of all, it has a heavy gauge aluminum wraparound base that improves tool durability. It has a larger cutting capacity with ball bearing construction to help you make straighter and more precise cuts. It has large, easy to read markings to check the depth and bevel scales. Other quality features of this Makita tool include its flat housing design, shaft lock for easy blade replacements and LED lights to improve your sight line.

  • Blade Size

Both the Makita and the DeWalt circular saws use a 7- ¼ -inch circular saw blade. These circular saw blades are replaceable with spare or replacement saws available for purchase online or from local shops. Replace old blades with genuine ones to prevent damage to your circular saw. Never interchange blades because this may result in damage to your power saw and could affect the way your circular saw works.

  • Weight

The most updated Hitachi circular saw is 17.8 pounds and meanwhile, the Makita table saw is just 11.1 pounds. At these weights, both saws are easier to take anywhere whether you need to cut wood at a worksite or you are working with wood in your woodworking shop at home.

1) Hitachi Circular Saw

Why Use the Hitachi Circular Saw and Who Is It For?

This latest Hitachi Circular Saw is for people who would like to use one saw to cut a variety of materials including wood, aluminum, acrylic or metal. This strong and durable power saw is for anyone who wants to make accurate cuts minus any mistakes or wastage.


This updated Hitachi 15-amp circular saw has a powerful single-phase motor which can take plywood, tiles, thick wood pieces, acrylic and so many more. The powerful motor is dependable and ready for any kind of woodworking projects. This is strong as it is versatile and can give you accurate 90-degree cuts and clean bevels from 0-55 degrees. This has an adjustable lever so you can easily use this according to your reach. This also has a blade guard to keep your hands safe during operation. The Hitachi circular saw has a non-slip Elastomer grip handle for improved control. This comes with the original blade, a carbon brush, wrench tool and a carrying case.

Main Features

  • Bevel capacity from 0 – 55 degrees
  • Adjustable lever stops at 0.45 and 55 degrees
  • Made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Easy to read front and side scales
  • With cutting depth lever
  • With a non-slip elastomer grip handle
  • With a 15-amp motor
  • With a 7- ¼ inch carbide-tipped blade
  • Capable of making 90-degree cuts and clean bevels
  • Comes with a 24-toothed carbide-tipped blade, 10mm wrench and carrying case.
  • Weighs 17.8 pounds
  • Corded-electric power


How do you care for this Hitachi circular saw?

First of all, replace worn out blades as soon as you can so your saw would be ready the next time you use it. You should have clean, sharp and ready blades always. Wipe away dirt, dust, and grime using a soft and clean piece of cloth. Check manufacturer’s information on how to clean and maintain this type of saw.

Where do you buy new blades and accessories for this Hitachi circular saw?

Accessories like blades, wrenches and a carrying bag are available when you purchase this circular saw. You may also purchase these online or from local shops that sell Hitachi power tools.

Where do you take this circular saw for repairs? 

If your power saw is still in warranty, take it to the nearest accredited service center. Simply call customer service to get the closest one in your area. Take your receipt or warranty card to the nearest service center for repairs.


  • Has a quick and safe blade change feature.
  • Will cut different patterns and shapes.
  • Lightweight and therefore may be used at the worksite.
  • This is a cordless model.


  • Does not come with extra blades
  • No extra battery packs.

2) Makita Circular Saw

Why Use the Makita Circular Saw and Who’s it For

The latest Makita circular saw is for people looking for an efficient, strong and precise cutting tool whether for work or for a hobby. This saw is for people working with wood and other materials. It is for woodworkers, carpenters, contractors and for hobbyists.


This is a 7- ¼ inch circular saw that has a durable 15-amp motor at 5800 rpm. This gives you the top power to work on a variety of materials. It has a lower guard design that will boost cutting performance. Its large cutting capacity at 2- 3/8 inches at 90 degrees, 1 ¾ inches at 45 degrees makes it a versatile saw for a variety of applications. This Makita saw also has built-in LED lights that shine a clear light at the cut for improved accuracy. It also has a built-in dust blower to remove dirt and dust for improved accuracy for every use. Its heavy gauge aluminum wraparound base improves the tool’s durability and lets you make straighter cuts as well.

Main Features

  • With a 15-amp motor at 5800 rpm
  • With a lower guard design
  • With a large cutting capacity
  • With built-in LEDs
  • With a heavy gauge aluminum wraparound base
  • With built-in dust blower


Where do you purchase replacement blades for this Makita circular saw?

You can purchase replacement blades of this Makita circular saw from online sites like Amazon or you can purchase from local distributors and shops. Make sure to buy only genuine or original accessories and blades because this can affect the way you use your circular saw.

What do you use to clean your Makita circular saw?

You don’t need any special tool or cleaning compound to clean a Makita circular saw. Use a soft, clean and dry cloth to clean your blade and saw the body. You may also use a soft bristled brush to remove dust and dirt from hard to reach areas. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean and maintain our Makita circular saw.

Can you use just any kind of blade on this circular saw?

You can’t use just any kind of circular saw blade on this Makita saw. You must only use a genuine blade. Never interchange blades from other circular saws because doing so can damage your circular saw. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to change or replace your tool’s blades.


  • This has a powerful motor.
  • This is a durable saw that gives a top performance for many applications.
  • This has improved the capability to make bevel and narrow cuts.
  • This can take materials with larger or wider widths.
  • This has a balanced design for improved performance.


  • This is quite heavy for some applications.
  • There are complaints that this saw is quite noisy.

The Final Cut

When it comes to cutting power and precision, the Hitachi and the Makita circular saw are almost equal. But when it comes to features and design, the Makita circular saw stands out. The Makita has additional features like a lower guard design and LED lights that make it durable and efficient in cutting different materials. It can also take thicker and wider materials compared to the Hitachi saw. All-in-all, the Makita circular saw makes a good personal or worksite power tool.