Comparison Review: Twist-A-Saw vs Dremel Saw Max


If you’re the type who loves to DIY different projects at home then you will love two powerful portable tools: the Twist-A-Saw and the Dremel Saw Max. These saws have unique features that can help you cut different materials in a snap. With these saws, you will be able to work with different projects with extreme accuracy.

The Twist-A-Saw is a unique multi-purpose cutting tool that will work with any kind of cutting job. It can cut, grind, polish, sand, sharpen, etch, engrave, clean and prep different materials. This has an adaptive handle design that will let you use it like a jigsaw, router, cut-off saw and so many more. It is easy to use with its powerful 550-watt motor that can give you 5000 to 25000 rpm.

Meanwhile, the Dremel Saw Max is a straight cutting power saw with a compact design. It will cut different materials like wood, plastic, tile, metal, masonry and so many more. You may also use the Saw Max for plunge cutting and flush cutting, not just for making straight cuts. This power saw comes with a strong 6 amp motor give for precise and strong cuts for a variety of applications.

It has many quality features and one of these is Adjustable Depth Control for maximum control of the material being cut. It has accessories like a carbide wheel, metal cut-off wheel, tile diamond wheel and a multiple-purpose flush cut carbide wheel to let you work on different projects.

Twist–A–Saw vs Dremel Saw Max

Product Details


Dremel Saw Max

Product Dimensions


17.5 x 4.2 x 9.2 inches


27.5 grams

6.4 pounds

Motor Power

Battery-powered 550 watts

Battery-powered 120 volts


Tools, blades, instructional guide and DVD

With a variety of saw blades


7 out of 10

8 out of 10


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Buyer's Guide

How to choose the right product

When buying a portable saw, you need to make quality your top priority. Portable saws are mostly compact, light and have unique cutting and prepping features. Here are important qualities that you must check out when shopping for a portable power saw.

  • Check out the tool’s cutting capacity, cutting depth and bevels

Portable power saws are usually very versatile and may have a lot of features to offer. But don’t get overwhelmed. Look for the tool’s cutting capacity to determine if it fits the kind of material and the type of project that you are working on.

Check the tool’s maximum cutting depth. This should be 0” which is how deep your saw will be able to cut when it is not cutting a bevel. When you are cutting bevels or miters, the saw’s base plate should be adjustable to be able to make beveled cuts easily. Choose a power saw that offers an adequate amount of adjustment from 45 to 90 degrees.

  • Motor rating and motor power

A power cutting tool is only as good as its motor, therefore, you must check for the motor rating. The higher the motor rating, the better. A motor with 1500 watt power will be able to spin the blades faster and this result in high rpm. Higher rpms will be able to improve the cut of your tool. And of course, the higher the motor power the more you will be able to cut tougher and more complicated materials.

  • Portable saw’s complete accessories?

Most portable power saws come in a set or kit together with accessories so you can use your saw as soon as you get home. Take time to check the accessories included with your purchase because buying accessories one by one could cost you more. The most common accessories included in portable power saw kits include blades, wrenches, guards and a bag to carry your tool anywhere.

Product Comparison Parameters

How do we compare two products?

  • Quality

Quality power saws will give you more value for your money. A good quality saw will give you years upon years of good use and will help you work on a variety of projects and applications.
Take the Twist –A-Saw’s quality features. This comes as a kit with more than 200 accessories. This versatile saw is known for its ability to work on a variety of projects. The Twist-A-Saw can be used for any job with its powerful 550 w motor. It can cut, grind, polish, sand, engrave, sharpen, clean and also tackle bigger applications. The most winning feature of this saw is its lightweight and practical design.

On the other hand, the Dremel Saw can be used on a variety of materials because of its strong and efficient 6-amp motor. Its biggest selling point is its efficient worm drive gear that boosts durability and efficiency no matter what project or application you might be working on. This portable saw is not just for DIY use and light carpentry work. With all these top features, it can also be used for contractual projects and for woodworking.

  • Blade Size

The Dremel Saw Max has a 10-inch circular blade that can cut through almost all kinds of materials such as wood, wooden panels, tile, acrylic, metal and more. Meanwhile, the Twist-A- Saw uses special blade and attachments so you can use this power saw the moment you get it out of the box.

  • Weight

The Twist-A –Saw weighs only 27 grams while the Dremel Saw Max weighs 6.4 pounds. Because of their lightweight bodies and good construction, these power saws are suitable for handy fixes and also for professional use.

1) Twist-A-Saw

Why Use the Twist-A-Saw and Who is it For?

The Twist-A-Saw Deluxe is a multi-purpose tool that will not just cut. This can also grind, polish, engrave, carve, etch, clean and sand different materials with its many attachments. This is a handy tool to have around for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers and even for professionals.


The Twist-A-Saw is a versatile, multi-purpose tool that is seen on TV. This is a handy tool that can be used for a variety of jobs. You can use this to cut, grind, sharpen, sand, etch, carve, clean and also for bigger and more complicated tasks. This has a powerful motor that will let you punch a hole straight through a wall, floor or ceiling without a fuss. This saw has a comfortable adaptive handle that lets you use this as a router, jigsaw, cut off saw and so many more. The Twist-A-Saw is powered by a high speed 550 watt motor with 5000 to 25000 rpm. This comes with an instructional guide and a carrying case so you can take this handy and efficient tool to anywhere you wish to work.

Main Features

  • With a 550 watt motor with 5000 to 25000 rpm
  • A tool as seen on TV
  • Comes with a “How To” DVD
  • Can be used on different materials and for many jobs
  • With more than 200 accessories and attachments
  • With an adaptive handle design
  • You can use this as a jigsaw, router, cut off saw and more
  • Very light to use
  • For novice and professional users


How do you maintain your Twist-A-Saw?

Follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to take care and maintain your Twist-A –Saw. One good advice is to use only genuine accessories and attachments.

Can you purchase additional accessories and attachments for the Twist-A-Saw?

Sadly, you cannot purchase these accessories and attachments separately because these come with the tool.

How do you know if your Twist-A-Saw is still under warranty?

For details about your tool’s warranty, contact your supplier or distributor. Keep your receipt to confirm your warranty or any return policy.


  • Easy to use for a variety of jobs and applications.
  • With a compact, strong motor to work with different materials.
  • Can be used as a router, jigsaw or cut off saw.
  • Comes with a DVD and instructional guide.
  • With an adaptive handle design
  • Easy to use even by novice power tool users


  • Will not be able to handle thicker and bigger materials.
  • Accessories are not available for sale individually.

2) Dremel Saw Max

Why Use the Dremel Saw Max and Who Is It For?

The Dremel Saw Max is for people who need a compact and lightweight power cutting tool to cut different materials and for a variety of applications. It is a power saw for novice users as well as professional users.


The Dremel Saw Max is a versatile power saw with a compact design. This power saw can you cut different materials like wood, plastic, tile, metal, masonry and more. You may also use this versatile saw to make plunge cuts and flush cuts. The Saw Max has two cutting wheel positions and a tough 6 amp motor for precise and clean cuts all the time. It has an Adjustable Depth Control feature so you can have maximum control on the material that you are working on. It has a cutting guide and dust port adapter so you can reduce dust and dirt on the material you are cutting. It comes with accessories like a carbide wheel, metal cut-off wheel, tile diamond wheel and a multiple-purpose flush cut carbide wheel to let you work on different projects.

Main Features

  • Used for straight cutting lines
  • With a compact ergonomic design
  • For straight cutting, plunge cutting, and flush cutting
  • With a versatile cutting system
  • With two cutting wheel positions
  • With a powerful 6 amp motor
  • With adjustable depth control for ultimate precision and control
  • Can be used in one hand
  • Can cut through wood, plastic, metal, tile, masonry and more
  • Comes with a cutting guide and dust port adapter
  • Comes with a variety of blades (multi-purpose carbide wheel, metal cut-off wheel, tile diamond wheel and a multi-purpose flush cut carbide wheel)
  • Comes with a hand carry case
  • Battery operated


Can you buy accessories for the Dremel Saw Max online?

You can purchase accessories for the Saw Max online or you can purchase accessories from a local distributor.

Can you use the Dremel Saw Max to cut any kind of material?

You can cut through a variety of surfaces with the Dremel Saw Max. You can work with wood, tile, metal, aluminum acrylic, masonry and so much more. However, you must first choose the right blade that matches the kind of material that you have to cut.

How do you maintain the Dremel Saw Max?

You must clean the Saw Max right after use to make sure that it works well each time you use it. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on maintenance and cleaning this power saw


  • Is lightweight and transportable to the worksite.
  • Can cut through different materials with varying thicknesses.
  • Battery-operated so you can enjoy cord-free use.
  • With a dust port adapter.
  • Improves line of sight.
  • Versatile cutting tool.


  • You need additional battery packs for continuous outdoor use.
  • Limited features compared to a regular power saw.

The Final Cut

If you are looking for a lightweight power saw then the Twist-A-Saw and the Dremel Saw Max are good candidates. Both are lightweight with a compact design.

But when it comes to usability and overall cutting capabilities, the Dremel Saw Max excels.

The Saw Max is a professional portable saw which may be used for home use as well. This may not have a lot of accessories but it can cut through varying materials at different thicknesses. The Saw Max is cordless and therefore a good tool to take outdoors.

All these good qualities make the Dremel Saw Max a good power saw that can help you with many projects and applications to come.