In-Depth Review: WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Sander


WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Sander
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A lot spindle sander these days have become a big competition in the market. With the emergence of great products, it has become better for most of the consumers because the manufacturers would then become more competent with the product they are selling.

The overall performance of the WEN 6510 contributed to the growing popularity of the product and this specific model. It features a smooth and quiet ½ HP 3.5 Amp motor with a speed of 2000 rotation per minute. Another great feature of this model is its lightweight form and can be moved around easily. 

We Like

  • It has a no-load functionality helps create some of the best finishes
  • It has a small structure but a powerful motor
  • The motor does not produce a loud sound
  • It has a dust collector connected to the dust port which minimizes airborne sanding dust.
  • It is relatively easy to use. The initial set up would not give a hard time for the users

We Don't Like

  • Most of the internal parts are made of plastic
  • It has a lesser price than most of its similar products which make the consumers think it’s not high quality


The WEN 6510 oscillating spindle sander has been designed for portability and ease of use. Many of the beginners in the woodworking industry are looking for a tool or machine that is easier to operate when bought. Most of the spindle sander does not offer a feature that is easier to manipulate by the newbies. It is the best luck by the consumers to have the WEN 6510 oscillating spindle sander out in the market.

Who Is It For?

A spindle sander was created and designed to help the users in the woodworking industry to achieve a smooth finish in their wood pieces. During the days when spindle sanders are still not out in the market, the manual rubbing a piece of wood using a piece of worn sandpaper is quite a difficult job to accomplish today. It takes so much time and effort before achieving the desired outcome.

For those who usually use a tool for woodworking projects, WEN 6510 is a must-have especially that it offers great features. One of the great features include easy swap of the plates and drums. That means you can quickly adapt to the machine without having a difficult time figuring out how to use it.

Buyer's Guide

Benefits of Using and Oscillating Spindle Sander

The explanations provided in this review might somehow be lacking in more profound elaboration especially compared to those who have more experiences in woodworking. But this will give you a glimpse of what to expect in this WEN 6510. One of the biggest achievement of this product is just how quick and easy it to use. This would definitely benefit the beginners in this industry, who just want to accomplish their projects like a pro. Here are some guides:

  • Consider Safety

In every woodworking jobs, there is not at least one that guarantees no harm for the users. However, using spindle sanders can actually reduce the risk of any damage that might happen during work. This is mainly for the benefit of the users, especially who use it more often. But, before operating this machine, you are required to know the basic rules and keys to avoid further damage to the users, and to the set of crafts being made.

  • Convenient for the users

Investing in a good oscillating spindle sander might include attaining convenience while working. With having a good machine like the WEN 6510, you are saving yourself from further waste of resources, time, and effort.

  • Saves you more time

Having a great piece of equipment for woodworking projects will give you more time to accomplish additional tasks.

What Makes a Good Oscillating Spindle Sander?

To have an idea what to purchase, here are some of the guides you may consider:

  • Durability

Having a spindle sander that can stand even the toughest workload should always be on the top priority list of the things a spindle sander should have. It has to offer several advantages before you consider on purchasing it.

  • Easy set-up

For beginners who are looking for a spindle sander that is easy to set up even just brought out of the box, you might consider on knowing the WEN 6510’s features because it can offer you a great deal of set-up and other features without giving you a hard time.

  • Motor Power

A powerful motor means the capability of the machine to accomplish workloads without giving the motor a hard time.

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Product Details

WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Sander


The WEN 6510 was built with a powerful ½ HP 3.5 motor with the sanding spindle moving up to 58 oscillations and 2000 rotations per minute. This is considered to be the ultimate sanding tool for smoothening curves even if it’s extremely lightweight compared to its other competitors.

Product Information

  • Part Number: 6510
  • Item Weight: 9.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.3 x 15.5 x 24 inches
  • 2 year warranty

Features & Benefits

  • Portability

Having a portable and easy to access oscillating spindle sander can offer a great help especially to those woodworkers who have the woodworking as their primary business. You can easily transfer the spindle sander form one place to another which makes it possible to access in any kinds of working situation.

  • Weight

This is somehow connected to the first benefit mentioned. The weight, even though not very much considered by some of the consumers, still has a lot to when it comes to the longtime usage of the product, specifically, the oscillating spindle sander.


  • Portable and very easy to store away
  • Has a great and powerful motor
  • The spindle sander being lightweight is what helps it stand out
  • Far less in price compared to other similar products


  • Internal parts are mostly made of plastics
  • Not liked by the professional consumers

Alternative Choices

1) Ridgid EB4424 ½ HP Oscillating Spindle Sander

This spindle can sander has two uses. It can have a quick transition to an oscillating edge belt sander. This product has a very simple appearance and features. However, people would be surprised to see how durable this product can be as they purchased it.

2) Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander

This spindle sander have the qualities of portability, efficiency, and power all in this one product. So if you are looking for another spindle sander that can satisfy your needs in one product, you are free to check this out in the market.

3) Delta Woodworking 31-483 Heavy-Duty Oscillating Bench Spindle Sander

The Delta woodworking tools have already proven their brand to the industry. Having said that, this oscillating spindle sander is strong enough to even support that statement. After all, a lot of reviewers can agree because of the good performance of this tool even for the toughest workloads. 

Alternative Choices Comparison Table

Alternative Choices


Ridgid EB4424 ½ HP Oscillating Spindle Sander

Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander

Delta Woodworking 31-483 Heavy-Duty Oscillating Bench Spindle Sander

The Final Cut

Even though certain details aren’t mentioned above, these could help you on deciding what spindle sander is best to purchase, and what you need to know before purchasing one. Having good feedbacks on Amazon, the WEN 6510 oscillating spindle sander just proves how great it can do for you. This sander is perfectly fit for those who want to have a friendly spindle sander in their tool shop. Indeed, it is a great purchase for everyone.