How To Build A Garage Workbench

How to Build a Garage Workbench | DIY Project


Any wood worker knows the necessity of having your personal work space to work better and more effectively. And nothing can be more perfect and convenient than your garage. However, your woodworking haven will not be complete without the most important element, which is your workbench. Thus your first job may be making one to use for all your wood works and DIY projects.

So to start with, you will first need to know, How to build a garage workbench? It is probably one of your easiest projects. I would always suggest sticking with the basic and the simplest but make sure to keep it sturdy and durable for heavy-duty works, and so you could enjoy and use it for a long period.

Your garage workbench can also be used as a storage space for all your woodworking tools and equipment. It will keep it organized and easy to find.

This tutorial aims to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible that even those inexperienced wood workers will find it such a breeze to do.

For most of us, our garage has become more than just a housing for our vehicle, but the ample space can also be converted to a home workshop. And for any operating workshop, a workbench is necessary as most of the work is done in it. It is every woodworker’s important work fixture, which should also be present in any household because it is useful and convenient for any quick and easy repairs and some of your DIY projects.

Building a garage workbench is not that hard to do. Before going through the different steps, you may want to read the following pro tips first:

Maximize your work space

The size of your garage workbench should not be too large to occupy most of your garage leaving you little space to move around nor is it too small to hold any work or even carry all your tools and woodworking equipment.

Make it durable

Make sure to make your workbench sturdy and heavy duty for all types of woodwork. You may choose to use a high-quality wood and secure the base and frame that supports the entire workbench.

Be safe and cautious

Always take the necessary safety precaution when working. Use gloves and masks to protect your eyes and hands, which are your important working facility. Project Guidelines & Step By Step InstructionsItems Needed for this ProjectStep By Step InstructionsStep 1: Cut the wood to the desired sizeStep 2: Build the frame and legsStep 3: Attach the top surface of the workbenchStep 4: Finishing Touches Conclusion

Items Needed for this Project

Here is the list of materials and tools you will need to complete this DIY woodworking project.

To build a comfortable and custom-made garage workbench, you will need these following materials:

  • Wood

There is no better material to use for a nice and heavy duty garage workbench than wood. Aside from the fact that it is readily available, it is sturdy, economical and easy to clean and maintain.

Any durable wood can be used when making this workbench. Its length and size will be depending on the dimension of the garage work bench you are planning to make.

In this case, though, we will be using a ¾” plywood for the top surface and bottom shelf and 2×4 wood for the frame and leg parts.

  • Screws

To attach and keep the pieces together tightly and securely, we will need several of this screws.

  • Steel Angle Brackets

This is to secure and make sure that the joints are durable to hold and carry heavy and tough works and projects. It is important to ensure the solid construction of your garage workbench for prolonged use and an increased efficiency.

  • Sandpaper

Sanding is one important step during finishing in removing all grits and keeping the edges and wood pieces smooth and even.

  • Paint, Dye, Stain

To give your workbench a refined and shiny finish, you can either apply stain or paint it.

You will also need to keep these tools ready as well, before building your garage workbench:

For measurement of wood before cutting:

  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil/Wood Markers

For cutting of wood pieces

  • Saw

Used for joining the pieces together

  • Screw Gun
  • Drill

Step By Step Instructions For How To Build a Garage Workbench

As I mentioned, this garage workbench has a very simple, basic and easy-to-do steps that you can work and complete it in a few hours.

You can build different kinds and design of workbench that will work for you. There are those that are mounted directly to the wall, or a stand-alone durable workbench. You can customize and add few details as well like cabinets, drawers, and shelves for areas to store your tools and keep it organized.

What we will be doing, however, is a typical legged workbench where you can conveniently place in your garage for a productive wood work. It will have an extra shelf at the bottom for additional storage space.

After gathering all the materials and tools, you can start with these following steps.

Step 1: Cut the wood to the desired size

For this tutorial, we will be cutting the 2×4 wood into four 76 inches and four 29 inches, which will serve as the frame of our workbench for both the top surface and bottom shelf. We will also cut eight 32 inches of this for its legs.

Please note that you may adjust the length of it depending on your desired size and measurement, whichever will work for you.

Step 2: Build the frame and legs

To build the two rectangle frames, connect the wood pieces together by screwing it tightly on each side. You may cut two additional 29 inches to put in the middle of the rectangle for added support.

For the legs, screw two pieces together in an L shape for one leg. The same process is applied to the three other legs, hence the total of eight pieces of this woodcut. When done, attach the legs to the frame. The rectangular frame at the bottom should be screwed at least 8 inches from below.

Step 3: Attach the top surface of the workbench

Attaching the top surface of the workbench can be done by screwing it to the frame. To keep it more durable and secure, use the six angle brackets. This will keep the wood surface in place and ready for any heavy duty work.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Sand the corners and edges to give it a smooth finish. And to make it more polished and done, you can apply stain or paint in it, and it will be then good to go.

You can place it at the corner or any side of your garage, whichever you feel comfortable, and you are ready to start working on your project already. For more spaces to store your tools, this design will allow you to add other details such as drawers or extra shelf.


What do you think of the steps and this tutorial in general? Do you find it easy and manageable too? It looks difficult and complicated, but by going through each one, you will realize it is a walk in the park. We could go on working without a workbench, but deciding to make a workspace in your garage will require you to have one for a more efficient and productive performance. It makes work easier. Hence I find this particular tutorial going to be beneficial and essential especially for those who are still in the process of converting their garage into a permanent work station.

Do you have any additional inputs and other ideas to share regarding this tutorial? I would like to hear your thoughts as well. Comment below, for any ideas you have, whether big or small to improve our work. And if you like this tutorial, I hope you can share this with others as well.

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