How To Make Pvc Look Like Wood

How To Make PVC Look Like Wood


Being a crafty DIYer, I always try to think out-of-the-box. One day, while I was feeling stuck in my workshop, flooded with plastic PVC pipes left behind after the kitchen makeover fiasco, I suddenly got illuminated. What if I could turn these useless PVC trash into something beautiful?

My mind was filled with ideas which were gravitating around the one-of-a-kind charm of wood. But how to make Pvc look like wood? At first, I wasn’t sure if this was even possible! Well, guess what?

Not only it’s possible to make Pvc look like wood; the process is also extremely beginner-friendly, cheap, easy, and fast. Wow. Enough talk! Let’s get down to the tutorial we are listing below.

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

  • PVC pipe
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Wood stain
  • Foam brush
  • Rag (or paper towel)
  • Protection gloves
  • Hot gun
  • Sharp, thin knife/ Wood file

Quick Pro Tip

In order to make PVC look like a genuine, all-natural piece of wood, you can take one extra step that will shoot you miles ahead. Apply a coat of polyurethane over the wood stain. Polyurethane will work like charm to provide an exquisite coat of matte or high-gloss finish.

Nevertheless, you can take your Pvc pipe-into-wood creation to even greater dimensions. Using a sharp knife, cut the pipe unevenly but artistically to make it look like hollow driftwood.

Pvc Pipe Into Wood Creation

Image Credit: Pinterest

Step by Step Instructions for Making PVC Look Like Wood

Step 1 – Make the surface of the PVC pipe appear like that of authentic wood

Step 1 Make The Surface Of The Pvc Pipe Appear Like That Of Authentic Wood

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First, you want to sand the PVC pipe gently in order to achieve a smooth, matte surface. Afterward, you want to make this pipe get the texture of real wood. For this purpose, use a sharp knife or a wood file to cut tiny craves and grooves. Once done, sand the pipe again but use a very light hand. The surface of the pipe will look like real wood grain!

Step 2 – Stain the PVC pipe and add the final touches

Now, it’s time to stain the pipe with wood stain. Use protection gloves to avoid getting your hands stained, too. Apply a layer of stain with a foam brush and wipe it off with a clean rag or a paper towel. You can keep staining the pipe until you get the color effect you are looking for. Let it dry well.

Next, you’re ready to add the final touches. Hang the PVC pipe on a suitable wooden stick so that you can burn the pipe’s edges with the help of a hot gun. Gently bend the softened edges so that they resemble the natural shape of the wood.

Step 2 Stain The Pvc Pipe And Add The Final Touches

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When our family friends dropped by for dinner just a week after I finished and hang my Pvc faux wood beauties, I managed to leave them in an AWW. I had to take the pipes down and let them touch the surface and give it a closer look.

Yes, our friends were pretty sure that I am playing some joke on them with my Pvc-pipes-turned-into-realistic-mini-wood-logs design.

What are you waiting for? I know you are already eager to try out this technique, you passionate DIYer! But before you leave, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. If you have any questions, suggestions, or insights, feel welcome to share them at any time in the comment section below.

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