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How to Protect a Wood Dining Table – Step-by-Step Guide


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A grand table, a set of chairs, fine cutlery with a bedecked fruit basket, that is what chimes in our mind as soon as we hear the word ‘dining table’. Is that all that a dining table signifies? A mere place to gather and have your meals! Undoubtedly, not! Our dining tables are the spaces for healthy interactions, for nourishment, for growth, and for coming together as a family.

Dining tables have always been known to serve us more than what their name suggests. Be it the kids, the adults, or even the elderly ones- in the face of all our differences, a dining table taps into the feeling of oneness. We may be well familiar with this fact. Despite our overwhelming workload, we might still be joining the family dining table for the love of family.

Yet, did not the thought of amping up the fading shine of your beloved dining table ever cross your mind? Do not the ugly water stains and unsightly scratches trigger the urge of restoring its original eye-catching glimmer? If yes, then you are absolutely at the right place. In this article, we are going are give you a step-by-step guide on how to protect a wood dining table.

10-Step procedure on how to protect a Wood Dining Table

Your wooden dining table might be demanding more than mere regular cleaning. And guess what? There is a high chance that you might not even be cleaning it the right way and with the right cleanser. Table wood is vulnerable to what you put it through. A harsh, abrasive chemical might end up weakening the fibers of your table, while others may not do away with the germs.

Now hop on to this train of proven methods that will help your wooden table fight the test of time.

Step 1: Avoid the proximity of the heat

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The first step on how to protect a wood dining table is fairly obvious! Placing the table within a couple of meters of radius from any heat source can be potentially harmful to your wooden table. Direct radiations of heat can drastically wear out the fibers and might eventually lead to the cracking of the wood at the joints. So, make sure that the table is placed in a comparatively cooler place.

Step 2: Beware of the damage moisture can cause

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Quite a lot of times we overlook the bits of meals and patches of water left out on the table surface. It can be the key reason that leads to the wood cracking open or splitting, not just at the ends but at the flat surface too. Ensure immediate cleaning after meals to keep the wooden surface moisture-free.

Step 3: Use Tablecloths and Coasters

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Using cotton or linen sheets on the top of your tables is certainly one of the most inexpensive ways of keeping up the durability and charm of your wooden table. However, moisture can still seep in through the cloth. So, while using cups, hot pans, or dishes, make sure you are placing a coaster beneath the utensil.

Step 4: Installing a glass top

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While you are thinking about how to protect a wood dining table, ponder over the ways to furnish the overall charm of the wood table. A glass tabletop is a one-way solution to both of these quests. No matter what the size and shape of the table are, you can easily get a glass top done for your wooden table. Glass will protect the table not only from moisture but heat too.

Step 5: Take a stand against scratches

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While it might be easier to slide the forks across and toss the keys around the table, on the dull side, the scratches that these follies cause can be irreversible. It might take less than a minute to place things in their right place and just a second to hand over things instead of sliding them. So, why let them happen in the first place when scratches can be awful?

Step 6: Remove scratches


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Scuff marks are not unrelated to a wood table. Daily courses leave the dining table with a lot of marks. But, on the brighter side, these marks can be removed without much effort. Here is a list of some easy ways that can help you do away with such untoward and displeasing marks.

1. Use sandpaper

To remove surface marks and lighter scuffs, it is recommended to use sandpaper. While sandpaper might be an easy option, handling it with care is a major concern. Do not rub it too forcibly against the surface, or might end up giving more scars to the table. Use it gently, the surface of the sandpaper is already coarse and hard enough to get rid of the scuff.

2. Cleanse using Vinegar

Vinegar comprises 5% of acetic acid and 95% of water, which qualifies it as an ideal cleansing solution. You can always keep the solution handy to immediately discard any mark on the table.

3. Using Olive Oil

Olive Oil is a natural substance that when mixed with white vinegar turns out to be an efficient cleanser. Besides, this solution is given a greater preference over other chemical cleaners because it is neither harmful to the table surface, not even to the human body.

Step 7: Tackling Water Rings

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Water Rings are nothing but the result of our carelessness. Every time we place a glass of water or a cup of tea on the table, we invite water rings to taint the beauty of our tables. Grabbing a coaster, a tablecloth or even a place-mat is the easiest and least time-taking solution to keep your table out of the reach of irksome water rings.

Besides these seven fundamental yet crucial solutions on how to protect a wood dining table, one can also choose to get the table polished once or twice a year. It will not only keep up its shine but would also keep fungus at bay. Sprucing up the table with candles and flowers on occasions is sure to give a beautiful experience.