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How to Screw Into Wood Without Drill – Step-by-Step Guide


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Drilling the wood is the most basic and important task. With evolving time, the methods of screwing into wood have changed a lot. Starting with screwing with a handheld screwdriver to using an electronic drill machine, the method has evolved. Using an electronic drill machine to screw into wood is easy but, the traditional method is always convenient with fewer things required. You might need to screw into the wood for different purposes. But don’t have a drill and want to screw into the wood?

So, let’s get started and find out how we can do it. The primitive yet simple method of screwing with hammer and nail should be taken into consideration. In this tutorial you will find out the entire procedure and certain other important things to help you.

Things require for screwing into the wood without drill:

You should make sure everything you need is available with you before starting the actual procedure of screwing into the drill. Below is given the list of things needed to take out the process smoothly:

  • Screwdriver
  • Screw or iron nails
  • Hammer
  • Drill Bits
  • Old Cloth or Sandpaper

The above-listed items become crucial and their availability before the commencement of work would be helpful. Though while, working with them you have to be a bit cautious as it can hurt you.

A step-by-step guide to screw into the wood without drill:

In this article, you will find the entire procedure to which you need to keep in mind to screw into the wood. All the steps should be followed with proper attention:

Step 1: Make a pilot hole in the wood:

This is the first and most crucial step, you should be focused and attentive while performing this step. The pilot hole becomes important and you should make it after measuring the size of the hole needed to be created. You can make a pilot hole with the help of a small nail or gimlet or wood bit and a hammer.

Remember the pilot hole should be too large or too small. Also, make sure that wood doesn’t break apart and split into pieces. After making the pilot hole, you need to clean it and remove the wood particles. The pilot hole should be equal to the smallest diameter of the nail that you are going to screw.

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Step 2: Selection of screwdriver and screw:

After creating a pilot hole, you should select the best screwdriver depending upon your requirements. You should be selective and must know the right size. Metal screws are best and perfect for nailing the wood. Also, as per the situation, you should look at the screw you choose. Keep in mind, the screw should be high in quality and ideal for the furniture.

Also, you must have noticed that screw heads are different, the difference is due to the varied types of screwdrivers. You should pick the screw or nail as per the screwdriver you will be using. You have to consider the screw you are using for successfully choosing the screwdriver.

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Step 3: Screwing into the wood:

Now, you need to place the screw on the wood and firmly with the help of a screwdriver, screw it into the wood. This step requires attention and focus, as inserting the wrong screw in the wrong place will lead to a mess. As you need to remove the screw which might lead to breaking of the wood or ruining of the object.

You have to put the screw on the pilot hole and with the help of a screwdriver fix it. You need to rotate the screwdriver in the clockwise direction to drill the screw into wood.

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Step 4: Cleaning the wood:

Once the screw, is drilled into the wood you need to clean the area on the wood. As once, you screw the wood many dust particles will gather around which will seem to be messy. You can use a cloth or broom to nicely clear the surface and make the furniture or wooden surface look better.

This step is crucial as the upcoming step can be performed only when the surface would be clean.


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Step 5: Painting or hiding the screw:

This is the last step in the entire process. No one likes when the screw is visible on their furniture, so try to hide it using different methods. You can either paint it or you can place a certain object on it.

You should also glue the things to keep the wood or furniture nice and clean. To make your wooden object clean you should use any such options.

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When working with screwdrivers, nails, and wood, you should be cautious as it can hurt you. Be it you are screwing into the wood for the first time or you are professional, you need to be cautious every time. You need to keep the following points in mind:

1. Keep the hammer away from your hand, and don’t forget to wear gloves before working.

2. Wear eyeglasses to prevent dust particles from entering your eyes and infecting them.

3. Keep the screws near to you as you should not move much away from the objects while working.

4. Use the hammer and nails with proper attention and don’t rush while working.


While working with a handheld screwdriver, you will certainly feel restricted to this method. With an electronic drilling machine, you hold an advantage over the manual option. A lot of hard work is required in this method and which requires plenty of time.

Like the advantage, this method have its disadvantages too. If you don’t have a drill then you get restricted to certain ways. This can turn out to be time-consuming and tiring. It is preferred to use only iron nails when working with wood items as it ensures the longevity and quality of the furniture. Sometimes, you feel the quality produced while working without an electronic drill is very less.