How To Make Cardboard Hard Like Wood

How to Make Cardboard Hard Like Wood


Last week I received a package from my relatives overseas. It was stuffed inside a cardboard box. I was thinking of how to cast away the box, however, it came across my mind to recycle it. Since I am into arts and crafts, then why not use it as one of my materials in doing my project.

I was thinking of making shelves for my indoor plants. It would be better if I am going to use a wood, but made from a cardboard. So how am I going to make cardboard hard like wood?

In this tutorial, we are going to make a wood out of cardboard box. Have you made a paper mache before? if yes, then you have now the idea. I get it, some of you might not be familiar with it, so let me show you.

This will be fun and exciting, you don’t need a lot of materials and heavy loads of equipment. With a few easy steps and no to sweat effort. So now, let’s start.

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

  • PVA glue
  • Empty cups or container
  • Newspaper
  • Brush
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Tap Water

You may use any type of white glue but I highly suggest the PVA glue, it has properties that are more durable for this type of project compared to the other formulas. For the brush, use the bigger one to save time and effort in applying.

Step by Step Instruction To Make Cardboard Hard Like Wood

Step 1: Mix the water and PVA glue

Gather the empty cups, PVA glue, and tap water. Mix one part of water and one part of PVA glue. Stir well until the mixture is evenly mixed together. Do not forget to put the newspaper in the working area, we do not want to make a mess.

Step 1 Mix The Water And Pva Glue

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Step 1 Lay The Newspaper

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Step 2: Paint the mixture on to the cardboard box

Using the brush, gradually brush on the mixture on the cardboard surface. Patiently wait to dry for about two hours. You may dry it faster by exposing it directly from the sun if possible.

Step 2 Paint The Mixture On To The Cardboard Box

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Step 3: Paint the second coat of mixture

Paint the second coat of mixture, but this time, fill in the inside or the underside of the cardboard box to make it more steady and strong. Allow it to dry.

Step 3 Paint The Second Coat Of

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Step 4: Mix two parts of PVA glue and one part of the water

This is now the third coating of the cardboard. This time, the concentrated mixture. Gradually paint the mixture on to the cardboard. You will notice the piece eventually gets shiny.

Step 4 Mix Two Parts Of Pva Glue And One Part Of The Water

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Step 5: Go back to the first step

Add again the one part of the water and one part of the PVA glue, mix all together then apply it to the dried cardboard. Let it set to dry.

Step 5 Go Back To The First Step

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Step 6: The final touch

Mix up the final coat, combine the mixture of two parts of PVA glue and one part of water. Brush on all the parts as well as the edges of the cardboard. Set it to completely dry.

Step 6 The Final Touch

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And voila! You now have a shiny and hard cardboard. This can be used for a lot of simple projects. As for me, I am going to use this as a material for my shelves. Isn’t it amazing making this kind of project out from scratch?

We helped restored our mother earth!

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