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Face Cord of Wood Explained | Wood Fact


One of the common units of wood measurement is the face cord. It is a single stack of firewood that measures four feet high, eight feet long and has varying depths. Each log’s length varies, and no standard length is used.

The area in cubic inches is not used to determine how long a face cord is. There are irregularities in the measurement. A single-row firewood stack typically uses 12 to 20 inches of wood. A face cord must consist of tightly packed firewood logs, and there shouldn’t have any noticeable gaps.

Face Cord vs Full Cord

The “full cord” and “face cord” are used most frequently to measure firewood. The distinction between the two is that a full cord of firewood is the quantity of wood needed to fill an area that is eight feet long, four feet high, and four feet deep. A full cord of firewood typically consists of three rows of wood stacked four feet wide and eight feet long, with a standard length of 16 inches.

A single stack of firewood is four feet high, eight feet long, and however deep it is considered one face cord of firewood. There is no set length for the logs that make up a face cord of firewood; instead, they vary.

Other Units Of Measure For Firewood

There are other units of measurement for firewood that you need to know.

Thrown Cord

This unit is the volume of wood tossed or dumped in a truck. Thrown cord logs are not arranged in a pile but tossed and dumped in a truck.

Green Cord

This is a measurement made before the wood was split and dried. The dried volume could be smaller than the indicated volume by 8 cubic feet. The green cord volume could be 180 cubic feet when the green cord is stacked loosely.

When green logs are neatly stacked, these can occupy 128 cubic feet. When green wood is dried, it shrinks by about 6 to 8 percent. This is because moisture evaporates from the wood’s crevices, dramatically reducing the wood’s weight.


The basic unit measurement of firewood is a cord, however; this can be used in various ways according to regions or locations. One full cord is a large amount of wood. This measures four feet high by four feet wide by eight feet long with a volume of 128 cubic feet. 

Rick of wood

A rick of firewood is a measurement for firewood that is used to specify wood quantity. This firewood measurement is not a standard unit and might vary from place to place. It is far different from a cord of firewood, which has a volume of 128 cubic feet.


Check out these common questions about a face cord of wood. 

How Big Is A Face Cord Of Firewood?

The depth of a face cord of wood may vary from 12 to 18 inches depending on the supplier. Therefore, consistency in your measurements is essential. It ultimately depends on the tastes, capacities, and business methods of various lumber companies. 

However, certain face cords can only go as deep as twelve inches. Therefore, with some lumber suppliers, you can discover that your money gets you less firewood than you’d want.

Will A Face Cord Fit In A Pickup Truck?

A face cord might fit in a pickup with an eight-foot-long bed. The height with side guards and the item’s total weight must also be considered.

We advise against loading your pickup truck with a single cord of firewood. The risk is not worth it, even if you are confident that your car can accommodate the material’s size and weight. Additionally, the repairs you might need to make could be very expensive.

How Long Does A Face Cord Of Wood Last?

Naturally, the time a face cord of wood lasts depends on how frequently you use your fireplace. The rate of consumption per face cord of firewood may be higher in our area than in other parts of the country due to the lengthy and frequently harsh winters.

Most experts concur that a full cord of firewood should last eight to twelve weeks if you have one or two home fires weekly. However, it would be best to consider that a face cord of wood is considerably smaller than a full cord of wood when calculating how long it will last.

How Many Pieces Of Wood Does A Face Cord Have?

The cord’s size determines a face cord’s wood content. Consider the list below for reference.

  • Eight pieces of wood will be in a face cord with a diameter of 2.5 mm. 
  • Six pieces of wood will be in a face cord with a diameter of 3 mm. 
  • Five pieces of wood will be in a face chain with a diameter of 4mm.

If your face cord is wider than these measurements, you will need to trim it down or break it into smaller pieces to fit properly into the molding machine.

How Heavy Is Face Cord Of Wood?

Kiln-dried firewood weighs 1,200 pounds per face cord. As a result, properly dried firewood contributes to its clean and easy burning process. Meanwhile, it needs to remove 50 gallons of water to ignite a typical face cord of wood 8′ X 4′ X 16″ that weighs 400 pounds more since it hasn’t been kiln-dried. Such an amount of moisture causes the hissing, popping, and smoking while burning wet wood. 

Wrapping Up

Your understanding of wood facts will give you more value for your money. For instance, the price of a face cord of wood depends on many factors. Thus, you must understand how to purchase wood by the face cord wisely. These learnings are about the common questions in this article and how the face cord differs from other wood measurement units.