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When purchasing wood, every term is important, especially when the wood measurement is concerned. You might ask, “What is a rick?” just like most people who encounter this term for the first time. Learning about this term is essential so you can confidently purchase firewood anywhere. This guide will help you with how.

What Is A Rick Of Wood?

Rick is a term used in informal firewood measurement. It is a more complex measure of firewood as it describes how a cord, the most recognized unit of measure of wood, is stacked. A cord is 4 x 4 x 8 feet or 128 cubic feet. A standard cord is arranged in a 4×8-foot stack or a rick.

The amount of wood in a rick can vary from place to place. So when you are buying a rick, it pays to keep attention to your purchases. Take time to visit a lumber yard to purchase firewood instead of having a rick of wood delivered to your home.

How To Buy A Rick Of Wood

Not knowing how much wood you buy when buying a rick is the main issue. This is crucial since you might need to find out if the wood you receive will suit your requirements. 

However, there is a method to determine how much you can get for a rick of wood. You would have a third of a rope if the logs were cut to be 16 inches long and placed at 4 feet high by 8 feet long. Then, a rick would equal one-third of a rope.

If you cut the same logs at about 24 inches long, your rick would be ½ of a cord. As you can see, the length of the logs impacts the amount of wood you will get.

Other Units Of Measure For Firewood

A face cord is another term for a pile of firewood not specified by statutes. Stacks of wood measuring 4 feet tall, 8 feet long, and roughly 16 feet broad are called face cords. A face cord is often smaller than a full or bush cord.

The Sheldon cord, which varies in size and is typically larger than a full cord, might not be well known to you. Additionally, some vendors will refer to a truckload of wood as a “pick-up load.” Even if it could be a handy way to obtain wood, there are more effective methods than this.

You may need to find out how many pieces you’re getting. The best-case scenario is having more than enough firewood, but the worst-case scenario has no wood.

It is better to verify the size of the stack or the quantity of firewood you are buying because the name given to a cord of wood can vary and can be confusing for both the buyer and the seller. This will make it simpler to compare sellers to find the best deal.


Check out these common questions about rick of wood. 

Where Does “Rick” Come From?

The word “rick” is derived from an old English word hrēac that means a stack or a pile. It frequently refers to piles of agricultural materials like hay, maize, and wood. Eventually, it arrived in North America, where it is still extremely prevalent, particularly in the midwestern United States.

How Heavy Is Rick Of Wood?

The weight of a rick varies depending on the sizes of firewood you pick. Additionally, it depends on the kind of firewood you select. White and red oaks are among the heaviest wood types. The heaviest ricks of wood available can weigh as much as roughly 2.5 tons (or 5,500 lbs).

Meanwhile, Spruce will be the lighter firewood kind available. Even then, a fully charged cord weighs approximately a ton and a half (or 2,500 lbs). With the width figures mentioned above, you can choose between 625 pounds on the low and about 3,000 pounds on the high end.

How Many Pieces Are In A Rick Of Wood?

Typically, a cord of wood contains between 550 and 650 pieces of seasoned wood that need to be split. Everything relies on how well it was cut and whether the wood was firmly packed. You’re looking at about 275 to 325 pieces of firewood in a rick.

Due to regional variations in lengths, it is important to plan and consult the distributor. Once more, you don’t want to make plans for a specific amount of wood only to get less than you anticipated.

How Much Is A Rick Of Wood?

Some factors to consider that cause variations in the price of a rick of wood. These factors include:

Given all those considerations, you are more likely to receive a broad range of prices than a more precise one. To be safe and make sure you purchase the right amount of wood without being surprised by the cost, you might set a somewhat above-average budget.

How Big Is A Rick Of Wood?

To answer the question, we should know what a cord of wood is. As mentioned above, a cord of wood is a stack of wood that is 4 feet (48 inches) high by 4 feet (48 inches) broad by 8 feet (96 inches) long. 

A rick is a portion of a cord. Taking into account the rick widths mentioned and the measurement of a cord, which is 48 inches wide, the list below specifies the width of each rick into its corresponding size in relation to a full cord.

  • a 12 in. wide rick will equal 1/4 of a cord of wood
  • a 16 in. wide rick will equal 1/3 of a cord of wood
  • a 24 in. wide rick will equal 1/2 of a cord of wood   

How Many Ricks Of Firewood Do I Need?

The amount of firewood you intend to use for any purpose equates to how many ricks you need. For example, more than a single rick of wood might be needed to heat your entire home in winter. It is roughly one-third the size of a full cable, similar to a face chord. Even if that is a respectable amount of firewood, more is needed to last the entire winter, especially if it serves as your main source of fuel for heating. 

On the other hand, two or three ricks are a sizable quantity of firewood that should last a long time. However, you could purchase a single-face chord instead because it costs the same as three ricks but probably less.


No doubt that wood is an excellent, environmentally-friendly fuel that you can use to warm your home and cook your food. But buying firewood could be challenging, especially if you are new and inexperienced. 
You can easily become confused with the many terminologies used in selling wood. Therefore, learning some facts about wood like a rick of wood can be useful in getting the best value out of your money when you purchase firewood.