15 Safety Tools And Gears You Should Have In Your Woodworking Shop
15 Safety Tools and Gears you Should Have in your Woodworking Shop

15 Safety Tools and Gears You Should Have in Your Woodworking Shop


While it can be fun, enjoyable and creative, it can be a little dangerous as well. But you don’t need to worry as it is not something you couldn’t handle and avoid. It is the use of the sharp tools, machines and power tools that may cause serious cuts and injuries if not being careful. While taking extra care and precaution is a natural thing to do, part of this is of course using protective gears to ensure overall safety. So what are these equipment? Here are the 15 safety tools and gears you should have in your woodworking shop.

1. Gloves

1 Get Your Hands Protected
Gloves – image source

Woodworking is operating entirely with your hands, whether with the aid of machines or not. Hence in all those times, you are exposing it to risks and possible harm. These hand gloves will take care of your hands because you cannot possibly just stop working because it is risky and could be dangerous.

2. Safety Glasses

2 Your Eyes Matter
Safety Glasses – image source

While there could be different styles of safety glasses available to fit your needs and design, all are, however, equipped with the side screens and impact resistant lens to protect your eyes from flying saw dust, debris and some electric sparks from using various machines and power tools.

3. Protect Your Ears

3 Protect Your Ears
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Most, if not all machines and power tools create loud and irritating noises. Perhaps you will get used to it through time, but, before that happens, you will need to bear the annoying sounds for the time being- or does not need to. With this hearing protection, you need not worry those about those sounds anymore.

4. Dust Mask

4 Mask Those Dusts
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Because you surely don’t want to inhale those saw dust and debris caused when working with your power tools, a dust mask is necessary. As otherwise, it will not only affect your health in the long run, but your efficiency as well.

5. Or Get A Stronger Respirator

5 Or Get A Stronger Respirator
Respirator – image source

While we keep those saw dusts as bay, the smell of paint, fumes and stain could be nauseating and bad for out lungs too, hence with that, you might need respirators instead. And because getting sick is definitely not an option.

6. Leather Woodworking Apron

6 Leather Woodworking Apron
Leather Woodworking Apron – image source

It might be surprising but our clothing can sometimes hinder our work, if it is not providing us with protection. While it pays to be comfortable in your work clothes, a leather apron to complete the look does not only make you look like a master woodworker but makes a useful safety gear as well.

7. The Anti-Vibration Gloves

7 The Anti Vibration Gloves
Anti-Vibration Gloves – image source

Regular gloves may already be sufficient for use, however, you may prefer something that is high-end and has a specialized function. Trust me, we are not keen on vibration too as it has some harmful effects to our hands. Hence, when shopping for gloves, opt for the one with the anti-vibration feature.

8. Here’s Your Cut-Resistant Gloves

8 Here’s Your Cut Resistant Gloves
Here’s Your Cut-Resistant Gloves – image source

Potentially eliminating chances of having cuts on your hands most specially when carving or whittling, this cut-resistant gloves are made of DuPont Kevlar fiber, which makes it sturdy, flexible and indestructible when used.

9. High Friction Finger Wrap Tape

9 High Friction Finger Wrap Tape
High Friction Finger Wrap Tape – image source

Small cuts, scrapes and wounds cannot be avoided most of the time, even when you are being extra careful. High friction finger wrap tape is specifically great to cover these cuts without leaving some annoying sticky residue on your skin.

10. The Highly Useful Push Sticks

10 The Highly Useful Push Sticks
The Highly Useful Push Sticks – image source

Used when removing or pushing cut pieces in between the fence and the blade, this push stick is one piece of safety tool, which you will need when working on a project. As a precaution when cutting with power saws, never let your hands get too close to it. It usually comes when you buy a table saw, or if not, you can always make or purchase one separately.

11. Leather Thumb and Finger Guards

11 Leather Thumb And Finger Guards
Leather Thumb and Finger Guards – image source

Specifically use when carving, it protects your thumb, finger and knuckles while you hold with the knife. The unique thing about this leather thumb and finger guard is that you can use both the outside and inside part, and it will give the same kind of protection.

12. Over-all Face Gear

12 Over All Face Gear
Over-all Face Gear – image source

The flying debris could be a bit of a nuisance. While you can protect your eyes with the safety glasses, that leaves the rest of your face exposed. And certainly, you wouldn’t want to irritate or damage your skin, thus a face shield can ensure that your entire face is covered, without hindering your work and clarity of vision.

13. Splitter for Cutting Wood

13 Splitter For Cutting Wood
Splitter for Cutting Wood – image source

It usually comes with any saw you purchase, or you can buy it separately as an accessory. Either way, using it helps in increasing safety, getting the exact cut when splitting or crosscutting wood. Placed behind the blade, it reduces kickback during the operation.

14. Pivoting Head Flashlight

14 Pivoting Head Flashlight
Pivoting Head Flashlight – image source

There will be times when you will be working on tight and small space and with limited light like edges and corners that results to lesser clarity and visibility and thus increases risks for possibly getting cuts or wounds. And in those instances, a flashlight could be handy and convenient use.

15. The Power Push Block

15 The Power Push Block
The Power Push Block – image source

Made of composite runner or plywood, push block provides superior control when pushing small stock through your router or table saw while avoiding getting even a tiny scratch or cut. Do not underestimate the blades as it could be really sharp that we do not want to put our hands even close to it.


So what do you think of all these safety gears and tools essential in woodworking? Making sure you have the complete woodworking tools is a good thing to ensure effective and efficient work. But along with this, safety gear and equipment should also be guaranteed as it also helps increase your productivity and securing your welfare, which should be your prime concern.

Is there anything else you want to include on the list? You can write it in the comment section below. And if you like this article, please feel free to share it, too.