22 Lovely Ways You Can Use Twigs And Branches

22 DIY Wood Projects Using Twigs And Branches

22 Lovely Ways You Can Use Twigs And Branches

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Do you ever take time to notice the fallen twigs, and branches from the tree and think of ways on how to make use of them? Most of the time, it is left lying on the ground until it rots because like any piece of excess and used wood, we would typically think of it as with no use and must be thrown away. But you will be surprised to know there are many ways to create and transform these pieces into something usable and decorative. To perk your curiosity even more, here are the 22 lovely ways you can use twigs and branches in some of your DIY projects.

1. Twirl it with Twines

1 Twirl It With Twines

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Twines are nice use for several creative DIY projects. Stock more of this and keep it organized in a spool, which you can make using some available branches in your backyard. Follow this tutorial to make some unique twine holders.

2. Organize your Closet using a Tree Branch

2 Organize Your Closet Using A Tree Branch

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Having problems where to place your hanged clothes? Are you running out of closet and cabinet space? Because a girl can never have enough clothes, this DIY closet made of tree branch can just be the answer to your worry.

3. Or Hang Your Coats and Accessories In It

3 Or Hang Your Coats And Accessories In It

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Wood definitely makes an artistic and useful ornament at home. With a good piece of driftwood or branch, you can make a handy hanger for your coats and jackets so you will not need to put it anywhere random inside the house.

4. Twig Wreath to Hang in Your Door

4 Twig Wreath To Hang In Your Door

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You can make it as big or as small as you like, even organized or messy, whichever suits you best. Have fun and squeeze those artistic juices in your head and create a hanging wreath made from twigs.

5. Or Something to Hang your Clothes In

5 Or Something To Hang Your Clothes In

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As easy way to make use of a small branch lying on the ground is to create a wooden hanger out of it. It is super easy to do. With only a little bit or drilling and tweaking, your dress will surely have a better use of it.

6. Get Zen and Light some Candles

6 Get Zen And Light Some Candles

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Do you like lighting candles to relax? Whether it is the aroma or the atmosphere it creates that helps you de-stress and not worry about anything, the mix of the scent to the wood of this twig candle holder, can definitely give you the earthy and woodsy feel.

7. Use it To Hold Memories in Style

7 Use It To Hold Memories In Style

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Fill your house with memories and keep those pictures alive using a DIY branch photo holder. It makes a constant reminder of all the good times. And yes, even your selfies count.

8. Make Room for it in the Dinner Table

8 Make Room For It In The Dinner Table

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Mix some earthiness to a contemporary and modern arrangement using these artistic wooden napkin rings. It is not only unique but personal and special. And it totally fits to any occasion, be it a birthday dinner, holidays or just inviting friends over for.

9. Buttons Up

9 Buttons Up

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The use of buttons in a dress or clothes creates a certain kind of detail and design. With the use of some small pieces of tree branches, wooden buttons could definitely create an outfit statement. Follow this guide to show you how to make one.

10. Sit Like A Boss

10 Sit Like A Boss

While you think it is not possible and could be weird, building pieces of twigs together can actually allow you to make a chair. You can sit in your own throne as nobody may have that same chair as yours.

11. Make your Way with A Branch Ladder

11 Make Your Way With A Branch Ladder

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Makes a decorative garden piece or for all-around use, you can gather some branches and easily build one of these ladders. Assemble them durably and firmly and you can use it to go to your roof or climb a tree.

12. Say My Name stand

12 Say My Name Stand

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Make those card names pop and get notice. What makes it visible and unique are the artistic use of tree branches and made it into card stands. It brings a bit of nature vibe in the table.

13. Picture Perfect Twig Frame

13 Picture Perfect Twig Frame

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In a world of smart phones and social media, printing and developing pictures seems to be a thing of the past already. But putting it a cool frame like this one made of twigs can be a nice decorative piece either in your living room or bedroom. Follow this tutorial for the process how to make one.

14. Make a Statement Pencil Holder

14 Make A Statement Pencil Holder

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Bring some rustic and whimsical look to your study table by adding a pencil holder made of tree branches. With that piece of wood, it is very easy to transform it into a usable school and study supply following these steps.

15. A Centerpiece Twig Table

15 A Centerpiece Twig Table

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We have seen different kinds of tables made of different kinds of woods, but nothing can be cooler and more inventive than this DIY twig table. It is definitely a real centerpiece and a scene stealer in your living room.

16. Or Use Some branches, instead

16 Or Use Some Branches Instead

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While it seems nothing can beat the artistry of the table made of twigs, this branch table may have given it a run for its money. An absolute piece of art, it is a one piece of attraction on your home as well.

17. Say it with Customized Wooden Coasters

17 Say It With Customized Wooden Coasters

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Thinking of a simple but unique and customized festive gift idea to give to a family or friend? Try this wooden coasters made of tree branches. Best thing about it is, you can color, name and design it according to her taste and preference.

18. Make Some Simple DIY Tree Branch Magnets

18 Make Some Simple Diy Tree Branch Magnets

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Small but very functional, post those memos in a place where you can see it easily and conveniently using these branch magnets. For sure you don’t want to miss your list of those “to-do’s”.

19. An All-White Tree Branch Wall Hooks

19 An All White Tree Branch Wall Hooks

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Classy and sleek, these tree branch wall hooks can fit right in to your home’s aesthetic. Definitely makes you think of some all-white Greek houses and cabins. And yes, it is pretty useful too.

20. Hang your Curtain with a Branch Rod

20 Hang Your Curtain With A Branch Rod

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Try out something new and add some rustic vibe into your house. Start by using this curtain rod made of branches of a tree. You wouldn’t even need to buy it, as you can make it so easily.

21. Lights Up In Your Twig Lampshade

21 Lights Up In Your Twig Lampshade

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Feel the fall, and make sure everyone feels and sees it to with a unique display of twigs innovatively lined up to create a stunning lamp shade. This tutorial will teach you how to make one.

22. Design your Wall with Art

22 Design Your Wall With Art

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Tired of putting some random picture frames, posters and some common and predictable décor in your wall? It gets boring and uninteresting through time, that you may want to shake things up and find something artsy and different. This wall art made of tree branches may fit the bill. You can place your books and it becomes a useful book shelf too.


What do you think of these highly creative and crafty ways to use twigs and branches from the tree? Did you find it interesting too? I didn’t even think for one second you could create these things with a mere twig or branch that is most of the time just thrown away, without even given a second thought. It is great to know that the next time you find one that falls from the tree, you will be able to consider saving it and maybe think of these different ways to transform it to something useful.

Do you have other inputs on how we can use twigs and branches to create some DIY stuff? Tell us about it on the comment section below. And please share if you like this article.